Optimize Your Body And Mind With Biohacking & Mindfulness


How to optimize your body and mind with biohacking

Contrary to common believes, you can optimize your own body and mind with biohacking. It is no longer uncommon in today’s society, as you always strive to get better and better every day.

With biohacking and mindfulness you are on the right path towards more self-optimization.

Different forms of this practice enable you to increase your mental and physical fitness, similar to computer hackers.

If you understand your body, you can use targeted methods to change it and become a better version of yourself.

This effects occur due to combination of nutrition, fitness and your mental performance. That is why biohacking is also divided into food, body and mind hacking.

All of these areas influence each other and are of the essence for successful self-optimization. Even changing your own DNA is an area of ​​biohacking that many scientists strongly discourage.

The Spiritual Power Of Healthy Food And Nutrition

Biohacking inevitably leads to a healthier diet

If you like to drink coffee in the morning to be fit for the day, you are an organic hacker without knowing it. Caffeine is a fuel that gives your body more energy.

Biohacking involves changing your eating habits so that your body receives the energy boost you need so urgently from nutrients.

You can achieve this through mindfully feeding your body more vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats.

To do this, you should remove all foods that contain unnecessarily high levels of sugar, artificial additives or bad fats from the diet.

Vegetables, fruits, and proteins are the biohacking foods par excellence. At this point, one can replace oils with coconut oil or fish oil  (omega 3 fatty acids health benefits) as well as healthy vegetable oils. Furthermore, a  wide range of nuts and legumes can also provide you with proteins.

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Obtain a body full of energy

Body hacking is also important in order to achieve more performance. Above all, this includes physical fitness, but also the optimization of your sleep.

If you want to be fit during the day, you must obviously also sleep well at night.

Are you relaxed or have you got trouble falling asleep? Meditation exercises or various breathing techniques help. Yoga also helps to bring more peace and inner balance.

You can also take some magnesium supplements an hour before going to sleep, and this will help you calm your mind, relax and drift off to dreamland faster.

Optimizing physical fitness is not just about building muscle mass or looking particularly aesthetic.  It is also about strengthening endurance and muscles and preventing physical complaints such as back and neck pain.

Even more movement in everyday life such as climbing stairs instead of taking an elevator or walking more often instead of driving small distances are important basic elements for body hacking that you have to internalize.

If you want to workout at home, you can learn various training exercises or buy exercise equipments like a rowing machine, a balance board or an exercise bike instead.

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Simple biohacking tips to get you through the day

When you get up in the morning, you can start with an alternating shower to get a boost of energy and strengthen your immune system – ideally right after exercising.

The really brave one can even take an ice cold shower and enjoy its many benefits. Check out the article below regarding this topic.

An extensive breakfast is at least as important afterwards. Doing a few relaxation exercises or small meditation sessions during the day loosens the muscles and lowers the stress level.

A short evening walk and a small round of yoga or reading a book bring the body to rest and prepare it for a restful night, so that you can get up well rested the next day.

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Dear co-creators

If you program the above tricks into your brain, you will eventually live according to these principles and get through the day with more vigor and energy.

Once you optimize your body and mind with biohacking, you will not have to bother with weight problems and various diets.

You will mindfully choose to listen to your body’s requirements and pick the right foods accordingly.

Nutrition will become a part of your daily lifestyle and you will incorporate it much pleasure and no sacrifices at all.

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Thus, I want to thank you and let you know that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~ Namaste~



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