Malignant Melanoma: Why Black Skin Cancer Is The Most Dangerous Type?

What is malignant melanoma / black skin cancer?

Black skin cancer (malignant melanoma) is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. Unfortunately, the number of melanoma patients is currently doubling every ten years.

Age of onset is falling

Malignant melanoma is becoming more and more common: around  300,000 people worldwide develop it every year. It is noticeable that those affected are getting younger and younger: 30 years ago, the age peak was in the sixth decade of life, it is now in the fourth to fifth decade of life. Even people who develop malignant melanoma at the age of 20 are not uncommon.

It can appear anywhere on the skin. In men it is very often on the torso, in women more on the arms and legs. In principle, melanomas can “just” develop anew or develop from an existing pigment mark (mole / birthmark).

Melanomas can develop on all areas of the skin, including those that are “hidden”, such as in the genital area, on the hairy head, under fingernails or toenails or on the soles of the feet.

Risk factor pigment marks

Congenital moles have a certain risk of degenerating into malignant melanoma.

This risk seems to depend, among other things, on the size of the pigment mark. In the case of very large marks, some of which cover entire parts of the body, there is a need for action in the first few weeks of a child’s life, as large proportions of these pigment marks can be removed by grinding the skin at this age. Smaller congenital pigment marks should also be removed. The timing of surgical removal depends primarily on the type of mole.

The more times, the greater the risk

In almost every person, a more or less large number of benign pigment marks develop, especially in the first half of life. So this is not in itself a cause for concern. However, it is now known that people with a large number of birthmarks in particular have a significantly increased risk of developing black skin cancer.

So if you have more than 40 or 50 pigment marks, then you should definitely be examined regularly, even if there are no specific suspicions. From the age of 35, take advantage of the chance of skin cancer screening, especially every two years.

If you suspect, see a doctor

In the appearance of a pigment mark, there may be various indications of suspicious changes (so-called ABCD rule). Even if a mole itches, bleeds or burns, it is better to have it examined by a dermatologist

Every mole deserves special attention in an unusual place.

Frequent injuries to a pigment spot, for example from rubbing the clothing on the chest, waist and / or the collar line or from shaving, do not necessarily increase the risk of degeneration. However, such pigment marks should be removed.

An example of why melanoma is so dangerous

A while back, I read about a woman who went to the doctor for a stomach ache. He had given her the diagnosis of malignant melanoma with metastases in the abdomen. Unfortunately, she has died just two months later of pancreatic cancer. This cancer is usually fatal; only ten to 15 percent of patients survive.

In a certain way, the disease took a typical course: In black skin cancer, the cancer originates in the skin, but from there, metastases spread into the lymphatic system and blood vessels at an early stage and thus reach other internal organs .

There they cause cancer of their own, from which the patient ultimately dies. Malignant melanoma is by far the most dangerous variant of skin cancer, and most skin cancer deaths were infected with it.

What are the most important risk factors of black skin cancer?

They say that the most important risk factor for the disease is excessive solar radiation, especially the ultraviolet (UV) components damage the skin, be it from sunbathing or sun beds. For this reason, among other things, the World Health Organization rejects cosmetic tanning.

I have recently read a medical article that suggest otherwise: the commercialized sun lotions and tanning creams are at fault for cancer development on the skin. I will dig deeper into this subject, and once I found out more, I will share my findings with you here.

Big pharmaceutical companies, doctors and commercials also state that people who suffered sunburns as children or adolescents are particularly at risk, and that red-haired people with light skin should particularly protect themselves from the sun; statistically speaking, they have an almost five times higher risk of falling ill than black-haired people.

Yes, we do burn much quicker (I’m fair skinned with a touch of red in my hair). If it’s really the UV rays causing skin cancer, however, or the extra layers of sunscreen that we’re suggested use – that I’ll haver to research much further.

Early diagnosis is of the essence

One way or another, fact is that diagnosis as early as possible is very important. Skin marks that change should definitely be shown to a dermatologist.

The special characteristics of the dangerous black skin cancer can be recognized with the ABCDE rule. A stands for asymmetry: the mark is not round. B stands for boundary: the edge is out of focus. C means Color: The skin mark is multicolored. D as in diameter: greater than five millimeters. Finally, E for elevation: the skin mark is slightly raised on a flat area.

So far, no really effective drug against malignant melanoma has been approved. However, patients worldwide are currently being treated with the active ingredient PLX 4032. Initial results of clinical tests suggest that the drug can extend life or, in a few cases, even defeat the disease.

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Note: Keep in mind, however, that this product does only help with basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. It is NOT suitable for melanoma treatment! If you think you have a melanoma, then you should see a dermatologist ASAP.

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