Changes In Men’s Health After 40 – Early Signs Of Aging & Counteractions


Changes in the body and in men’s health after 40 – What are the first signals of aging and what you can do about it?

Let’s talk about men’s health after 40 and the first signs of physical degradation. For most men, their 40th birthday is at most a minor psychological problem.

It’s a threshold, but “me and old? Never! ” That’s what say most and feel as good as before.

Although your own well-being is, of course, an important indicator and 40 far from “old”, this way of thinking is not entirely correct.

In fact, the 40th birthday is a turning point for the body from which real aging processes begin. That progress runs slowly, so that you don’t notice anything at first.

The things I tell you in this article are all part of it. Not every man will start from the age of 40, some will be spared for years to come; with others, however, the processes started earlier.

It is only important that “the forty” is the crossroads behind which it becomes serious for the majority of men.

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 1. Accumulating body fat

This first point is so insidious that we can measure it in single digits: From 40 onwards, men gain about two pounds a year. Without them changing their eating or living habits.

The main reason for this is somatropin (growth hormone, hGH). The term hides one of the most important growth hormones. Its level sinks from the age of 40 because production slows down.

One of Somatropin’s tasks is to help control fat storage by ensuring that excess fats are broken down. The lower the somatropin level, the more the organism tends to store the fat that it has excreted so far.

This factor is reinforced by the second point of this article.

Countermeasures: Pay more attention to your diet. In general, you should now look at typical “fattening foods” much more critically and rather rely on healthy fats. This way you can keep this issue under control.

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2. Loss of muscle mass

The pure additional storage of fat could still be painful if testosterone production did not decrease at the same time.

Unfortunately, the so-called royal hormone plays an important key role in the male body, which is why you will encounter it several times in this text. For this point, it affects that:

1- The muscle mass dictated by testosterone is shrinking, both in percentage and in absolute terms
2- Physical exertion, which previously provided muscle growth of X percent, now generates less growth
3- There are interactions with body fat, because fat cells need less energy to maintain than muscle cells. Thus, your own consumption drops (see for more information: lose weight quickly, lose weight without a diet)

The result is a downward spiral of muscles melting away and increasing love handles.

Countermeasures: Increase the training workload. Physical exertion increases production. You should also put testosterone-increasing foods on your menu.

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3. Loss of hearing

In many couples in which the man has passed the age of 40, there are often clichéd arguments “you never listen!”  This, however, has less to do with male inattentiveness than with biological signs of aging.

The fact that you no longer understand your partner so well is one of the many indications of aging in the ear. The reason for this is because women’s voices have a higher frequency and hearing reduction occurs first with elevated notes. But it goes on:

The louder and more diverse the background noise, the more incomprehensible is the focus on individual tones.

Language in particular sounds increasingly mumbled, because many letters are also pronounced at high frequency.

It is believed that everyday life would be quieter, also because numerous high-frequency sounds (such as twittering birds) are also present here.

Why is it? In addition to lifelong misconduct, which generally damages everything that relies on good blood supply, e.g. smoking as nicotine constricts the vessels along with alcohol, it is primarily the aging process of the hairs or hair cells in the ear.

Their duty is to vibrate by noise and to convert it into signals. However, as the hairs age, their flexibility diminishes, they become shorter, many also break off and do not grow back.

Countermeasures: Unfortunately none, the aging process cannot be stopped, only slowed down. Pay attention to your diet, stop smoking and wear hearing protection in noisy environments. Also, have your ears checked regularly.

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4. Decreased libido/stamina

“He” is an enormously important part of the body for most men and if it no longer functions as it used to, the concern is great.

Primarily we are dealing with two problems from the age of 40, but they are connected:

Generally, the libido decreases. The sex drive reduces.
The stamina decreases. Erections don’t automatically last that long.

Once again, testosterone is the main problem. It ensures that the man gets “lust” for sex. At the same time, it is also the switch that then ensures that an erection occurs.

