What Is The Best Nutrition For Autoimmune Diseases?


Autoimmune diseases in the intestines, what is the best nutrition to combat autoimmune diseases and autoimmune disorders & pregnancy?

Is it true that autoimmune diseases always originate in the intestine? This rumor has been circulating for a while, but it is only partly true.

It is correct that the immune system is predominantly located on and in the intestine. Here is the greatest need, as pathogens and toxins hit the body directly and the gut layer is very thin and, therefore, susceptible.

Immune cells must constantly monitor what is going on in the intestinal tract, control and keep the pathogens and toxins at bay.

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The problem within the intestine begins when it takes major damage, for example, due to Leaky Gut Syndrome.

With holes in the intestine, the barrier between the inner intestine and the body is lost and many toxins, undigested proteins and pathogens can enter the body.

This activates the immune system chronically, and the entire body enters an inflammatory state, which in itself promotes autoimmune disease.

Numerous toxins, undigested proteins and pathogens that enter the body, massively increase the likelihood of autoimmune diseases through a process called molecular mimicry.

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What role does the intestinal flora play?

The intestinal flora denotes all microorganisms that settle in the intestine, mainly in the large intestine. They can have healthy effects on the body (fermentation of fiber, production of small fatty acids, production of hormones and vitamins).

They can, however, also wait for their chance to harm the body (opportunistic pathogens).

The latter are the bigger problem. An unfavorable or toxic intestinal flora has the possibility to infect intestinal cells, to keep the immune system at bay and perhaps even to trigger blood poisoning.

Due to the production of numerous toxins and molecular mimicry, this dramatically increases the likelihood of an autoimmune process.

On the other hand, a healthy intestinal flora has the potential to produce nurturing substances for the body, to calm the immune system and body, to relieve inflammation and, thus, to reduce the occurrence of autoimmune diseases.

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Autoimmune diseases and pregnancy

A brittle topic! If you have an autoimmune disease and are playing with the thought of getting pregnant or are already expecting, then there is, unfortunately, no concrete answer as to whether this is advisable or bad.

There are autoimmune diseases in which sufferers cope well with pregnancy. The body has to cope with this and not overload itself too much.

But also the child must not be able to hear anything about the autoimmune process, thus, not being harmed and not being impaired in its development.

Scientists researched Thyroiditis well in relation to pregnancies and pregnancies with an autoimmune disorder can run smoothly under close medical supervision.

However, the question of whether autoimmune diseases can reconcile with pregnancy is not generalizable for every autoimmune disease. You should talk to your gynecologist or endocrinologist.

Another possibility is that you develop an autoimmune disease during pregnancy. This comes with Hashimoto thyroiditis and Lupus Erythematodes. Reasons for this are temporary nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances due to pregnancy.

If an autoimmune disease develops spontaneously during pregnancy, the probability is very high that it will automatically re-emerge after pregnancy.

Nevertheless, it is not guaranteed. With a healthy lifestyle, you have the best chances.

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Nutrition for autoimmune diseases

In the diet lies an important cause of the development of autoimmune diseases. Many problems in the intestine, nutrient deficiencies, hormonal (un)balances and more are directly dependent on the diet and lifestyle. Similarly, the right nourishment also provides a way to actively combat autoimmune disease.

On our website, we give suitable nutrition advice for many diseases, including autoimmune diseases, in order to optimally supplement the school medical therapy.

There is a special form of nutrition that keeps popping up in relation to autoimmune diseases: the Paleo diet.

This is a special adaptation of diet, in which you only consume foods that one can hunt and collect and which existed in the Stone Age.

These foods include fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, herbs, flax seeds, nuts, coffee or tea, bone broth, fermented vegetables. All-natural, unprocessed and particularly nutritious foods.

At the same time, the Paleo diet refrains from foods that are excessively irritating to the body, intestines and immune system. You also do not eat foods that have been processed industrially or simply do not good for the body in the long run.

This applies in particular to the food groups cereals, legumes, sugar, edible oils, fast food and all types of processed products.

In order for the immune system to recover from an autoimmune disease, it is necessary to remove these small irritants from the diet.

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Conclusion – an autoimmune disease is a misdirection of the immune system

Twenty-three million Americans, and the numbers are rising, suffer from an autoimmune disease. The immune system is not directed against foreign substances (disease pathogens and foreign particles), but against the body’s own and partly healthy cells. The affected tissue gets attacked and massively damaged.

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Today, they have got a good overview of autoimmune diseases, how they develop and what characterizes them. You’ve also learned and received a few symptoms that can help you detect autoimmune diseases.

It doesn’t always have to be an autoimmune disease: Not every fever boost is an autoimmune disorder.

If the symptoms increase (several at a time) and occur again and again, you should become alert, keep a symptom diary and see an expert.

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