Prevent A Stroke Naturally And Cut The Risks Factors

How to prevent a stroke with lifestyle and diet changes

It is important to prevent a stroke (apoplexy), as it can have significant long-term consequences. Many patients do not recover after an apoplexy and become a nursing case. In the worst case, those affected can die from a stroke.

The stroke is caused by circulatory disorders in the brain. As a result, the affected brain regions are no longer supplied with important nutrients and oxygen. As a result, brain cells die within a short period of time. This reduces the function of the affected brain region, leading to stroke symptoms and long-term consequences.

You can, however, reduce the risk of a stroke with a few prophylactic measures. It is especially essential at an advanced age to lead a healthy lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle is the most important aspect of stroke prevention.

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The risk factors for stroke

Strokes are especially common in people of advanced age. The risk factors for apoplexy are partly age-related. Genetic factors and certain underlying diseases, however, can also cause or promote apoplexy. Humans have hardly any influence on either age-related or genetic risk factors. Nevertheless, risk patients can actively work on stroke prevention. Common triggers for apoplexy include arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Reduce the risk of atherosclerosis

In the context of stroke prevention, it is vital to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries. Although arteriosclerosis is a normal aspect of the aging process in many cases, arterial constriction is promoted and accelerated by many factors. It is important to know these factors and to reduce them to a minimum. The following measures are important to prevent arteriosclerosis and thus a stroke:

1- a healthy, balanced diet
2- Reduce excess weight
3- lots of exercise and sport
4- quit smoking
5- drink little or no alcohol
6- avoid too much stress
7- Get treatment for underlying illnesses

In a balanced interaction, a lot can be done for stroke prophylaxis with these tips. It is particularly important at an advanced age to pay attention to these aspects of prevention. In this way, you can avoid arteriosclerosis and a stroke as well as other cardiovascular diseases.

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A healthy diet helps prevent apoplexy

The subject of healthy eating is a broad area. Still, it is important to deal with it, not just at an advanced age. If you observe a healthy and balanced diet already at a young age, the risk of age-related diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and thus also a stroke decrease.

A healthy and balanced diet includes plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Consume fat (animal fats) and sugar only in small doses. Fresh fish, nuts and high-quality vegetable oils contain important omega fatty acids and definitely belong on the menu.

It is important to drink plenty of water or tea. Especially in old age, the feeling of thirst decreases and people drink far too little. It is therefore important to always ensure that there is an adequate supply of water. On the other hand, you should enjoy coffee, sweets and other luxury foods only in small quantities.

Dietary fiber play also an important role. These help keep the intestines healthy. You can find fiber in fruits and vegetables, as well as in whole grain products. A healthy diet can also prevent high cholesterol levels.

In addition, you can prevent or reduce overweight with a balanced diet combined with a lot of exercise. Losing weight, like eating right, is an important aspect of stroke prevention. Changing your diet means counteracting the stroke from several directions.

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Lose weight to prevent stroke

Constant obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These include high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis, both common triggers for apoplexy. It is very important to work actively on obesity and to reduce it. Lots of exercise can break down fat in the body.

Therefore, the person concerned has to do plenty of sport. In order to prevent the body from creating new fat deposits, you should adhere to a low-fat, healthy diet that does not contain too many calories at the same time.

Losing weight is certainly not an easy undertaking. It takes iron discipline and strong will. Many people have a problem with this discipline and will and fall back into old eating habits. These people can get professional help.

For example, a diet group or a nutritionist can help you change your lifestyle and diet and get rid of excess weight.

Reprogramming your mindset, which can be done through self-inquiry and awareness training, also helps to overcome bad eating habits and other harmful addictions. If you are interested in learning more about this, you can contact me for more details and help to get you started.

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Exercise and sport are important for stroke prevention

As mentioned in the previous section, sport is an important part of reducing obesity. But it is also important for people without weight problems to exercise regularly. Regular exercise units ensure that the vessels remain elastic and pervasive. This is important to prevent a stroke from occurring. For this purpose, experts recommend actively exercising for at least 30 minutes five days a week.

A regular, brisk walk can be enough for this. Ideally, you should relocate the sporting activities to the open air. This supplies the body with a good dose of oxygen at the same time. A regular walk in the forest, jogging, cycling or hiking, for example, are well suited. Of course, nothing speaks against sports that you carry out in appropriate rooms. It is generally important to exercise regularly.

