Beneficial Natural Supplements For Nutrient Therapy In Multiple Sclerosis


Effective ingredients for nutrient therapy in Multiple Sclerosis

Below is a list of dietary supplements that have proven themselves beneficial for nutrient therapy in multiple sclerosis and, thus, they are recommended.

You will find the daily requirements of the supplements, the foods in which the nutrient is contained and recommendations for administration as a dietary nutriment.

Vitamin D

In studies, scientists tested vitamin D very well in MS and found that most MS sufferers have a severe vitamin D deficiency. Additionally, there is a common genetic predisposition that increases vitamin D requirements.

In the specific article on vitamin D, you will find more information about vitamin D, to meet the daily needs, its connection to the sun and how it works as a dietary supplement.

It is not possible to meet the vitamin D requirement via the diet alone.

This requires staying in the sun and supplementing with a vitamin D3 product. In the article, linked below, you will find all the necessary information.

How To Efficiently Eliminate Vitamin D Deficiency & Its Vitality for Health

An interesting application for MS is the Coimbra protocol, which I want to briefly describe:

The Coimbra Protocol – Vitamin D and MS

Prof. Coimbra is a professor from Brazil who observed that high-dose vitamin D works very effectively in patients with MS. He blames a so-called “vitamin D resistance”:

Sufferers need more vitamin D than the average to increase blood levels. The Coimbra Protocol, named after him, is an established high-dose vitamin D protocol specifically for autoimmune patients.

It is important to visit a specially trained therapist and not to take it into your own hands. Because it is used with high doses (40,000-100,000 IU per day), which requires medical knowledge.

Don’t worry, despite high doses, the protocol is safe and studies have confirmed that long-term intake of a high dose (35,000 IU daily) does not cause any side effects.

If used properly, there is talk of an exceptionally high success rate, especially in the case of Multiple Sclerosis.

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Omega-3 fatty acids

In addition to vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids from fish and meat from appropriate fish species also have a positive effect on the disease.

They serve as hormone precursors, relieve inflammation and have a positive effect on the immune system. 3 to 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids daily have been shown to be optimal in studies.

This corresponds to 100 to 150 grams of salmon, 400 grams of meat from the species or some recommended high-premium fish oil capsules high in healthy EPA & DHA*. It is recommended to supply fish oil capsules on days when you do not eat fish if you want to reach this daily requirement.

The Importance Of Omega 3 & Why We Have To Be Cautious With Omega 6


Fiber is not a dietary supplement, but an important part of the diet.

Experience shows that the more fiber you add, the more the symptoms improve. In addition to an intake of lots of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, it is also recommended to incorporate fiber-rich seeds such as flaxseed or (see chia seeds) into the daily diet plan in order to further increase the fiber content.


Magnesium has a calming effect on the body, mind and nervous system and reduces muscle spasms and cramps in the body. One can cover the daily requirement of 400 to 500 mg with the daily consumption of green vegetables or supplementation with a dietary supplement.

Ten Magnesium-Rich Foods That Help Cover Your Daily Requirements


Curcumin is the yellow dye from the turmeric tuber and one of the strongest antioxidants in nature. In chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases, curcumin is very efficient, soothes the intestine and immune system and reduces inflammation in the body. The administration of one to two capsules of curcumin is a common daily dose.

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Digestive enzymes

Many autoimmune sufferers have insufficient digestion. This is often due to the insufficient proportion of digestive enzymes to break down food proteins and absorb them in the small intestine. This also often includes an acidic stomach.

If you feel that you suffer from impaired digestion after a protein-rich meal or you get concentration problems, a lack of digestive enzymes may be the reason.

In the article on soda, you can find out if you suffer from an acidic stomach. If these problems persist, you can help with an administration of digestive enzymes or betaine HCl (stomach acid).

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Especially in Multiple Sclerosis, sulfur-containing nutrients are important, as this not only better regulates the immune system, but also can replicate myelin.

Sulfur is an important co-factor for the formation of the myelin layer. Sulfurous plant nutrients are found sufficiently in onion plants and in cabbage plants.

The dietary supplement with N-acetyl-cysteine (2-3 grams daily), DMSO, MSM, DIM or Sulfuraphan (30 mg daily) as well as garlic extract (3 capsules daily) has been shown to be effective. These preparations are all effective, the given quantities are experience values.

