Natural Home Remedies And Herbs For Psoriasis


Naturopathic tips, effective home remedies and herbs for psoriasis

Folk medicine and naturopathy have had good home remedies and herbs for psoriasis, everyday ailments and chronic problems for thousands of years. These secret restoratives are a great addition to psoriasis treatment and psoriasis nutrition.

Naturopathy and psoriasis?

According to studies, 70% of all psoriasis sufferers have already tried alternative methods such as homeopathy, nutritional advice, acupuncture or nutrient therapy. I want to present these to you today and in the review article on psoriasis.

Naturopathy tries to fight diseases based on biological principles, empirical values ​​and tried and tested methods. It can be an alternative, or even better, a supplement to conventional medicine.

The home remedies, herbs and alternatives mentioned today are all significantly less in side effects, with less permanent damage and no less effectiveness.

According to a Saudi Arabian study, dermatologists have also often received questions about alternative methods of psoriasis. However, only very few have the time or interest to learn further methods.

Today, I would like to suggest some alternatives to you.

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Home remedies for psoriasis

Psoriasis includes chronic inflammation, irritation and scaling of the skin. Although the symptoms do not only occur on the skin but in the entire body, these home remedies here initially relate to external use in psoriasis.

Healing earth/clay

Healing earth loosens dandruff but does not irritate the skin unnecessarily. To do this, apply the healing clay to the still wet skin, leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse off.

I recommend a large application on the body while in the shower or bath. Aso, you can mix some Indian healing clay* with apple cider vinegar to enhance the healing properties.


The sun has many healing properties that are increasingly forgotten in our day and age. Due to the formation of vitamin D on the skin and the UV radiation, the sun helps the skin to regulate growth and relieves inflammation.

Therefore, try to spend a lot of time in the sun and, if possible, expose affected skin areas without sunscreen in the sun.

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Baking soda or salicylic acid

With mild psoriasis, you can remove the scales. Apply sodium bicarbonate or salicylic acid to the still wet skin, rub it in gently and let it take effect. Then rinse off.


Herbs are mother nature’s medicine and a good addition to the treatment of chronic diseases.

CBD oil

CBD oil from the hemp plant (legal and without THC) also appears effective in psoriasis. Scientists are not yet clear about whether topical (skin) or oral application is better and in what dosage. This remains to be seen in future studies.

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Medicinal mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms have been used in Chinese medicine for 5,000 years and are now also common among us.

They support digestion and detoxification and calm the immune system. Organic Reishi extract and organic lion’s mane extract powder* have proven particularly effective.

Herbs for psoriasis

Herbs are suitable for internal and external use in psoriasis. They are very rich in essential oils and phytonutrients that can help the skin regulate symptoms and inflammation.

Herbs are also suitable for internal use to relieve systemic symptoms and inflammation.

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Chamomile tea against psoriasis

One of the strongest herbs known in naturopathy for psoriasis is real chamomile. It is highly anti-inflammatory, has a positive effect on the intestine and liver and is able to calm an overactive immune system. There is no upper limit for chamomile tea – enjoy a lot, preferably with a little honey.

Mixed tea for psoriasis

Mix the following tea (from the book Health through God’s Pharmacy:(Advice and Proven Cures with Medicinal Herbs – Maria Treben*) and drink it daily:

Tea for psoriasis from mixed herbs

30 grams marigold, 20 grams yarrow, 30 grams celandine, 50 grams nettle, 30 grams honorary award, 10 grams oak bark, 20 grams earth smoke, 20 grams walnut shell, 30 grams willow bark and 40 grams meadow goatee.

For a cup, take half a spoonful of the mixture and brew it with hot water. Now let the tea steep for half a minute. It is best to drink this tea from the herbs mentioned above in sips throughout the day. 6 to 8 cups of tea a day are recommended.

Herbs for external use in psoriasis

You can process extracts or powders of these herbs into a paste or cream with coconut oil and apply it to the affected skin. I recommend that you mix the psoriasis cream together with the help of a natural beautician.

Chamomile flowers
Black tea
Pansy herb
Licorice extract
Aloe vera gel*
Balloon vine herb
Oak bark extract

You can apply these herbs to the skin individually or in combination and observe any effects. All of the herbs mentioned are proven and recommended in naturopathy. The effect can vary from person to person.

From the home remedies and herbs, we finally come to skincare for psoriasis.

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Shampoo and creams for psoriasis

Unfortunately, cosmetic products that contain potential irritants also come into daily contact with your skin. These can also trigger and intensify inflammation and irritate the immune system. Try to identify these irritants, to which your body is sensitive, and avoid them if necessary.

A good basis for body care and skincare is natural cosmetics, which do not contain artificial irritants, fragrances and preservatives, and also contain effective extracts and active ingredients.

Psoriasis and neurodermatitis sufferers very often react sensitively to a substance called SLS (sodium Laureth sulfate). Here, I advise you to switch to soap based on olive oil or core soap (without coloring and preservatives).

Consider switching to good natural cosmetics brands or putting together natural cosmetics yourself. You should see and feel the effects on the skin after a short time.

Urea cream is basically a good option for skincare since the upper skin layers store urea and bind water and fat there. This rehydrates the skin and relieves inflammation.

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A good and effective skincare cream

You can put this cream together as a natural alternative and, due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients, it is an alternative that has already had good results among those affected:

1- Mix 100 capsules of curcumin, licorice extract and green tea extract, 5 capsules of high-dose vitamin B complex, 5 milliliters of vitamin E oil and 5 to 10 drops of essential tea tree oil in 100-150 milliliters of coconut oil.
2- Make sure that the capsules are in gelatin or agar and you can break them open.
3- Melt the organic coconut oil*, break open the capsules, add the content and the vitamin E oil, fill the mixture in a jam jar and let it harden.
4- Apply this mixture to the affected skin.

You can put together the 10 capsules as you like from the suggested ingredients. An option with only curcumin is conceivable, but you are welcome to mix and experiment yourself. All three substances have proven to be useful and effective on the skin.

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Dear co-creators

There are only a few home remedies, herbs and natural cosmetics that have really proven their worth in psoriasis, and that sustainably. You have learned about them here.

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic autoimmune disease with pronounced skin symptoms. It is worth questioning everyday habits in order to identify and rule out the causes of psoriasis.

Home remedies and herbs for psoriasis have the advantage over conventional medicines that they are potentially similarly effective, but without side effects or lasting damage to the body.

Herbs are always a helpful addition to therapy and nutrition and are worth trying.

They are inexpensive to buy compared to conventional medicines and other expensive care products. You can put them together individually,  and they can bring about lasting positive changes.

If you have anything to add or want to share a personal experience with us, then we are always looking forward to reading from you in the comment section below.

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Stay Safe & Protected

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