New Tips For More Energy And A Happy Mood In Winter


Feeling low? Presenting new tips for more energy and a happy mood in winter.

Shorter days, sinking temperatures – this also affects the mood of many people. However, already many small things can prevent winter depression. When it’s cold and dark outside, it’s even more important to do something good for ourselves during the winter season. Following you will find our new tips for more energy and a happy mood in winter.

What makes walks indispensable

If possible, walk in the fresh air for 30-45 minutes daily, preferably between 1 pm and 2 pm. Then the lighting conditions are ideal to stimulate the production of endogenous fortune substances. Exercise intensifies this effect.

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Why a cold shower makes happy

A five-second cold shock during morning showers irritates certain nerve cords in the body that are connected to our brain.

This will lead to an increased release of endorphins, which trigger feelings of happiness and reduce the sensation of pain. That’s what molecular biologist Nikolai Shevchuk found out.

A  laugh does not have to be real

Laughter sets a relaxation mechanism within the body in motion. This boosts the production of the happiness hormone serotonin and even analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances.

It works like this: Stand in front of the mirror, think of something amusing and smile at yourself. Because our brain notices that it is smiling, it automatically switches to good mood mode.


How to find happiness

Psychologists from Switzerland are certain: We can reprogram our brains to a good mood. Write down three beautiful events daily.

Because we are more concerned with positive events, the negative takes a back seat. This way, we will, from now on, pay more attention to what we enjoy.

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What imagination does for us

Books not only give us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in another world, they also help us overcome problems. Physicians speak of the bibliotherapy: By reading a few lines of a story or a poem, we gain new impressions and food for thought, often also the courage to change something.

Why sport is now more important than ever

Those who are physically active three times a week for about 45 minutes, eg, jogging, Tabata training, etc., achieve a mood-enhancing effect that is comparable to chemical agents such as antidepressants, according to a US study. Reason: movement stimulates, among other things, the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

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How a self-massage relaxes the head

Gentle touches increase the level of the good-mood hormone serotonin and thus counteract the blues. For a self-massage place 3-4 drops of body oil with a mood-enhancing aroma (eg bergamot, geranium, grapefruit) into the palms of your hands, and massage your shoulders and neck for ten minutes with light pressure.

How friendships lift the soul

For our psyche, friends and family are very important. This contact allows the body to release more substances that increase our satisfaction and self-esteem.

Especially when we are not feeling well, we should have good friends around. Even a short phone call is enough.

Researchers proved that the more social contacts we have, the fewer stress hormones there are in the blood.

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How favorite music suddenly makes us happy

Certain melodies arouse positive memories. As a result, the feel-good hormone dopamine is increasingly released. This inhibits the anxiety center in the brain, which is responsible for negative emotions.

Furthermore, stress hormones are broken down, and whoever sings along even intensifies this effect. By the way: Classical music and special relaxation music have a similarly calming effect on the body.


What banishes worries from the head

Those who talk about their problems often see them in a different light and find a solution faster for them. However, as studies have shown, we do not have to confide all doubts and hardships to other people.

Psychologists have found that writing down has the same liberating effect. Simply put your thoughts and feelings to paper and then throw the notes in the bin. The brain thus gets the impression of having completed the matter.

Why tapping acupressure dispels negative thoughts

During tapping, we stimulate various acupressure points to release the tension in the body. Press the middle and forefinger seven times at a time on the following points: the edge of the hand, the beginning of the eyebrow near the bridge of the nose, on the outside of the eye, below the eye on the cheekbone, between the nose and upper lip, chin, clavicle and a hand’s width under the armpit.

Which part of the body you do focus on does not matter for the relaxing effect. As a rule, we are supposed to carry out tapping with the dominant hand, ie in right-handers with the right-hand side on the left.

Breathing makes you happy, too

Researchers used brain scans to prove that a simple breathing exercise is enough. To read more about valuable breathing techniques, check out my article in the following link:

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A wholesome dinner makes you happy

I’m a big fan of having fun in the kitchen. Such home-cooked food always tastes particularly good. Unfortunately, I seldom have time for it or simply after a long day, I no longer feel like standing in the kitchen for a prolonged time.

That’s why I consciously use the free evening to go shopping and pick out nice recipes. Then I turn on the music in the kitchen and get grooving with the cooking. While I swing the wooden spoon, I can relax wonderfully. My tip: Cook one more portion, so that there is something good for lunch the next day.

Another great option is the sous vide cooking method. Simply set the timer, go about your day, and when you get home your juicy and nutrient-rich meal is awaiting you with an appetizing aroma. Here’s the link to my post that tells you everything you need to know about sous vide cooking.

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Take time out

Another feel-good tip for the winter is to treat yourself to short breaks. Especially November and December are full of family reunions, Christmas evenings, shopping and so on and so forth.

A little retreat in between, where you just crawl under a cozy blanket with a good book and let life be life, works wonders to recharge the batteries.

For example, if you do not enjoy reading, you can also watch your favorite series for the hundredth time or listen to audiobooks – the main thing is that you allow yourself moments to switch off.


Say “No” to perfectionism

What else lifts your spirit during the wintertime? Just say no to perfectionism! Let’s be honest: Making lists for the Christmas gifts, go to the Christmas market with friends and colleagues, make advent calendars, decorate the apartment, discuss New Year’s Eve plans and best bake the twelve biscuits that everyone but loves to eat – The stress around the wonderful Christmas days can be quite a lot.

That’s why my tip for more well-being in winter is to just say “goodbye” to the feeling of always having to do everything. Instead of struggling, dare to say “no” or instruct someone else to organize the Christmas present for the entire family if you have always done it in the last few years. I’m feeling a lot better with a smaller to-do list and less stressful.

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Dear co-creators

To remind you, Christmas time is a season of giving, that’s right. However, the mentioned meaning of giving does not refer to commercial gifts as much as to giving and sharing quality time with your near and dear ones.

Thus I hope, my new tips for more energy and a happy mood in winter will come in handy for you during this holiday season and following winter months.

How about yourself? Do you have your own tips and tricks to avoid the Winter blues and holiday stress? If so, let us know about it, and share your helpful advice with us in a comment below. We are always looking forward to reading from you.

Also, please, share us with your family and friends on social media. This allows me to continue writing informative articles, sharing tips and free ebooks with you. It, furthermore, enables me to give personalized talk sessions to those of you who are in need of an open ear, advice and encouraging words during tough times.

Meanwhile, I’m sending you love, light, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and to help uplift this world into a much higher, more peaceful and loving dimension.

Thank you for your dedication, courage and existence. No matter what others say, or how bad things seem to be at times, you are cherished, appreciated, here to live a fulfilled life and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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