Meal Combos Can Create Disrupted Chemistry And Digestive Issues


Wrong food combinations can cause disrupted chemistry and digestive issues

The responsible enzymes clearly regulate the digestion of sugar, starch, fat and protein. problems, such as disrupted chemistry and digestive issues, arise when the chemicals get in each other’s way while digesting starch AND protein, or sugar AND fats.

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Starch, protein & acidic foods

The amylases in the mouth, the saliva, split the starch and only work at a neutral pH. However, if we eat the starch in bread with protein and meat, the stomach shoots in additional acid. This action immediately hinders the body from digestig the starch.

The same thing happens when we drink acidic O juice or mineral water with our meal: The process deactivates the amylase enzymes instantly and, again, the body does not digest the starch.

The combination of starch with the fruit acids of the tomato is also unfavorable: bread with tomato slices or tomato salad with pasta dishes.

In return, the starch also interferes with the digestion of protein and meat, because undigested starch binds the protein splitter pepsin in the stomach.

The simultaneous consumption of starchy foods and meat is, therefore, not a good idea. Just as little as the muesli with yogurt, curd or sour fruit.

In the combination of meat and sugar, the sweetness prevents the formation of stomach acid, which makes meat digestion significantly more difficult. This affects the burger, but also the turkey curry with mango or pineapple.

The combination of meat with acid has the same effect. That is why we should not consume fruit juices, sour fruit but also too much vinegar in mustard and ketchup together with meat and protein.

Foods like beans and legumes are naturally rich in starch AND protein. Problems with digestion are, therefore, (as is well known) preprogrammed.

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Protein with protein

Protein-rich foods differ greatly in their composition and, in terms of digestion. They need their own, specific cocktail of enzyme secretions. Thus, we should refrain from the combination of meat with nuts, eggs with milk or meat with cheese in one meal.

Protein with fat

Fats and oils in the food activate the secretion of bile juices, but at the same time reduce the formation of gastric juices, stomach acid and pepsin.

Meat digestion becomes a problem, and once it arrives in the intestine, large amounts of fat can often halve bowel activity.

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Starch with sugar

The sweetness in the sugar causes extremely strong salivation, but without the amylase enzyme ptyalin. Therefore, no or insufficient digestion of the starch occurs.

And even if the sugar is easily and quickly digestible, it now lies in the stomach with the undigested starch and leads to fermentation and digestive problems.

We should, therefore, rather eat the bread without the honey. And in the muesli, it’s best to replace the sugar with a pinch of cinnamon and/or cardamom.

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Milk and fruit

Milk is more than food, because as babies show us, milk and milk products are a complete meal. We should avoid mixing milk and its products with other foods in one meal.

Fruit yogurt, fruit curd, cordon bleu, the stirred-in creme fraiche or cheese pasta are not recommended because they are difficult to digest, leading to protein putrefaction in the intestine and make you gain weight.

The fruit is particularly rich in fruit acids and fructose sugar and is, therefore, a very unfavorable combination with other foods.

To make matters worse, only the liver can process fruit fructose. And this is particularly bad timing for a meal, as the liver is now occupied with other tasks. The result: fructose gets stored directly as liver or visceral belly fat.

Nuts, fruit or cheese make suitable snacks in between. Only the right structure and sequence make plated meals easily digestible. Food combinations with meat and cheese are particularly difficult to digest.

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And in real life?

The separate usability of our food made sense in the past and at least caused no problems, because our ancestors usually ate their food separately.

They consumed ripe berries directly from the berry bush. When roasting the evening mammoth leg, everyone had enough to eat in their portion of meat. In the same way, they ate nuts, bread or the pieces of cheese as separate snacks and meals.

This way of eating has survived due to poverty and with primitive people to this day and it was only wealth that brought us the plate menu and sophisticated menu sequences.

The Earl of Sandwich invented the modern form of sandwiches in 1760, which then led to further food combo classics such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs, etc.

Today’s food consists largely of a combination of foods that we find difficult to avoid in everyday life. Fortunately, there are ways to make our diet at least half digestible.

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In the case of a plated meal or menu sequence, here is the recommended order: carbohydrates with the vegetables first, and the protein at the end. The food should be recognizable as such. Make sure that your meats and fats are not containing sweets, and avoid acidity when eating carbohydrates.


Milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts and fruit are independent, isolated snacks and meals. However, you should not enjoy them with each other or other foods.


We now know that we cannot control the number of mix foods from burgers, pizza and cakes to chocolate at will. Therefore, we should allocate the quantities in advance and withdraw them from further access.

When ordering, there is only one burger and we are supposed to eat the bread first, then the meat. With a whole pizza, put one half aside at the beginning and have the other packed.

The cake is best out of sight on the tea trolley or in the kitchen. Out of sight out of mind: this also applies to the chocolate bar. It’s invisible in the kitchen cupboard, or better yet resist the temptation of purchasing it.

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Healthy eating is simple, clear and has been practiced successfully for generations. However, this simplicity is rarely sexy and therefore rather unsuitable for the new cookbook edition.

Modern cuisine mainly prepares foods for the eye and taste. Health often comes secondary. Keep in mind that just because you use vitamin-rich organic ingredients, your meat dish with fruit and cream is still unhealthy because it is indigestible. So my tip: just keep zapping/skipping on TV cooking shows; )

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And if a mix and match between burgers, pizzas and cakes still happens, we can at least limit the damage and improve digestibility elsewhere: instead of an alcoholic digestif, I would recommend green tea, chamomile tea, bulletproof coffees, cocoa or turmeric milk.

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Less is more

Our diet suffers from wealth sickness. In terms of quantity, but also due to the variety in the range of our food. Our grandparents didn’t eat Hawaiian toast because they didn’t have pineapples.

Of course, there was no orange juice for breakfast and meat dishes were the exception as the meat was barely affordable. This somehow was an advantage because it helped to avoid many of the unfavorable food combinations.

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Dear co-creators

So my recommendation would be to replace the unhealthy sophistication on the plate with simple dishes.

Grandma’s vegetable soup, the classic plate dish with vegetables, omelet or meat, a fresh fried fish, the hearty bread with butter or lard, a summer fruit smoothie or a broiler grilled chicken for lunch.

And instead of unnecessary diversity, there may be more time and money to pay more attention to the quality of the food, keyword organic, fair trade, regional. All these tips will help raise your awareness, so meal combos cannot create disrupted chemistry and digestive issues any longer.

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