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Adopt Natural Colon Cleansing Into Your Lifestyle

A natural colon cleansing? That sounds like unclogging a pipe and is at least roughly comparable. In general, however, the “cleaning agents” are natural and gentle, unlike chemical cleaners. In our gut sits a large part of the immune system.

If the intestine does not work smoothly, the body’s own defense system cannot function properly, either. Many diseases only develop because of a disturbed intestinal flora. These include, for example, recurring sinusitis, constant colds, sore throats, but also a bloated stomach or indigestion.

Likewise, allergies and migraines can occur as a result. Attention, a damaged intestine can sometimes behave symptomless over some time, then we just notice the increased tendency to infections.

The importance of a healthy intestinal flora

In our intestinal flora, various bacteria live together. These live in the digestive system and colonize a surface that is at least as large as a tennis court. The various microorganisms in the healthy gut exist peacefully side by side, they work constantly.

Your active metabolism consumes substances in our body. Thus, the largest accumulation of bacteria exists in the colon. The tasks of the intestinal flora are the protection against pathogenic germs and intestinal fungi.

It is also responsible for the supply and nutrition of the intestinal mucosal cells, the breakdown of numerous dietary fiber and the production of various vitamins.

Diseases develop as soon as the balance in the intestine gets disturbed. The intake of antibiotics, germs in our food or a generally unhealthy diet – all this can damage our intestinal flora.

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Natural colon tasks

Even the Greeks were of the opinion that many diseases begin in the intestine. Unfortunately, this old knowledge was forgotten for many years.

Later society recognized the theory again. Fact is that we do not only need the intestine for the transport of our food, but the nutrients extracted during the digestion are important for our survival, as well.

Much later, they added knowledge about the importance of healthy intestinal flora. It became clear that about 75 percent of the immune system comes from the intestine and our defenses depend largely on an intact intestinal flora.

Lymphatic tissue, which is important for defense, also exists in large quantities in the intestine. In addition, there are defense cells, which in turn produce antibodies themselves.

These cells spread through the lymphatic system as well as the bloodstream throughout the body. They contribute when required at different points in the body to defend. Due to frequent antibiotic intake and a low-fiber and acidic food, our immune system becomes weak.


Intestinal cleansing

If you want to bring the disturbed intestinal flora in balance, then a colon cleansing is needed. This usually consists of colon detoxification and subsequent reconstruction of the intestinal flora. This means that you first must cleanse the intestine of slag and debris.

The intestinal mucosa becomes receptive to the colonization of beneficial intestinal bacteria. These you can supply to the cure as part of gut flora, Homeopathy helps here.

If you only want to do something good for your intestine, for example, after antibiotics, then prescription-free supplements are also available in the pharmacy and in some drugstores.

Especially with a diet that is rich in animal protein, your colon produces much sticky waste. This is difficult to digest and then settles on the intestinal walls, especially if you permanently don not eat enough fiber. In these sticky residues, pathogens or parasites may nest.

Sooner or later there will be complaints. If the intestine is only rehabilitated, but the cleaning adjourned, it only leads to a temporary relief in the stomach.

Slagging prevents healthy bacteria from colonizing the intestine, and your body cannot absorb important vitamins. The intestinal detoxification is also recommended for a basic, medically necessary diet change.

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Reasons for colon cleansing

In addition to a traditional medical indication such as colonoscopy, a colon cleansing can also help with many other complaints.

We already know that the intestine holds a large part of the body’s defenses and with a suitable rehabilitation, one can strengthen them excellently.

A colon cleansing can, furthermore, help with other illnesses. These include allergies, chronic indigestion, recurrent infections, constant tiredness and weakness, fatigue, rheumatism, migraine, overweight and food intolerances.

It can aid as a home remedy for acne, chronic inflammatory bowel disease or headache. Such a thorough cleaning is also highly recommended after antibiotic therapy.

First, thoroughly wash the digestive system through, and then restore the destroyed intestinal flora with probiotics.


Not only choosing the right method, but the right time is also important, as well. The whole procedure becomes easier if you pay attention to light and easily digestible food the day before. You should preferably start the cleansing on a quiet day – a full working day is not recommended.

