Lose Weight With Meditation – Tips To A Lighter You


Your Mind Creates Your Reality – Lose Weight With Meditation

Numerous studies show that meditation is a shower for the mind. It helps to relief stress, anxiety and panic disorders, depression, as well as with drug addictions or sleep problems. It doesn’t end there though, because you can also lose weight with meditation quite easily.

In this article, let me introduce you to the art of meditation, and share a simple, yet very effective, meditation technique with you; my ultimate meditation guide.

Meditation – The cleansing Shower for the Mind

When you meditate, it has a noticeable effect on your psyche after just a short time – less susceptibility to stress and a sense of inner calm and balance spread throughout you.

This, in turn, affects the whole body. Here are just a few examples: Meditation has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, inflammation of the nervous system, infections and has a positive effect on the entire immune system.

Meditation also helps to combat panic and anxiety disorders. If you’re prone to or suffer from panic attacks, nervosity, anxiety, and too much stress, then I recommend you to read my dedicated post here. There, you will discover much essential knowledge for you to master and eliminate panic and anxiety from your life forever – In a simple way because of its innate nature.

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Researchers at Wageningen University in the Netherlands found that meditation also helps with weight loss. The scientists studied 400 meditators for two years. In the process, they found that subjects had learned over time to know if they were really hungry or just in the mood for certain foods.



Their conclusion: Meditation helps to find out what you really need in a given moment. Self-confidence and self-control are thereby strengthened – the most important factors to change the eating behavior in the long run. The experts advise: If cravings arise, simply block the world for a few minutes with meditation.

Meditation and Mindfulness against being Overweight

Several studies from France and America now showed how important it is to train the body and mind with methods such as meditation or yoga:

394 people were examined at the renowned Brown University. For those who carelessly lived their day, the odds of overweight were 34 percent higher than those who regularly focused on arriving in the here and now.

According to a study by Cornell University, this group has an increased ability to listen to their feelings and physical needs. Emotional problems are detected and analyzed, thereby preventing eating attacks from frustration or stress.

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Meditating is Easy

To meditate you need no accessories, not a secluded room in a monastery, no meditation cushion, incense sticks or singing bowls. You just need a little patience and for best results 5 -10 minutes of daily exercise.

And, here is the Ultimate Guide to Meditating

▪ Meditate regularly; preferably every day.

▪ Find yourself a quiet place where you can be undisturbed.
lose-body-fat-with-meditation ▪ Choose a comfortable posture for you – the spine gently raised.

▪ Determine in advance how long you want to meditate and hold on, no matter how restless you become.

▪ Start with that, that you briefly realize WHY you meditate.


▪ Take a few deep breaths before you start, and consciously relax with exhalation.

▪ Let go of all expectations about what you want to achieve or experience while meditating.

▪ Be patient and gentle with yourself.  meditation-to-get-slim

▪ And then take your breath away. On and off, on and off. That’s it! Simple, right?


One more Possibility: The Inner Journey

Give it a try: Seek a quiet place for the next three minutes. Sit upright and straight and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and embark on an inner journey to a place of longing: Perchance a garden, a palm-fringed beach, a mountain top … watch what’s happening within your body. Take everything in without judging.

Your thoughts will probably try again and again to distract you. That’s perfectly normal. Just acknowledge them shortly, and let them pass by. Go back to your yearning place mentally, and imagine every detail. The smell, the sounds, the taste. Enjoy your trip.

My advice: Set an alarm clock for the time of your meditation. 5-10 minutes are enough. Then, you do not need to blink and look at the clock, but you can indulge in this experience relaxed instead

All You Need To Know About Meditation & An Inspiring Story

You cannot solely lose weight with meditation; you can achieve far more with it.

Meditation…                                                            losing-weight-with-meditation


▪ refreshes your spirit

▪ You will become calmer and more relaxed

▪ You become more creative

▪ You strengthen your immune system

▪ it hardly takes time

▪ You can not go wrong

▪ You are doing something good for you!


meditation-against-obesity “Happiness is a butterfly,” said the master.

“Follow him and he will escape you. Sit down and he settles on your shoulder. ”

“So what should I do to get the happiness?” The student asked.

“You could try to sit down calmly – if you dare.”  Anthony de Mello   


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Before Thy Spirit, I Bow.


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