Get Instant Motivation On Monday With These Uplifting Tips


Nine ideas for more motivation on Monday

After the weekend, Monday feels like we’re running into a big wall. It is logic, too, because Friday, Saturday and Sunday were marked by experiences: good food, time with our loved ones, enjoying nature, extensive morning hours, doing sports, meeting new people, day trips, shopping, sports event. All in all – a real dopamine rush! In this article, you will find 9 tips for more motivation on Monday.

Looking for more pep at the beginning of the week?

Already on Sunday evening, we are slowly becoming aware of reality – back to the hamster wheel, the same old routine.

Admittedly, the presentation is somewhat sharper and certainly does not apply to all of you. But one thing is certain, the Monday blues is widespread.

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Here are some statistics for Monday:

Most work accidents happen on Mondays (FAZ, June 10, 2016)
On Monday, people receive the highest numbers of job terminations
Nevertheless, Monday is the working day with the fewest sick days
We refer to unreliable cars as Monday cars
Monday can also represent a restart. We have the chance to set new goals and find new motivation.

In short – Monday is what you make of it!

If you are in complaint mode and mourn the weekend, then Monday can be difficult.

Your thoughts determine your actions and your determination on Monday, so see Monday as an opportunity. You have gained strength from the weekend and can now take off and soar high.

In this post, I will show you 8 + 1 mind hacks for your morning routine that you can easily replicate. It’s true tinder for an explosive start to the week, so let’s get started:

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1 – Five minutes: Get up a little earlier on Monday

The motivation killer number one is stress. We should avoid this in the morning by simply taking more time. If you set the alarm clock to 5 minutes earlier, it gives you a feeling of calm.

You can use this time all to yourself. It is important that you do something and do not use the time to fight the snooze button.

You can make waking up easier with a light alarm clock. Stress is also one of the reasons why a morning routine makes sense. You can use the five minutes e.g. for one of the following tips.

2 – Self Run: Prepare Your Morning

You can get off to the perfect start if you make preparations the evening before. For example, on Sunday evening you can:

Prepare for a quick breakfast
Pre-prep your lunch or a morning snack
Adjust your outfit
Introduce a small routine for the morning (point 8)
Schedule your next day with a daily planner

If you have already prepared some of these things, it will structure your day and give you the feeling of having achieved something on Monday morning. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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3 – Pure motivation: learn something new

Learning something new makes us proud and enriches us. We also have something that we can report to our colleagues. In this way, you can positively direct conversations with workmates and avoid collective moaning on Mondays.

The best tip I can give you: Listen to TED Talks podcast on Spotify for at least once a week!

Ted Talks are innovative lectures by professionals that are available free of charge. They last between 4-15 minutes and provide interesting knowledge according to the motto “Ideas worth spreading”.

The lectures are interesting, entertaining and inspiring. Therefore, they are ideal for a pinch of motivation on Monday.

One of my favorite Ted talks is from Shawn Achor. He talks about the secrets of feeling happier at work. His tips are effective and easy to integrate. One tip, for example, is to write down things you are thankful for. Why? Have a look tomorrow morning – something you can look forward to on Monday morning.

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 4 – Success: Do a small job

In a previous post, I described the Eat that Frog principle, a principle by Mark Twain to increase productivity.

When we first do an uncomfortable task, it gives us the feeling that we have achieved something special – it makes us almost invincible for the day.

Now go inside yourself and find something that you have been pushing for a long time. We all carry such unfinished tasks with us as ballast.

If you do one of these tasks on a Monday, you will still feel like a superhero. How is Monday going to be bad, then?

Prepare everything you need to complete the task on Sunday. Choose a task that is a hurdle for you – you shouldn’t write an entire book or quit your job right away. It can be a message to an old friend with whom you have not been in contact for a long time, instead.

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5 – So simple: Smile for more motivation for the start of the week

KISS – keep it simple stupid. Simplicity is often one of the most effective principles for doing great things. That’s why to smile is tip number five.

There is hardly any other way to create happiness so quickly and without tools (coffee, shopping, chocolate). A smile can be integrated anytime and anywhere.