Sudden indigestion or abdominal pain may occur, thus, you should have a place to lay down comfortably and a toilet for the spontaneous “business” available nearby. Due to the accelerated intestinal passage, your body gets also deprived of much water.

Therefore, please, pay attention that you are drinking plenty of fluids (preferably water, herbal tea). Once the colon is cleansed and completely empty, you can start to gently start eating again. Keep in mind to concentrate on easily digestible foods in the beginning.

Idyllic but not practical backdrop for detox 😉


Fasting detoxifies and cleanses the entire organism, thus also the intestine. There are different fasting methods. Solid food is usually completely omitted while fasting. Other forms also allow yogurt, milk or green smoothies.

During fasting, the intestine recovers, it comes to rest. This loosens the accumulated pollutants and flushes them out in the form of the fluids you consume.

Fasting usually begins with a colon cleansing through drinking a saline solution or a herbal laxative. For example, in the case of “olive oil fasting”, you only drink water, orange juice and a little olive oil.

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Psyllium is among the swelling substances. The mucilage contained therein can absorb a huge amount of water. As a result, the stool volume increases, the intestine gets stimulated and toxins are bound.

However, it is important that you consume enough still water for the intake of psyllium. The seeds also promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn has a positive effect on the intestinal flora.

If the intestine empties too rarely or insufficiently, slags and remnants of metabolic end-products accumulate within your intestines.

These burdens the intestinal mucosa, which can develop a so-called leaky gut syndrome (perforated intestine). That’s why regular colon cleansing is of the essence. The psyllium does this in a very gentle way.

Thus, you can carry out this method of detoxing permanently without any disadvantages or side effects. Doctors often advise patients diagnosed with diverticula (cavities of the wall of a hollow organ, here: in the intestine) to take regular use of psyllium. This shall prevent feces from accumulating in the niches of the intestine.

Diatomaceous Earth

Healing earth (Diatomaceous earth) is a very simple and inexpensive home remedy, but rich in effect. The healing clay binds toxins, metabolic products and harmful intestinal bacteria. It cleanses the intestine.

Meanwhile, a very special healing clay is on the market, which is particularly suitable for colon cleansing. And this acts like a sponge – it absorbs the harmful substances and excretes them in a natural way. You can take this healing clay over a longer period of time.

The best is a three-week program followed by a short break. If used for several weeks, however, you should consult with the treating physician or an alternative practitioner beforehand.

Who does not like the powder, can get healing clay granules. If you take medications, it is always necessary to observe a time interval of two hours before you consume the medicinal clay.


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. The name is made up of Zeo (Greek = boiling) and Lith (Greek = stone) combined together. Zeolite also acts as a sponge in the intestine. Itself is not metabolized, however, it absorbs toxins and digestive gases and expels them naturally.

This relieves the strain on the liver and kidneys. Colon cleansing with Zeoltih is gentle but effective. Already the Romans knew about the effect of volcanic stones. They scattered the powder on the open wounds of the soldiers.

Even today, people cure minor skin injuries or external fungal infections in this manner. Here again, the intake should be three hours apart from any prescription medications you are taking, so as not to interfere with their effects.

You should also say away from mucous dairy products, alcohol, sugar and white flour in the meanwhile. Furthermore, fasting does enhance the effect of zeolite.


For effective colon cleansing, practitioners usually prescribe herbs together with psyllium and/or healing clay. A variety of preparations are available on the market.

Some of these additionally contain probiotic microorganisms such as Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei – just to name a few examples.

Herbs and plant extracts used for colon cleansing include anise (medicinal herb of the year 2014), basil, angelica root, dill, fennel, thyme, mint, elderflower, ginger, tulsi, blueberry, licorice, olive leaves and more.


Bitter plants

The ingestion of bitter plants helps the body to displace the harmful intestinal germs. Plants such as dandelion, stinging nettle, artichoke and chicory are rich in special bitter substances. These, on the other hand, provide good services in colon cleansing and intestinal detoxing. The bitter plants are available as granules, powders or as drops.

