Physical Causes Behind Depression & Depression Self-Test


What are the physical causes behind depression and how to determine if you are affected?

Physical causes behind depression are not based on the psyche, but on everything material that doctors can measure and monitor. An unhealthy diet can be responsible for it, as can nutrient deficits, toxins, and inflammation.

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Nutritional deficiencies

Too few omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, selenium and magnesium – we consider these nutrients as secure risk factors that can favor depression. We need these vitamins and minerals for a healthy psyche.

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Faulty neuron communication

If the nerve cells in the body can only communicate insufficiently with each other, this leads to imbalances and local overloading of the nerve cells. Both inflammation and nutrient deficiencies can cause these problems.

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Inflammation in the brain

Local inflammation in the brain can occur due to nutritional deficiencies as a result of an unhealthy diet, stress and immune reactions. These are increasingly associated with depression.

Some experts even claim that autoimmune responses may be behind many brain inflammatory responses:

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Autoimmune disease

There is growing evidence that autoimmune diseases are a factor of many depressive illnesses.

Misdirected immune cells attack areas in the brain and fight the body’s own nerve cells as an enemy. The result is massive inflammation that can result in depression.

Depression is also often associated with manifested autoimmune diseases, a co-symptom, so to speak.

Autoimmune diseases that are increasingly associated with depression include Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, psoriasis, and anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

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Intestinal flora

The many trillions of microorganisms in the intestine constantly communicate with the immune system and the rest of the body.

Even a direct connection between the intestinal flora and the brain, the so-called Gut-Brain-Axis, has been scientifically confirmed.

Healthy intestinal flora is, therefore, essential for a healthy psyche, whereas an unhealthy intestinal flora can have considerable health consequences.

In return, scientific studies have already shown that the “recovery” of the intestinal flora by administering probiotics could alleviate the symptoms of depression.

This was most effective along with eliminating vitamin D deficiency.

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Electromagnetic radiation

Human beings are thoroughly electrical beings, with their own power cables, their own magnetic fields and their own biosignatures.

Humans can also sense and absorb electromagnetic radiation from the environment. These change it and cause local imbalances in the body, immune reactions and disorders of information transfer.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMF) includes all human-made radiation, including cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth, radio, X-rays and much more.

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Environmental toxins

Many human-made environmental toxins deposit themselves in the body and have a negative impact on health.

This is a cause of the rapid increase in chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases, as well as impotence and mental illnesses.

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Inner clock

The human organism functions best to a 24-hour rhythm, which we also know as the circadian rhythm or internal clock.

The body’s own processes, therefore, depend on the time of day. Thanks to chronic stress, poor sleep and artificial electronic light even at night (not forgetting shift work), the internal clock gets out of balance with more and more people.

Depression seems to be a direct consequence here too, as the body’s own messenger substances become increasingly out of balance.

Do you know the feeling of anxiety and sadness that overwhelms you on many winter days when it gets dark much earlier and the sun rarely shines?

This is called winter depression – in contrast to classic depression, there is a proven lack of the messenger serotonin.

Our bodies require particularly Vitamin D, a vitamin and hormone that can only form in the summer under the influence of the sun, for the formation of serotonin.

In winter, the sun is scarce on the skin, which explains vitamin D deficiency and serotonin deficiency.

To remedy the winter depression, experts, therefore, recommend supplementing with vitamin D from October to April. You can find out how in our Vitamin D article.

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Diseases as the cause of depression

There are some diseases and health problems that have health implications that can lead to depression:

Tumors in the brain
Thyroid problems, such as underactive thyroid and Hashimoto
Disorders of individual endocrine glands that can cause hormone imbalance, such as in the adrenal gland or the hypothalamus.

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Self-Depression Test: Does depression affect you?

There are now a lot of good self-tests on the Internet that you can use to make a first impression of depression if you are still unsure.

Providers usually break these self-tests or self-assessments down into the following five questions:

1- How often (and how intensely) are you in a good mood?

2- How often (and how intensely) do you feel relaxed and calm?

3- How often do you feel active and energetic?

4- How do you feel when you wake up early? Fresh and rested or tired and tense?

5- How deep is your interest in everyday things, privately, at work and in world affairs?

You can answer these five questions for yourself. As simple as it may sound, you can use it to distinguish overt depression from transient moods.

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Dear co-creators

There, you have it – a brief, but hopefully helpful, summary of physical causes behind depression. Please never underestimate depression.

These are lasting and profound depression and sadness that people who are not affected often cannot imagine.

The simple questions from above provide the first indication, and should you answer negatively, you should react immediately and seek help.

Also, remember that I am always here for you if you need an open ear. You can, furthermore, find out more about other circumstances that can lead to depression here:

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