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Powers Of An Empath – 30 Features And Why We Are All Headed The Same Path

What is an empathic person?

In our modern world of today are more and more empathic people on the rise. Basically, this increase in empathy is a positive sign of the turn of the century. Humanity is slowly remembering to be all that IS. In this article, I wish to tap into the powers of an empath.

The first symptom of this is the feeling of the omnipresent field of consciousness. In this zone, of course, also various emotions (energy in motion, movement) are buzzing around.



Increasing empathy is, therefore, a completely natural sense within the Universe that slowly dawns on us, thus, leading to spiritual awakening.

Yet, this sense is still unusual for many people. At the same time, due to society’s lack of willingness to recognize higher vibrations as real, most empaths don’t have the training in handling their gift.

Unfortunately, this is becoming a growing problem. The hectic bustle and the orientation of the mind are becoming prevalent in modern fast-paced life, and, thus, leading to unexpressed or repressed emotions of many fellow beings.

Empathy Is Not A Trait You Can Learn

Accordingly, empathetic people perceive their boon rather as a disadvantage and would preferably drop it than work with it.

Feeling empathy means that you feel the energies of the other people around you and you intuitively sense and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by the wishes, emotional states and thoughts of others.



To be an empathic person is much more than just being sensitive, and it’s not just about emotions.

Empathic people can perceive both physical sensitivities and spiritual urges, as well as the motivations and intentions of other people.

Either you are an empathic person or you are not. It’s not one of the traits you learn. Empathic persons are mostly successful people.

They take a while to deal with compliments, because they tend to point out the positive traits of others more often.

Empaths Can Sense Your True Intentions!

They are very expressive in emotional attachments and they speak openly, sometimes straight forward. However, they may have trouble talking about their own feelings, no matter how long they listen to others.

Nevertheless, they can also be the exact opposite and live isolated, and most of the time seemingly unattainable to others.



Some of them are very good at “excluding” others and this is not always a bad thing, at least for the learning empathic person who is struggling with both the barriers of others’ emotions and their own feelings.


Empaths have a tendency to feel everything that is going on around them and less what is going on within themselves. This can cause empathic people to neglect their own needs.

Empaths Are The Best Humanitarians

In general, empathic persons are neither violent nor aggressive and tend to want to make peace everywhere, because every inharmonious environment causes them discomfort.

You will find empathic persons working with humans, animals and nature with the intention of helping and healing them. Many volunteers are empathetic and spend their free time helping out without compensation.


They express themselves with body language as well as with words, thoughts and feelings. Their creativity is mostly reflected in dance, acting and physical activity.

All sorts of people, as well as animals, are attracted by their warmth and genuine compassion. People feel drawn to empaths, just as metallic objects become magnets.

Even complete strangers find it easy to talk to empathic people about personal matters and, before they realize it, they unconsciously poured their hearts out. For some empathic people, lack of understanding of their experiences is a reason to suppress their abilities.

That is why they should follow their personal interests in exploring the inexplicable and curiously discover their blessings and accept them.

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Here Are 30 of The Most Common Powers and Features:

• Knowledge: Empathic people simply know certain things without anyone having to tell them. The more aware one is of this fact, the stronger this gift can become.
• Being in public can be overwhelming: the more people, the greater the likelihood of all the emotions emanating from all the people.
• Feeling the emotions of others and accepting them as one’s own: they will feel the emotions from those around them, but with some people, they can still feel the emotions far away. The more skilled they are, the easier it will be for them to remember when someone thinks badly about them, regardless of the distance.
• Seeing violence and cruelty is unbearable: the more an empathetic person gets used to their ability, the harder it is to hear bad things, and the person may even be watching television and reading the newspaper.


• You know when someone is not honest: when a friend or loved one is lying, an empathic person realizes it immediately. Even if someone feels or thinks something, but says something different, it does not go unnoticed.


• Accept physical symptoms of others: An empathic person usually develops the same symptoms as others, especially when the person is close to them, so to speak sympathetic symptoms.

More uniqueness that makes an empath

• Indigestion and low back problems: The solar plexus chakra is located in the center of the upper abdomen and is known as the seat of emotions. This is the place where the empathic persons feel the feelings of others.
• Always on the lookout for the disadvantaged: Anyone suffering, experiencing emotional pain or being bullied attracts the attention and compassion of an empathetic person.
• Others will try to push their problem onto you, even strangers: An empathic person can become a dumping ground for anyone’s issues that can become their own unless one is careful.
• Constant Difficulties: Empathic people are often deprived of energy or over-inflated so even sleep does not help anymore.
• Addictive personality: Alcohol, drugs, sex to mention just a few addictions that empaths turn to in order to block others’ feelings. It’s a form of self-protection to hide something, or yourself, from others.
• Feeling Healing: Although many empathic people would like to heal others, they may turn away from healing (even if they have the natural ability to do so). This is especially the case after they have studied and judged the situation, because they have absorbed too much of this person. This can be particularly stressful if they are not yet aware of their ability.