In addition, far too few people make it. Especially on Monday morning, that would be a great extra to the train journey to work. By the way, you get the best reactions from grannies, their oncoming joy is really pricelessly cute.

Smiling is like a good virus – it is contagious and affects your fellow human beings. In times of the flu, this is a good and healthy antibiotic.

Research suggests that you should smile for at least 15 to 30 seconds to trigger physical reactions – the release of happiness hormones and the reduction of cortisol. This is one of many tips from the book “59 Seconds – Change Your Life In Under A Minute”, by Richard Wiseman* – absolutely worth reading.

I have a suitable quote for you to illustrate the effect of the smile:

“Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says: I like you. You make me happy. I look forward to seeing you. That’s why dogs are so popular. They are so happy to see us that they are almost blissful. And then, of course, we’ll be happy too. ”- Dale Carnegie

Sounds too easy to be true, but it is so. Just smile more and you will see how your environment is treated very differently. The reactions are really incredible and you are infecting more people with some motivation on Monday.

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6 – Surprisingly effective: practice gratitude

In the TED Talk mentioned above, gratitude is a central element for feeling happiness. Our happiness hormone level has been shown to be permanently increased if we exercise gratitude.

The Buddhists are the happiest people in the world – why? Because they are grateful and appreciative. They are a role model for simply being satisfied with what you have.

For more motivation, it is advisable to exercise gratitude. Take a minute and think of three things you are thankful for. These things don’t have to be big.

Be thankful that you have a full refrigerator, that you get a clean glass of water from the tap, that you have a job, that you have your loved ones around you, that your dog jumps towards you, etc. Be thankful for the things that you’ve got used to and take for granted.

A useful gadget for this is a motivational diary, where you can practice mindfulness and gratitude every morning for a more fulfilling life.

By the way: This setting also helps you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise have spent on useless things to make you feel happy. Gratitude creates satisfaction with yourself and identification with what you already have.

You can also implement this tip on Sunday before you go to sleep, because the thoughts we have last are the first ones the next morning.

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7 – Set goals: anticipation & planning Monday

After you have noted your 3 things for which you are thankful, you can continue to think about what you are looking forward to today.

If even at this point the motivation is still close to zero, then it makes sense to focus on something positive in the future.

Put a special activity on your Monday afternoon. Pick an hour of your day and take some time for yourself.

Meet up with your partner or a friend in a nice café or go to the movies. For example, you could take an hour to watch your favorite series or plan your next vacation.

Anticipation is and remains the most beautiful joy!

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8 – Permanently motivated: routines

Monday is often characterized by lethargy. We don’t know what to do with us because the dopamine is at the basement level.

We should not make decisions in such a state because they cannot be good. Why do you think most jobs will be eliminated on Monday?

So it makes sense to bring a structure to Monday morning. A small routine that you can work through and save you unnecessary aimless wandering. A morning routine protects against decision fatigue.

Another simple morning routine for Monday motivation:
Treat yourself to a bulletproof coffee or a wholesome alternative while enjoying relaxing music.

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8 + 1 Mind hack additional tip: Listen to binaural beats

My secret mind hack for motivation for the beginning of the week: binaural beats.

During my morning routine, I often have headphones on my ears and sonicate myself with calm binaural beats – these are e.g. on Youtube. Binaural beats send out certain frequencies that affect our brains.

I continue to use it for productive and concentrated work while I am writing this article – I typed over 1800 words on the keyboard in an hour, and I just notice how I was in the writing flow for 60 minutes – wow!

Binaural beats are becoming increasingly popular, especially among students – making homework and exam preparation easier.

The beats are an interesting area from neurophysiological research. Different states of consciousness can be evoked with different frequency bands. The brain is offered five neurologically relevant frequency ranges (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma).

Greenred Productions offer on YouTube e.g. Beats for focus, concentration, relaxation, memory or happiness – depending on the frequency range.

You can test for yourself whether it has an effect on you. For me, it works miracles in terms of concentration and focus. I myself use the binaural beats after work to relax and reduce stress.

Give it a trial on Monday morning. It is worth it – a real mind hack. Also, organic CBD oil/Hemp oil has many unique benefits on your body, mind and soul.

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