Spirulina treatment

The valuable Spirulina algae cleanse not only the intestine, but also other connective tissue in the body. They contain numerous nutrients and enzymes and at the same time, they apparently improve the uptake of vitamins and minerals in the intestine.

By cleaning with these algae, one can often control a smoldering candidal infection. During fasting, you should consume Spirulina independently of lemon juice or vitamin C. The acid in the vitamin destroys valuable ingredients such as chlorophyll before the body can absorb it.

Sauerkraut juice

A rather mild variant of the cleaning offers the well-known sauerkraut juice. One also uses this fermented beverage during fasting to support the purification. It is rich in lactic acid and vitamin C, high in fiber and low in calories.

However, it does not provide every user with the desired detox effect in the intestine. However, it is definitely worth a try, as it acts blood cleansing, is a great antioxidant and does lead to a rejuvenation of your internal organs and your skin.

The juice, or sauerkraut itself, is now available not only in the health food store but also in many discount markets.

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Colon cleansing for children

Before a colon cleansing can be carried out in children, always consult a doctor or alternative practitioner. Not every herb or finished product is suitable for kids. Furthermore, the correct dosage also plays a major role.

You can give sauerkraut juice, however, to your youngsters. It can relieve constipation. Also, the psyllium husk helps in small doses in children if the bowel movement is often too tight. Make sure to remind the child to drink plenty of water.

Structure of the intestinal flora

Our intestines suffer not only after an antibiotic intake but also through some unpleasant gastrointestinal infection. This is though on the microorganisms in our digestive system, and it comes to diarrhea or constipation.

You can use probiotics in the form of pills or ampules to reintroduce important bacteria, such as lactic acid bacteria into the body when they have been destroyed by antibiotics.

You can find different probiotic treatments In drugstores and pharmacies. Each of them contains billions of gut supporting bacteria.

These bacteria produce vitamins and stimulate metabolism, and, thus, inhibit some pathogens. You can add even simpler, prebiotics to your diet.

Our body cannot use these special fibers, pectin, fructooligosaccharides and inulin, but the microflora in the intestine is happy about that.

Among other things, apples, chicory, garlic, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, artichokes and healthy papaya contain this fiber, which supports the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Polyphenols, secondary plant substances in green tea, cocoa, berries and grapes, promote the restoration of a balanced intestinal flora.

Dietary changes

Colon cleansing usually includes a diet change. A healthy, fiber-rich and low-acid diet is now advisable. White flour and sugary products burden the intestine and promote the emergence of candidiasis (yeast infection). Therefore, you should avoid these products during the cure.

You, furthermore, should reduce the consumption of animal protein such as fish, meat or sausage to twice a week. Also try to avoid dairy products such as yogurt, cheese or curd as far as possible during the colon cleansing. They are very mucous-forming and can, thus, hinder the process.

Please, dispense with alcohol and cigarettes altogether. However, you may have two to three cups of coffee. It is important to drink enough, while cleansing, preferably in the form of still water and herbal tea.

Recommended is the four-herb mixture of fennel, cumin, anise and cilantro. Smash the seeds a little in the mortar, so that the essential oils in the tea can develop their effect. You can also purchase the tea blend ready in pharmacies and drugstores.

You can easily prepare a tasty cup of tea from a teaspoon of this mixture and 0.25 liters of boiling water. Let the beverage steep for ten to fifteen minutes, then enjoy it in small sips, and at best after each meal.


Colon cleansing – and what’s next?

Our intestines can only function perfectly if we value them through adequate exercise and proper nutrition. You should perform a colon cleansing preferably in conjunction with a fasting cure, detoxification cure or intestinal cleanup.

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One can apply such cleansing regularly, or at least once a year, so it becomes a healthy habit. This literally purifies the body in combination with a fasting cure. In connection with meditation, we begin to perceive our own body signals better, and an awareness of our health arises.

Personal note

So, my co-creators, as you can see, natural colon cleansing is not only doable but also vital if you want to stay healthy. Let me know in a comment below if you had any experience with colon detox or are planning on making one.

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