• Creativity: From singing, dancing, acting to drawing, painting and writing, empathic people have strong creativity and a lively imagination.
• Love for nature and animals: Being out in nature and having animals in their lives is essential for them.


And there is even more

• Need for solitude: An empathic person would go crazy if he had no free time. This feature is also noticeable in children.
• Are distracted quickly or are bored if they are not stimulated: The work, school duties and life at home must remain interesting, otherwise empaths pick up daydreaming and start to aimlessly scribble around.
• Finding it impossible to do things they do not enjoy: As described above, they would feel as if they were living a lie if they did. This is also one reason why many empathic persons are called lazy.
• Strive for Truth: This becomes more significant when a person becomes aware that he is empathic. Doing the wrong thing would just feel wrong.
• Always on the look-out for solutions and knowledge: Having unanswered inquiries can be frustrating for an empath and, therefore, they will try to solve those questions.
• They like adventure, freedom and travel: empathetic people have a free spirit.
• Gets rid of clutter and garbage: Useless things just pull them down and block their flow of energy.

• They love daydreams: They can stare for hours into the void and lose themselves in their own world.
• Rules, routine or tight control: Anything that robs you of your freedom is bad for your mind.
• A tendency to have a couple of pounds more on the hips: Not from frustration!  It’s rather a form of protection against bad energy from the outside.

• Excellent Listeners: An empathic person will not talk much about himself, except with people he really trusts. They love to learn, to know about others and to care for others.

No bigotry

• Intolerant of Narcissism: Although they are generally very tolerant people, they do not like to have selfish people around them, who always put themselves first and do not accept any opinion other than their own.
• The ability to feel the days of the week: Empaths feel the frustration of Mondays and the joy and relief of Fridays, whether they are working on the weekdays or not. They perceive the collective feelings.
• They will not buy antiques or find anything in a vintage or second-hand shop. Because all of these items have the energies of their former owners.
• Feel the energy of food: Many empathic people choose not to eat meat, even if they like the taste of it. They sense the vibrations of the animals (especially if they have to suffer).
• Can be moody, distant and shy; How an empathic person feels depends on what face he is showing the world. They tend to have a changeable mood, for example, if they deal with a lot of negative things, they can be calm and antisocial. An empath hates to pretend to be happy, because this only adds to the burden he carries.

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Perchance Your Last Big Exam

I wish to close this piece with a personal statement. I know you are currently out of your daily routine and question yourself what all this is about. Maybe you can drop that negative energy when I say: the empathic teaching is a final one.

Every earthly incarnation cycle leads to the development of an empathic being. It is our divine purpose. Once you have mastered this section, you have learned not to let empathy move you back and forth.


You will find that in this life you have transformed so much in yourself than ever before. Yet, you’re doing so much good. Empathy is great at what it does to you, but sometimes hard to tame.

Other souls will soon be immensely grateful to you for your very existence. You will then feel: no incarnation was as enriching for you and your Universe as your present one. Thus, do not give up now.

The energy of empaths tends to drain quickly because of the many burdens of others, which they usually carry. Empaths need to watch out that they receive their daily required nutrients to avoid burnout or, even worse,  inflammation and chronic disease.

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Note: Every person is different. Please read this post very differentiated. It is also necessary to realize that your empathic perception is no less normal than other people’s.

Nothing is normal, and nothing is abnormal!

Read this article completely unbiased. Pick out the things that are useful to you, and forget about the rest. This post most certainly doesn’t cover all powers of an empath, as these are too abundant.

Many of them, I believe, we haven’t even discovered yet, and most empaths are unaware of those powers themselves. If you have any questions, please, contact me at any time, though.

You know that I’m always here for you. We are sitting in the same boat, and I want us to row together into fulfillment.

For any questions, stories or requests for a topic you’d like to read more about, please leave a comment below. I’ll get back to you in a flash.

Furthermore, don’t forget to sign up on our website in order to grab your free ebook. Also, like, share and follow us on social media. Always remember that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow.
~ Namaste ~

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