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Joint diseases, for example, can represent an obstacle to sport, especially at an advanced age. For people with these physical limitations, joint-friendly sports are ideal. Which includes:

1- Swimming
2- Cycling
3- Aqua aerobics

For stroke prevention, sport should become an integral part of everyday life. With regular exercise units, not only the body but also the psyche stays healthy.

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Quit smoking to prevent apoplexy

The risk of a stroke increases, especially in people who smoke for a long period of time. Tobacco smoke contains many substances that have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system. In addition, these pollutants have a vasoconstricting effect. If a person smokes for many years, the risk of a stroke increases two to four times. Hence, it is important for stroke prevention to quit smoking.

Many people fail to do this, which is due to the addictive substances in tobacco. Even the habit of taking up a cigarette in certain situations is difficult to get rid of. Long-term smokers in particular are therefore often dependent on outside help.

There are many ways to quit smoking today. Both the trusted doctor and smoking cessation facilities can help. Permanently quitting smoking can prevent a stroke and many other serious illnesses, since after quitting the risk decreases over time. As an ex smoker, I can also help you out regarding this with my own tips and tricks on how I stopped smoking without any substitutes or medical help.

Drink little or no alcohol to avoid apoplexy

Alcohol is a strong poison that causes considerable damage to our body. Alcohol can cause serious illness, especially with regular and excessive consumption. With regard to stroke, alcohol consumption must also be mentioned as a risk aspect. Only small amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of bleeding in the brain.

Cerebral haemorrhage is the second most common cause of apoplexy, along with vasoconstriction. If you consume large amounts of alcohol, the risk of vascular narrowing in the brain and thus of apoplexy increases. The vasoconstriction is the most common cause of the stroke.

From this perspective, alcohol consumption covers both of the main causes of apoplexy. It is important to reduce alcohol consumption as part of stroke prophylaxis or to give it up completely. Especially if a person has other risk factors for apoplexy, it is advisable to avoid alcohol.

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People who have no other risk factors for stroke can consume small amounts of alcohol. This means:

Women with no other risk factors for apoplexy can consume approximately 0.3 liters of beer or 0.15 liters of wine per day. This corresponds to an amount of pure alcohol of 10 to 12 grams per day.
Men with no other risk factors for apoplexy can consume about half a liter of beer or a quarter of a liter of wine per day. This corresponds to an amount of pure alcohol of 20 to 24 grams of alcohol per day.

The daily amount of pure alcohol should ideally not exceed these values. In any case, it is advisable to refrain from consuming too much alcohol on a daily basis. As with tobacco consumption, you quickly get used to the alcohol. In addition, regular alcohol consumption can trigger other serious illnesses, such as liver or pancreatic disease.

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Avoid stress to prevent apoplexy

Constant stress has a negative impact on human health – be it emotional or physical. Too much stress in everyday life can increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This increases the risk of apoplexy in the long term.

People under constant stress also tend to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. For example, they do not pay attention to their diet, smoke a lot and drink a lot of alcohol to compensate. They usually also avoid sufficient exercise. All of these factors favor apoplexy in the long run.

So try to identify and eliminate stressors at work and in personal life. It is certainly not possible to stay away from any stress. Stress in appropriate doses is generally not a problem. On the contrary, it keeps people agile and challenges them in a healthy way.

Constant / chronic and high stress, however, has a negative impact on health. Despite everything, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle in times of high stress levels. A balance and sufficient relaxation must be ensured. In this way, you can effectively reduce stress and with it prevent a stroke.

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, autogenic training or similar practices have proven themselves well for this. A relaxed walk through the woods after work can also work wonders. You should avoid constant disruptive stimuli at home or at work.

A constantly running radio, for example, can subliminally lead to a considerable stressful situation. Relaxation is the be-all and end-all in permanent stress. Repeated periods of relaxation help prevent a stroke and other stress-related illnesses.

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Get treatment for underlying illnesses in order to avoid apoplexy

Various underlying diseases increase the risk of stroke. These include, for example, high blood pressure, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, high cholesterol and various cardiovascular diseases. As part of stroke prevention, it is important to have these conditions treated by a doctor.

You shouldn’t take these underlying diseases lightly. Even if these diseases appear harmless at first glance, they can enormously increase the risk of apoplexy in the long term. The patient should undergo regular routine examinations for underlying medical conditions and follow the advice of their doctor. The correct treatment of underlying diseases, in turn, has a positive effect and definitely help to prevent a stroke.

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