Pumpkin Fall Recipes To Ring In The Season


Five Delicious Pumpkin Fall Recipes To Fall In Love With This Season

Our pumpkin recipes will give you fresh ideas for the golden yellow vegetables, because it does not always have to be soup. Try pumpkin curry, tarte flambée with pumpkin or pumpkin dumplings. First, a short introduction to the pumpkin that we are going to use for our recipes – the Hokkaido pumpkin.

Hokkaido pumpkin

The Hokkaido is our favorite pumpkin, you can get it in every supermarket. He is round, medium-sized, grooved and bright orange on the outside as well as on the inside. Peeling a Hokkaido pumpkin is not necessary: ​​you can eat the pumpkin shell without any problems.

Whether you bake the Hokkaido in the oven, process him into soup or fry it: The shell can be used and even aid the amateur cook with an enhanced flavor.

If you want to grate the Hokkaido, however, to turn him into vegetable taters or pancakes, you should peel the Hokkaido. This is simply because the roasting time may not be long enough in this case for the shell to become soft.

The Hokkaido pumpkin is suitable for almost all types of preparation. It tastes sublime, for example, as soup, roast vegetables, puree, sautéed in a salad, in the vegetable pan or even for desserts and for baking.

Below I have a few simple recipes for a delicious autumn pumpkin curry and tarte flambée waiting for you? Or how about a pumpkin smoothie?

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Vegan Pumpkin Curry Recipe with Coconut Milk

Our first delicious and vegan pumpkin recipe involves curry. With the coconut milk, this pumpkin dish gets an Asian touch and one can enhance it with chilli, as well. You can serve this with basmati rice.

For 2-3 people you need the following ingredients:

Half a Hokkaido pumpkin,
A bunch of spring onions,
One can of organic coconut milk
1 TBSP Olive or coconut oil
Curry and chili powder to taste, and some salt and pepper.


1- Halve the pumpkin and hollow it out.
2- Cut the halves into finger-thick slices, so these turn into bite-sized pieces.
3- Brush and wash the spring onions, cut off the bottom with the roots and slice the rest into small rings.
4- Heat the onions in a pan with a little oil. Add the pumpkin pieces and two to three teaspoons of curry powder after a few minutes.
5- Add the coconut milk and taste the curry with salt, pepper and chilli powder.
6- Let your curry cook at low speed for about 20 minutes until the pumpkin is soft. Then the curry can be served.



Pumpkin recipe for tarte flambée with goat cheese and honey

If you are tired of regular tarte flambée you should try this pumpkin recipe. You can prepare the vegetarian version with goat’s cheese or alternatively with feta cheese.

For 2-3 people you need the following ingredients:

Half an organic pumpkinPumkin-Fall-Recipes-Tart
600 g organic flour
80 ml of organic olive or coconut oil
250 ml of water with carbon dioxide
A teaspoon of salt
200 g organic sour cream
200 g organic crème fraîche (alternatively organic sour cream)
200 g organic goat cream cheese or feta
About six teaspoons of honey


1- Mix flour, oil, water and salt to a smooth dough and form two balls. Put these in the fridge for half an hour.
2- Now you quarter the pumpkin, hollow it out and cut it into very thin slices (about 0.12 inches). Once you’ve done that, you put these for five minutes in a pot of boiling water and let them pre-cook.
3- Meanwhile you can mix the sour cream and crème fraîche together.
4- After half an hour, roll out one of the dough lumps on a lightly floured work surface. It has to be about the size of a baking sheet.
5- Now you spread the dough with the mixture of sour cream and crème fraîche, and top it with the pumpkin slices close together.
6- Finally, crumble the goat cream cheese (or feta cheese) over the pumpkin and put the tarte flambée in the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes (convection at 350 degrees Fahrenheit).
7- When the cream between the pumpkin slices turns golden brown, the pumpkin tart is ready. Now you remove it gently from the oven and spread about three teaspoons of honey on the tarte flambée. Make sure that the goat’s cheese receives enough honey, too.

Now repeat steps 4 – 7 for the second serving of dough in the refrigerator.


Pumpkin and potato fried pan – with and without meat

For all fans of pans dishes, there is a great pumpkin potato pan. Optionally, you can prepare this pumpkin recipe with or without meat.

