Losing Weight With Sports – Tips & Find Your Fitting Workout


Losing weight with sports made easy with these suitable exercises and tips

Many want to lose weight with sports, but not everyone finds it easy. So I decided to give you effective tips and show you how to stay on the ball.

Of course, those who eat considerably less and make more exercise naturally lose weight faster. However, this is a “simple” method to discourage people – because you get hungry faster, the sport is too exhausting and no fun.

This repetitive cycle robs you off of your energy. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the likelihood that you give up quickly increases.

Thus, if you want to lose weight using sports, you should not aim to lose weight as fast as possible. It is more important to find ways that motivate you to practice sports regularly.

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You should keep the following questions in mind:

1- Which sport is fun for me? If jogging is not fun, even after the third try, then you should not force yourself to do so. Instead, try dancing, rock climbing, playing football or lifting weights. I will show you how to find a sport that suits you. Some also find variety in the sport motivating.

2- When do I have enough time and energy for my sports routines? If you want to lose weight with sports, you have to move regularly. Morning sport has some outstanding advantages. One myth is not true: Who works out on an empty stomach, does not lose weight fast enough. If you do not get out of bed easily in the morning, and the university or your job already starts at 8 o’clock, then do not torment yourself. Sport can also be relaxing after work. Especially if you have been sitting for a long time, your body will be grateful for the movement. It’s best to set a time that will make it easier for you to complete your training two or three times a week.

3- Why do I want to lose weight? If you are aiming to drop some pounds because you are overweight, then, by all means, go for it. If your doctor said you should lose some weight before you develop diabetes, then it’s also high-time for you to start. However, if you only want to shed a couple of pounds because you think you’re too fat, and at the same time your health is at risk, then let it be. Sporting a toned body and a well-shaped figure is something most folks are striving for. However, there are limits to everything. Thus, do not jeopardize your health, or put yourself at risk to become underweight, or worse, anorexic!

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Losing weight while exercising: health against vanity

Whether we are just tired or even depressed, sport can help to increase our energy and motivation. We all want to look great. But this wish rarely suffices as a motivation to persevere on a diet, a change in eating habits or regular exercise. So find a reason that goes deeper. Sport not only helps you lose weight, it also helps to improve your physical or mental health.

In these cases, Sport can help you with:

1- Back pain (especially yoga, core workouts or strength training)
2- Heart problems and related cardiovascular diseases
3- Low energy level
4- Panic Disorder, anxiety (Mindfulness Meditation To Help You With Panic and Anxiety)

Studies also suggest that exercise can help with the following ailments:

1- Irritable bowel
2- Diabetes and insulin resistance (especially if you feed more on fatty foods).

Even people who suffer from depression can benefit from sport. In general, sport helps very effectively against the symptoms of depression. But it is often difficult for those affected to motivate themselves for training.

Outsiders should not put pressure on them, as this can be counterproductive. Those who manage to do sport two to three times a week on their own will notice a significant difference.

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Important: Sport does not replace the therapy of depression, but can support it.

Sport can also help you to re-think your body: If you feel what you are capable of doing, it can boost your self-esteem. Several studies confirm that especially high intensity and strength training are supporting this effect.

Lose weight and gain muscles instead of fat

Weight lifting also helps women lose weight from annoying fat deposits.

Men often use targeted strength training to build muscle. But women too can benefit from muscle-sport: muscles prevent the skin from becoming limp and improve cellulite.

More essentially, muscles burn fat even while you’re not doing anything. If you build more muscle, you lose more fat during rest periods. As a workout, you can either go to the gym, work out with exercise equipment at your home, or do an exercise routine with your own body weight.

Important: If you want to build muscle to lose weight with sport in the long term, you have to eat sufficiently. Because, if you eat too little, you prevent your muscles from growing. In addition, after exercise, you are more exhausted or develop food cravings, which may make you eat unhealthy food.

