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During my phone consultations I will listen to you in many ways. I will, of course, pay attention to all your worries, problems and fears, but I will furthermore listen in between the lines and to those things that you sometimes don’t say.

You will be surprised how many answers lie in often unspoken words.

You receive a half an hour free conversation if you schedule at least one paid follow-up consultation. Email or call me for appointments, please.

In this manner we will work through everything that’s weighing you down and causes you grief and distress. Later on, I will gently encourage you to tap into your inner well of wisdom and resources.

You are your own most powerful creator, and all the best solutions to your problems you carry within. I will guide you there, and once you realize your true potential, your life will change significantly in all aspects.

Phone: (310) 689-6396


Looking forward to talk to you soon, and sending you lots of love, peace and light energy in the meantime.





Phone consultation: Hello there, Sunshine; Alexandra here

Did you know that a conversation or phone consultation with someone who is not in your closest circle of family and friends often leads to greater ideas, breakthroughs and results?

That’s simply because that person will listen to you in many different ways. Not only to what you are actually saying but also to what you are occasionally NOT saying.

And don’t we all feel best when, although someone listened to us, the solution to our problems comes from within ourselves in the very end?

So I want to help you gain access to your own perfect action plan by listening attentively and, thus, being able to nudge you into the right direction.

Once you dig deep into your inner well of resources, you will tap straight in to where the answers to all your desires and/or  problem lie.

You receive half an hour of a free call with me if you schedule at least one paid follow up session.

Perhaps you are just feeling misunderstood, lonely, help and/or hopeless at this certain point in your life. Maybe you just went through a traumatic event but have no one in your immediate circle to confine or go to. Then, trust that you have found a caring, supportive confident in me.

I have beaten the odds of survival many times in my life; from being abused and held in a Muslim country to my then following torturous decade of severe panic attacks and agoraphobia, loss of loved ones, friends and most of all, self esteem.

All this has made me stronger and even if I didn’t notice it back in those days, it has paved my path to become who I am now: An empathic, compassionate human being with the greatest passion for empowering others and to help them to heal and rise above their own wildest imaginations.

The truth lies within – The power has been with you all the time.

Whatever it is that you truly desire in life, I can put you on the right path to achieve your goals. And why? Not because I studied various secret formulas, or read about the LOA and watched videos regarding manifestation.

No, but because I experienced many life changing transformations on my own. Some even seem so fanciful and wild that I’m not sure if I’d believe them had I not lived though them to tell the tale.

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself. 

Because of my vision, my dream is so clear that I just continue working daily to make it come true. Not for myself – but for you!

Because my purpose is to help you to find YOUR way – by motivating, inspiring, and giving you all the tools, methods and strategies I have been made aware of, so that you can feel, look and be the best version of yourself. The power has always been within you, you’re just not fully aware of that fact yet.

So, get your half an hour free call and schedule a follow up consultation call today for motivation, solution planning and encouragement. Together we can cause your awakening from amnesia, and realizing the divine and limitless powers within you.

Whatever I can do, YOU can do!

Sending you much love, harmony and abundance of all good things,


Email or call for appointment


Phone: (310) 689-6396


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