For 2-3 people you need the following ingredients:

Half an organic pumpkin
350 g organic jacket potatoes (potatoes for baking)
Two organic onions
Optional: two organic turkey schnitzel
A little salt, pepper and olive oil
Some fresh oregano, rosemary or thyme from the garden or bought organic


1- First, boil potatoes in salted water to get classic jacket potatoes.
2- Let them cool down.
3- Hollow out the pumpkin and cut it small.
4- Quarter the already cooled potatoes.
5- Fry the pumpkin together with the potatoes in a little oil.
6- After about 10 minutes the pumpkin and potatoes are sautéed and you can add the onions.
7- Optional: Now add the meat, cut into thin strips, into the pan.
8- Season with salt and pepper and add either oregano, rosemary or thyme (I add from all a small amount).
After about four minutes, taste again, season some more if necessary and serve.


Pumpkin dumplings

The fourth pumpkin recipe requires some dexterity, but it’s worth it. Pumpkin dumplings are a bit more elaborate to prepare but taste fantastic. You can sprinkle them with Parmesan or make a vegan Parmesan alternative yourself:

Vegan Parmesan Alternative

150 g cashew nuts natural and raw
25 g of yeast flakes
A teaspoon of salt
and half a teaspoon of garlic powder
into the blender – Done!

For 2-3 servings pumpkin dumplings you need the following ingredients:

1 organic pumpkinPumpkin-Fall-Recipes-Dumplings-With-Tomatoes
3 organic garlic cloves
300 g organic grape or cherry tomatoes
About 250 g organic flour,
Chopped parsley (a few Tbsp)


1- First, you have to halve the pumpkin, hollow it out and cut it into small pieces.
2- Then pour the pumpkin pieces into an oiled casserole dish, add the finely chopped garlic cloves, salt and place the casserole in the oven for half an hour at 320 degrees Fahrenheit.
3- After half an hour you take the pumpkin out of the oven, turn it off and place the small tomatoes on a griddle with baking paper in the, still, warm oven. The warmth will burst them open after a while and you can sprinkle them with salt and pepper.
4- You now devote yourself to the pumpkin: crush pumpkin and garlic into a porridge and carefully add some of the flour. With dough hooks, you knead more and more flour into the pumpkin mass until you have a smooth dough.
5- On a floured work surface, you can now form rolls, form them with your fingers into any shape and cut them out with a knife. If you want to fill them, like Ravioli, cut them out using a glass to obtain a round shape. You can then stuff the center with the filling of your choice, fold, seal the ends and proceed with the next step.
6- Finally, put the dumplings in a pot of boiling salted water and wait for the dumplings to rise. Once they float on top they are ready, and you can scoop them off with a skimmer. Then you toss them in parsley and sprinkle them with Parmesan.
Now you can serve them with the burst tomatoes.
Bon Appetit!

Pumpkin Smoothie: Carrot Kisses Pumpkin Recipe

This pumpkin smoothie, whose ingredients are typically autumnal-wintery, shines orange like autumn leaves. Please, note that you cannot eat every pumpkin raw. So before you turn the pumpkin of your choice into a smoothie, test it.

If it tastes bitter, it contains poisonous cucurbitacins and must not be eaten! However, most squashes are breeds that you can process raw with a clear conscience.

For the bright orange pumpkin smoothie, which is rich in carotenoids, you need:

150g pumpkin Pumpkin-Smoothies
150g carrots
1 big pear
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds or
1 teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil
A dash of cinnamon


For this pumpkin smoothie, you should always process the pear, carrot and pumpkin in equal quantities with each other, so that the proportions are only indicative.

With some types of pumpkin, you can eat the shell. I put an unpeeled Hokkaido squash in the blender for this pumpkin smoothie.

Trim, wash and cut the carrots and pumpkin into pieces. Remove the core of the pear and roughly cut it into pieces with the peel on.

With only a little liquid, the carrots and pumpkin are easy to process to a pumpkin smoothie. So take some water or (apple) juice to make your smoothie drinkable and doesn’t turn to baby porridge, instead.

Sprinkle the finished smoothie with pumpkin seed oil or sprinkle it with (roasted) pumpkin seeds and top it with some ground cinnamon.

Tip: If you only have a regular kitchen blender, the vegetables are probably too firm and tough. However, you can still prepare the drink.

Simply grind the pumpkin and carrot using the grater first, as you would for a salad, and only then purée it together in the blender with the pear. What’s furthermore delicious: Roasting the pumpkin seeds before you spread it onto your smoothie.

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I truly hope you enjoy these recipes. Please, leave a comment below with questions, taste experiences, etc. Also, don’t forget to sign up on our website and grab your free ebook and share us with your family and friends on social media, as well.

Remember you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved, thus, keep on shining. ~Namaste~

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