Mindful Eating Methods For A Happier & Healthier You


Nine mindful eating methods to become healthier and happier

With this guide, you can immediately start to eat healthier and more consciously. This is a step-by-step instruction to aid you in identifying your eating habits.

It will also help you in changing eating patterns, and, finally, introducing you to my nine mindful eating methods. All this through a deeper connection to your body so you can feel healthy and happy.

Eating in a healthy and, above all, intelligent way is a daily challenge for many of us. It was also one of my biggest hurdles to understand the body better and to adapt the diet to my living conditions.

Some time ago, I started a trial and almost completely replaced meat with vegetable. I cut out meat, milk and animal fat completely from my diet.

Also, I have the meals more adapted to my daily routine and, thus, according to my needs. However, I do not want to turn anyone reading this into a vegetarian or vegan, but rather write about conscious eating.

Used together, these nine points and methods will give you a boost or at least a thought-provoking sensation towards conscious food consumption. If you manage to read the article to the end, you have already taken the first step. Then you definitely have the will to do something. So let’s dive right into it.


1. Check your eating habits – Thinking to know is not enough

We humans are very sure to know what is good and healthy for us. The basis for this instinctive knowledge is usually transmitted, educated or culturally conditioned through generations. We were also influenced by sophisticated decades of marketing of large companies. Unfortunately, often enough also negative.

Living conditions and food composition are constantly changing, but what about our eating habits? Sure, it is easier for some people than for others to adapt their old, habitual or inherited habits. Yet, in each of us slumbers this irrational, calorie-addicted eating machine.

Some people are able to keep this eating machine in check, even to the extent that it finally completely disappears. These folks are usually more concerned about the diet and its effects; they are devoted to their wellbeing.

The good news is, once you realize where you are misconduct, where something goes wrong, you too can count to these (more conscious) people.

Many experts in homeopathy claim that we would probably have 25-50 percent less intestinal dysfunction through more mindful eating. I agree!

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2. Be aware of the feeling of hunger and recognize the (wrong) functions of your diet

Many people eat unconsciously; almost on autopilot. They “eat” what they physically do not require, and that every day. Then, they wonder why they are obese, and why they feel unhealthy.

They eat almost exclusively artificially processed food, such as fast food, which is often made from waste products of the meat industry. Furthermore, they drink too many sugary beverages such as coke, sprite or ice tea. Also important is the diet in the workplace. Stress often makes us resort to unhealthy alternatives.

Many people just eat socially. They eat because it is expected. Because the food is just available, or it is free. Some don’t want to waste leftovers and, therefore, regularly consume what the rest of the family doesn’t like anymore.

People also eat emotionally; reactive. They reward themselves with food. Some parents even accolade or bribe their children with chocolate bars and candies.

Many times I have heard the phrase “if you do this or that, we drive to Mc Donalds”. Well, that’s what I call a great education -Not! Some parents make it really easy for themselves. Don’t you have anything better to offer for your loved ones?

Other people indulge in food to relieve emotional pain, or to instantly acquire happiness (the feeling of being satiated) and to suppress boredom or negative feelings. And when you’re done, everything starts again from the beginning. A vicious cycle, in fact.


3. Consciously or unconsciously? – Ask yourself “why” you eat

Eating consciously means nothing more than giving our body the nutrients it needs for optimal health, energy and function. No more and no less. The signal to conscious eating comes from the body, unconscious food from the head.

Sounds easy, right? At least in theory. If we were all living in theory, however, we would all be super perfect now, surely some think. But the most important part we need to do in our eating situation is to ask ourselves the following question:

“Why am I eating this?”

If our answer is not “because I am truly hungry,” then we probably eat unconsciously, irresponsible and emotionally. Nevertheless, when we eat mindfully, our bodies, feelings and consciousness are in harmony. Listen to your body and try to give it what it needs. Thus, it is important that you realize why you eat at all.

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4. Food or only drug? Recognize your addictive behavior

For many people, their food has become a drug – their medicine and a sacred haven. Fact is that I deliberately use the term “drug,” because food is really mind-altering. It can be extremely encouraging or pulling you down. Food can be addictive or even devastating.

And with time, we need more and more to achieve the same degree of happiness. Find out if you only eat because you know that you feel better afterward. It is an essential step in the right direction of conscious eating and living more harmonious and healthy.

5. Avoid the pressure of society and learn where the overeating stems from

Many of us have been educated in an environment where people simply eat without the body needing it. Often we were not even hungry, but it was expected that you eat something, because otherwise you could look rude or annoy the host or chef.

We eat because the situation requires it, and if we do not eat together, then the others criticize us (“finish your plate, nothing is left here”). Don’t let others command you, and really only try to eat as much as necessary.

Eating slowly can help you not to overeat.

6. Let go of old customs

It’s no wonder we have problems, as we were trained to celebrate with a lot of food. Bizarrely, actually! It was and still is normal to simply eat on certain days or events.

Christmas, birthday, Easter, weddings, housewarming parties, club parties, company celebration, New Year’s Eve and much more are all typical events where people abuse their bodies with technical help. It looks like someone is forcing us to ignore the “I’m full” sign, unbutton the pants, and just keep eating.

If you actively take care of these habits, you should stop immediately.



7. Change your eating patterns and say “no” to the voracity

I’m often surprised at how many people feel personally attacked when approached regarding Christmas or birthday food.

Many even feel uncomfortable and insulted when trying to explain to them that stuffing themselves with food to celebrate isn’t necessary. It’s just like with alcohol – Why do so many need to be intoxicated in order to have fun?

It is also possible to have a great day (yes, even better) without us filling ourselves with food that our body does not require at all. For many people, it is an insult if you propose to organize such events instead of food orgies.

Conscious eating means being in touch with our body.Taking the time to worry about our food and, therefore, about our unique and precious body, which is the basis of our lives.

I think many people often forget that when you see how carelessly they handle it. Be strong and stop the gluttony!

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8. Take control, then you’ll automatically think more consciously about your food

Yes, every person can judge for himself what he is doing with his body. I do not want to change anyone. If people want to make a difference, then they need to have the will to do so. One can only provide caring and good advice, but it’s for the other person to take it or not.

However, I see how the global junk food, meat and fast food industry and their advertising and marketing companies are plunging over the gullible consumers. They are flooding our society with false ingredients, compilation and origin.

Unfortunately, many people just do not care what they consume and, thus, expose themselves to those who do not really have the best for the consumer in mind, but only for themselves.

If I really want to eat consciously and have control over my health, I just have to put my awareness toward the food that I consume – there is no way around.

People would be helped if they had any idea what the delicious Currywurst with mayonnaise and fries causes within their bodies, where they come from and what’s in there before they bite into it.


9. Honor your body and create a unity between body and mind

Consciously eating is ultimately very simple and comes naturally when you start caring and loving yourself. It is easier than you think to honor and be grateful for your precious and amazing body.

Illnesses, especially chronic diseases, are nipped in the bud, the skin cleanses itself, the body is full of energy, one “wants” to be more active and logically automatically becomes happier and healthier.

When you reach the optimal state and are connected to your body, then the circle closes.

My nine mindful eating methods become a habit and you implement them quite unconsciously. Plus, you give your body exactly what it needs, and trust me: It will be very grateful and reward you for this beneficial step.

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Personal note

Together with you, we are committed to a self-determined and meaningful way of working and living. For a new world in which people want to participate with joy, have fun at what they are doing and master their lives with dignity. But also for a world in which people increasingly pervade their true desires.

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