So try to eat enough protein and healthy fats. This way, you stay full longer, have enough energy for your workout and build muscle.

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Drop pounds with more intensity: The HII training

Intensive training helps you to lose weight in sports. If you are generally fit and have no noticeable circulatory problems, there is a particularly productive way to lose weight with sports that may be ideal for you: the so-called high-intensity interval training, short HIIT.

The HII training, which is especially well-known in fitness and strength sports circles, is characterized by short and intensive training intervals, which take about 15-20 minutes, followed by extensive stretching sessions and above all unconditional rest days.

For this, you can use equipment in the gym or weights, but usually, your own body weight is completely sufficient.

This type of workout is perfect for those who do not have much time, want a short workout before work and want to improve their overall fitness efficiently. In addition, your body is not overloaded by the training, because it is short and rest days are scheduled.

Important: You should only practice HII training if you feel physically capable of doing so. If you have circulatory problems or other medical conditions, you should talk to a doctor.

Start slowly, before you approach the sport too intense. Cycling, swimming, yoga, Nordic walking, but also strength training are very suitable for beginners.

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Why HIIT works:

It activates your anabolic system, building more muscle.
HIIT goes straight to your stubborn belly fat and your deeper fat reserves.
Subjects were shown to receive more results from HII training than other sports.

How HIIT works:

You do a certain exercise as long and as intense as you can (with 85 to 100 percent of your energy).
This can take between 15 and 30 seconds.
Important: Do the exercise properly. As soon as you do not have the strength to put in your full energy, take a break. (Take between 10 and 60 seconds to do this)
Repeat the exercise two or three times.
Choose exercises that demand your full commitment and that take a turn on different body parts: squats, lunges, jumping jackets, knee jumps, pushups, etc.
For more inspiration, you can find a range of workout videos on YouTube.
Then you should definitely take a two-day break.

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Losing weight with sports: These tips can help

1- Do not be demotivated because you did not comply with your dieting intentions with sports. One week without any sport done? No problem; every day offers a new opportunity. The workout was not as intense as planned? Not so bad, you will improve. Remember, each time is better than never.
2- Put the scale away. The scale does not accurately indicate the composition of your body mass. As you gain weight, it can also be a sign that you are developing muscle mass. The scale cannot indicate how high your body fat percentage is, either.
3- Even if your clothes are tight, it does not automatically mean that you’ve gained weight. Sometimes it’s just a sign that you’re bloated. So try not to check your clothing size daily, but only at longer intervals.
4- Do not forget to stretch extensively after training, as it prevents injuries and severe sore muscles.

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Dear co-creators

I know it’s sometimes not easy to stay motivated in regards to losing weight with sports. Let me tell you one thing: I live in Los Angeles, and I feel the pressure. I love my city, however, one cannot deny that there’s a lot of vanity going on in the City of Angels.

Some days, when I am definitely NOT in the mood for exercising, I walk down the street with my dog. From then on, it doesn’t take too long until we run into the first super-shaped, almost sculptured, person. Around the next corner, the perspective changes quickly.

There’s a Burrito truck selling lots and lots of unhealthy foods. One look at those customers and I’m back on track with my workout routine. It’s not the people’s fault. They are simply used to that lifestyle, and, as we all know, it is extremely hard to break old habits.

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Find your motivation

What I’m really trying to say with this is: Find your own motivation, that something or someone that keeps you pushing on and going further. Once you see the rewards in the mirror, you’ll be flying so high. It will increase your confidence immensely, as well.

Not only because you now have a killer body, but because you had the willpower and determination to push through until you reached your goal. And that, my dear co-creators, is a big achievement and something HUGE to be proud of.

With these sentiments, I’m leaving you for today. Don’t forget to sign up on our website and grab your free ebook. Please, share us with your families and friends on social media, so they can benefit from our tips, uplifting words and free ebooks, too.

Finally, I’m sending you lots of love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. You are precious, beautiful, unique and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on shining.

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