Especially with the latter, we are dealing with the culprit nicotine again. It reduces the blood flow to those muscles that ensure that the blood in the erectile tissue remains there.

But cardiovascular health is also closely related to male stamina. Free blood vessels and good blood circulation ensure that blood can flow into the limb.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is a first sign of budding diseases of the cardiovascular system. Important to counteract this:

1- Get checked for testosterone deficiency. In contrast, there are preparations (hormone replacement therapy). In most 40s, however, the deficiency is much less and can be remedied by exercise and testosterone-increasing food.

2- Stop smoking and lose weight. Obesity does its part.

3- Eat plenty of green vegetables (such as broccoli, spinach), lots of fiber (from berries, linseed, chia seeds, fruit, colorful vegetables, beetroot, cocoa, oatmeal).

4- Make sure you have a good supply of nutrients (especially vitamin D deficiency, vitamin B) Deficiency and magnesium deficiency).

5- Eat fresh herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, and garlic

6- Take a cold shower more often

7- Make sure you get plenty of exercise in the fresh air

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5. Reduced visual performance

The eye is a fascinating organ, but it also suffers from the age of 40 that many of its parts deteriorate in their performance:

1- The lens and the sphincter lose elasticity, which means that you can no longer focus so well on nearby things
2- The lens becomes cloudy, which affects color perception, contrast vision and night vision
3- The optic nerve and retina suffer because the blood supply reduces – exacerbated by smoking because its toxins attack both

Not to mention the higher risks for various other eye diseases.

Countermeasures: Again, you should really stop smoking. Go to the optician every six months and make sure that your diet contains many carotenoids or vitamin A, such as carrots (that’s where the myth comes from), red peppers, organic spinach and nuts.


6. Extended regeneration time

This point has many effects, but all of them reflect in a common factor:

If you treat your body incorrectly, it will take longer to recover.

Where a party used to only give you a bad next morning, from the age of 40 you quickly suffer all day. If you have muscle soreness, it is not over after two days but still pinches a week later. And no matter what illness you catch, it not only appears more severe but also lingers longer.

There are many reasons for this:

The body produces less of everything. Antibodies, repair cells and vasopressin – the latter (a hormone) regulates the fluid balance and thus prevents you from excreting too much. This is the main reason for a hangover.

Detox doesn’t work as quickly and effectively anymore. It takes longer to break down toxins. Furthermore, repair cells and the like no longer multiply at a youthful rate.

Countermeasures: Put the brakes on everything that you know is not good for your body. This includes behavior that is prone to accidents. With a healthy lifestyle, you also increase the repairability of your body, massive.

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7. Lax skin

Women’s newspapers have coined a term: “bat wings”. This is the loose skin on the underside of the upper arm, which becomes softer with age, until at some point it literally “flickers” when waving and shaking your arms.

Men over the age of 40 will also get to know bat wings along with bags under the eyes, a set of men’s breasts, hanging cheeks and more.

Behind the last point are terms that society often associates with female skincare products:

The cells in the epidermis no longer divide as often; they no longer regenerate as quickly.

In the dermis, the cells lose their water-storing properties because collagen and elastin break down more than they reproduce.

Fat cells accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue and have a particularly negative effect here because they are so soft. The consequences: you become leatherier, wrinkled and your skin sags more.

Countermeasures: Sport. In addition, you should also take a look at my other articles regarding skincare. The tips for tighter skin also work for men.

I am not advertising chemical cosmetics, and all you need are natural ingredients. They are inexpensive, efficient and you don’t need to worry about side effects.

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Oh, yes: Stop smoking!

Dear co-creators

Today’s article is a bit shorter and should draw particular attention to signs of age-related diseases and men’s health after 40.

It is possible to counteract ailments and chronic illnesses with a healthy lifestyle. We all get older, but we have control over how we age and how healthy we move through the process.

So what do you think about this topic? Do you have any questions, tips or want to share your personal story? If so, then do leave us a comment below. We are always happy to read from you.

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