Introduction To Nutrition And A Healthy Lifestyle With Rheumatoid Arthritis


How the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with rheumatoid arthritis can help you

You have started therapy for RA, but what about the right nutrition and a healthy diet with rheumatoid arthritis? You feel a first improvement from the medication, but what do you do when you are not taking medication? How important are diet and changes in everyday life when suffering from RA?

If you really want to change something, feel real improvement and want to tackle the disease not only with the symptoms, but with the causes, then today’s article is of particular interest to you.

The combination of conventional medical therapy, nutrition and lifestyle offer unique results for those with rheumatoid arthritis. Learn more about diet, nutrient therapy and lifestyle especially for rheumatoid arthritis.

Prognosis And Course Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis – what happens in the joint?

First, a small repetition of what happens in rheumatoid arthritis in the joint and constitutes an autoimmune disease:

Normally, immune cells protect the body from invaders and toxins and eliminate dead cells. In autoimmune diseases, this distinction between friend and enemy has been lost, and immune cells attack the body’s own and healthy cells.

In rheumatoid arthritis, cells in the inner skin of the joints become the target of the autoimmune attack. As a result, the joints become inflamed, swell, ache and deform surrounding joints and bones. The further the disease progresses, the more disabled the sufferers become.

And that is precisely why it is so important to address the disease in rheumatoid arthritis causes through diet and lifestyle.

What Exactly Is Rheumatoid Arthritis & What Can You Do To Help Yourself?

Why is nutrition so important?

Let’s start with the drugs: They provide first relief, have their raison d’etre and are well researched. However, they are very expensive, have many side effects and only treat the symptoms (see rheumatoid arthritis symptoms).

What do I mean by that?

Think of the scene as a sink: The faucet is fully turned on, but the drain-stopper from the sink prevents the water from running off. The water flows over and messes up the whole bath.

Medications only fix the symptoms of this problem! This is important, but not a longer-term solution.

The longer-term solution is to pull the stopper so that the water can drain off again. At the same time, we have to reduce the flow from the faucet a bit. This is exactly what diet and lifestyle do in rheumatoid arthritis.

By correcting nutrient deficiencies, coping with stress, a healthy lifestyle, correcting intestinal problems, especially Leaky Gut Syndrome (see What is the leaky gut syndrome & best nutrition to combat it) and other things, the body finds more and more relief. This pulls the drain-stopper and the pressure in the body decreases.

Nutrition and nutrient therapy soothe the immune system to such an extent that the faucet automatically switches to low water-flow and the sink collects less water.

Only when everything comes together, medications, healthy eating and lifestyle, you can do something about the disease in the long term and your quality of life can truly improve again. Only then can we take the path towards remission and regeneration.

Medication alone cannot do this – only in cooperation with healthy nutrition and lifestyle. And that is why today’s article is so important.

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Further arguments for healthy eating and lifestyle:

1- Healthy eating is cheaper than medicines and can prevent other diseases as well
2- Noticeable changes after only a short time
3- Sustainable improvement
4- The rheumatoid arthritis causes are actively combated
5- The quality of life improves significantly

You take your health into your own hands again! Doctors know about medication, nutrition and lifestyle but it is your job and responsibility to do the best for yourself!

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Lifestyle in Rheumatoid Arthritis – What helps?

Why living healthier? Well, the therapy does not end with medication. A healthy rheumatoid arthritis diet, nutrient therapy and herbs are great, but lifestyle is equally crucial. That includes everything you do when you’re not eating or taking medication.

Lifestyle now sounds very high-end but includes a few logical and well-known factors.


In order to reduce inflammation in the body, to counteract stress and to prevent joint breakdown, I recommend daily exercise. Depending on the level of illness, you should choose between endurance or strength training. Walks are also good. Mainly important is movement!

Causes Of Inflammation In The Body & How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally


If possible, let the doctor prescribe ‘physio’. If he doesn’t suggest it, then mention the topic to him. You will be surprised of what tremendous aid physiotherapy can become for you. Often only a few targeted movements can bring great relief.


The sun has important and often underestimated healing powers. So expose yourself to the sun whenever possible. Even in summer without sunscreen for about 30 minutes to form vitamin D. However, use the sun with common sense.

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Reducing stress

Counteract stress in various ways. Both in everyday life at work and privately. Try meditation, breathing techniques, teas and natural products, such as CBD oil, to calm you down. Stress, after bad nutrition, is the second biggest cause of many diseases, so make sure to eliminate it every single day.

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Heat application

Sauna sessions, steam baths and hot wraps have proven themselves in affected areas.

Cold Therapy

Cold showers and cold wraps in the affected areas can be used to alternate with the heat application.

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That’s all regarding the recommendation for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with rheumatoid arthritis.

The advice recommended here and in the following article for the rheumatoid arthritis diet probably means a big change in cooking and eating habits for most sufferers.

Therefore, to make things easier, I would like to recommend a cookbook that combines many healthy recipes, beautiful pictures and tips that have proven successful in many autoimmune diseases:

Mickey Trescott – The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen

*125 Autoimmune Paleo Recipes for Deep Healing and Vibrant Health/1st Edition

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