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Perfect Keto Collagen Peptides Vanilla: Grass Fed Low Carb Collagen Powder Supplement With MGT Oil Powder.

First of all, I want to mention that I’m not on a Keto diet, but I’m still using the Perfect Keto Collagen Powder. How did I get to it? Well, it was the desperation I had with my stubborn belly fat, which drove me to research and try a variety of protein powders.

Ever since the birth of my son, I had developed a pouch that didn’t want to decrease. No matter how strict of a diet I kept and how much exercise I put into my daily routine, the visceral fat was always just here to stay with me! Aside from me not being used to having some extra pounds, I also read up about all the health risks which are associated with the adipose fat tissue.

Luckily, I found a targeted workout exercise which truly does engage my lower abs (where I needed the fat burning the most). A friend of mine then introduced me to the Perfect Keto powder. She uses hers pre-workout, I drink mine after my sports sessions for a quick recovery.

Of course, a protein shake alone will not transform your body miraculously overnight, but it most definitely helped to build and tone my muscles. It has, furthermore, enhanced my energy level and it had a positive effect on my joints as well (my knees used to crack while I was doing squats). That issue has been resolved now too, thanks to the collagen content of the protein powder.

My favorite thing to do with it is, however, preparing our pancakes. At home, we don’t eat flour and watch out fat consumption, so the Keto powder comes in very handy. All I do is adding a scoop of it to my pancake dough. It really blends in nicely, creates a nice texture and gives a unique flavor. It’s a convenient and healthy kitchen helper all in all at our house.

PERFECT KETO COLLAGEN – What exactly is it?

Keto Collagen is, at the moment, one of the best keto collagen protein powder to offer you collagen recovery. Collagen consists of all amino acids and is the most essential protein within your body. As we age, however, the collagen production decreases, beginning as early as by the age of 25. To top this off, we do not tend to receive enough collagen through our regular diet.

The Keto Collagen provides you with 10 grams of collagen peptides; all coming from pasture-fed cows within the USA to ensure that you get the best you need to fully restore your body’s collagen deficit. The benefits of pasture-fed collagen are that, for one, protein is a vital part of every healthy nutrition.

It is clinically proven that collagen, indeed strengthens bones and supports your joints and ligaments, It is beneficial for your gut lining, all connective tissues and it definitely is an asset to the health and looks of your skin.

The powder is combined with MCTs and healthy-gut promoting acacia fiber for a wonderful low-carb energy boost, too. Another bonus with Keto Collagen is that it has all that you require to support your workout routines; without causing sugar spikes within your blood.



What is MCT, and why do they add it?  

Medium chain triglycerides are the favored energy source for your body. Your metabolism turns MCTs rapidly into ketones, thus chauffeuring energy to and throughout your entire body. Combining this collagen with MCT fats really slows down the assimilation of protein.

This way, your body will only be using the protein when it is in a restoration phase, and not to convert it to glucose. Other protein powders spike blood sugar levels. Keto Collagen doesn’t, so, this powder is not only beneficial for people on a keto diet, but for everyone who’s leading a health-oriented lifestyle.

What about the taste?

When people expect their collagen or protein powder to be completely tasteless, and they even talk about having a totally neutral taste, then they’re not quite telling you the truth. So, it’s fair to say that this product is not for folks who expect an entirely neutral flavor.

Yes, the Keto Collagen tastes better than many other powders, but you will experience a slight after taste when you decide to mix it with water only. The good thing is that you can add it to your favorite smoothies, shakes, tea and even your coffee (just like a creamer). That way it does taste great.

Best time to use it?

There’s no specific time when to use your collagen and protein powder. Many use it first thing in the morning by adding it to their breakfast coffee. It does boost the metabolism, makes you satiated longer and helps you to stay focused all day.

Also, some of my friends, who do intermittent fasting on a regular basis, also drink their keto collagen powder in a smoothie to ensure that they get enough protein and energy. If you would like to learn more about intermittent fasting, then, please, enjoy or article in the link below.

The Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting - Straight To The Point 

You can also opt for drinking it during your lunch break to ensure that you keep a well-balanced energy level. One great tip is to enjoy it, whether before, during or after your workout sessions for enhanced energy and quick recovery.

What’s in it?

It has no artificial flavors and is chemical-free. They solely use pure ingredients within their products. This one contains 100 percent pasture-fed collagen, stevia leaf extract, and MCT oil powder.



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Average Customer Rating: 4.3/5            

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▪ Perfect Keto Collagen comes in four different varieties: vanilla, chocolate, (salty) caramel and unflavored. All flavors are packed with potassium, which we almost never get enough from in our daily diet. You can get creative with it, as it’s suitable for drinking, eating and also baking.

1- It does mix well with your beverages, so there is no need for a messy blender.

2- Customers are reporting several medicinal benefits, such as stronger, fuller hair growth, stronger nails that don’t split anymore, firmer, bouncier and more glowing skin, youthful-looking skin/ no more ash tone and the healing of injured knee cartilages, just to name a few.

3- Keeps you full longer, thus, you’re not tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack in between your meals. It, furthermore, can help with your chocolate cravings (if you get the chocolate flavors that is).




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