All About Beetroot – The Vast Health Benefits Of The Red Tuber

B vitamins

Our bodies, furthermore, require large amounts of B vitamins for the formation of myelin. You can cover your vitamin B needs with organ meat (especially heart and liver) and kombucha (see Make Your Own Kombucha At Home).

Since not everyone likes kombucha or organ meat or consumes them too rarely, I recommend to take a high-quality vitamin B supplement. A vitamin B complex with high-dose and bioactive B vitamins gives your body the B vitamins needed for these processes.

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Vitamin C

Affected people with Multiple Sclerosis have significantly lower antioxidants in the body, especially vitamin C deficiency is common.

The body also needs Vitamin C to form new myelin. An additional administration has a positive effect not only on cognition but also on the complete quality of life. A human dose of 2 grams of vitamin C daily, converted from studies, could provide this improvement.

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Gamma-linolenic acid

In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, this fatty acid is important to better regulate the immune system and sex hormones.

Many MS sufferers additionally take evening primrose oil or cold-pressed and non-GMO black cumin oil*, and most of them report an improvement in the quality of life. One teaspoon of oil in the morning and in the evening before the meal or two capsules in the morning and evening can provide these effects.

Cordyceps Sinensis (Chinese caterpillar fungus)

In a study in mice with an MS model, cordyceps extract (an Asian medicinal fungus) was able to greatly alleviate symptoms and bring immune balances into a very positive range: inflammatory TH17 cells were strongly suppressed, while regulatory T cells increased greatly.

The effect is similar to that of potent drugs, but without side effects. We do not know yet the exact amount of the extract to make a daily dose and achieve these effects in humans. Therefore, we await more human studies in the future.

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Multiple Sclerosis – Herbal Therapy

In folk medicine, some herbs have established themselves as a treatment for multiple sclerosis over the years. Herbs count as alternative medicine, although they already have been the most important medicine of mankind for thousands of years.

It is up to you whether you also consider herbal therapy. As a rule, the effects of herbs exceed the side effects many times over. Herbs also have a general effect on health.

Following from “Healing Herbs from the Garden of God”, Maria Treben: “The following herbs can help with this disease, which is considered incurable, but you must invest the necessary stamina and sufficient time in the treatment. Natural medicine works in the longer term and does not work immediately.”

An effect is usually only noticeable after several weeks of application. Of course, one cannot use the following medicinal herbs all at the same time.

It is only important to know that all the listed baths, teas and essences can help. It is up to your imagination and availability of the herbs in question how and in what order you use the various remedies.

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Women’s coat

Add one heaped teaspoon per cup, brew with hot water, let it steep for half a minute, simmer, drink four cups in a sip throughout the day.

Chamomile-thyme oil

Pour freshly picked chamomile flowers and/or thyme flowers into a bottle and pour the oil of your choice over (coconut oil, olive oil e.g.). Place the bottle in the heat for three weeks. Rub the whole body with the oil.


In addition to the women’s coat tea, administer two cups of sage tea per day. Brew a heaped teaspoon of sage per cup with hot water, let it steep for half a minute, simmer, drink in sips.


In the morning and in the evening you drink a cup of yarrow tea. Brew a heaped teaspoon of yarrow per cup with hot water, let it steep for half a minute, simmer and drink in sips.

Small Swedish bitter

Every day, you take three tablespoons of small Swedish bitters, diluted with some water or herbal tea. For this potion, you add one tablespoon of small Swedish bitter to half a cup of water or tea, half of which you drink before and after each of the three meals.

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Sitting baths

You may only use one type of herb per week for a sitting bath. You can choose from sitting baths made of spruce tips, St. John’s wort, chamomile, sage, yarrow, thyme and tin herb. All of them are successful in the fight against paralysis. Soak 100 grams of herbs in a 5 l bucket with cold water for 12 hours.

The tub must hold so much water that the bather’s kidneys are covered. The bath duration is 20 minutes. Finally, do not dry off, but sweat in a bathrobe wrapped in bed for an hour.

Full baths

Once a week, you can take a full bath alternating between nettle and a full thyme bath. In addition, soak 200 grams of herbs in a 5 l bucket with cold water for 12 hours, analogous to the sitting bath. Then heat, sift and pour in the bathwater.

The tub should be so full that the bather’s heart is outside the water. Bathe for 20 minutes, then do not dry, but sweat in a bathrobe wrapped in bed for an hour.

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