Lose Weight Walking In The Morning & A Few More Fitness Tips


Lose weight walking in the morning and more tips to stay fit and healthy

There are many methods, techniques, diets and weight loss or weight management processes. Almost everyone has a system that they can share with you to lose weight. However, walking and a brisk morning’s walk is one of the best, easiest and safest ways to lose weight. Therefore, I decided to bring you this article, so you, too, can start to lose weight walking in the morning.

How to lose weight during a morning walk

You can successfully lose weight by combining a refreshing morning walk with a proper diet plan. How fast you will shed some pounds and how much you will lose, depends on the duration and intensity of your morning routine, your diet and your metabolism.

A right combination of physical activity and diet meals, which include healthy food, but fewer calories, seems to be more effective at treating weight loss than either of these alone.

If you follow the simple steps and combine them with the proper diet, you have nothing to lose except the extra pounds, and you will stay natural fit, as well.

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Understand the theory of losing weight

Since there seem to circulate too many different hypotheses regarding weight loss, I want to explain the basics in a simple form. An average woman needs about 2000 calories to keep her weight and around 1500 to lose a pound per week.

A man requires, on the other hand, 2500 calories to sustain his weight and 2000 calories to drop a pound in a wee’s time.

If there is a deficit in your body with this input, the system will absorb the stored fat to fill the gap. This naturally leads to a proportional reduction in body mass.

Assuming this happens artificially and intentionally, the person loses weight according to the intended weight loss program.

There are two ways to increase this deficit. On the one hand by increasing the calorie requirement of the body and on the other hand by the fact that the body consumes fewer calories. This is done without reducing the supply of nutrients to the body.

At the same time, the best way to increment calorie burning is through various forms of exercises that stimulate the body’s metabolism.


Metabolism-boosting through fat burning exercises

Your body is constantly burning calories and this is the function of your metabolism. Whether you are not gaining weight because you are trying to reduce your weight or maintain fitness, your goal should always be to increase your metabolism; thus, burn more fat.

An intense physical activity or exercise activates your entire body and increases your average daily metabolic rate.

Regular exercise is a sure way to boost your metabolism quickly and comfortably. The answer lies in the right kind of exercises like strength training, cardiovascular exercises or a combination of them.

Is morning walk a proper exercise?

A brisk walk in the morning is a kind of moderate cardiovascular workout. Morning walk not only helps to jumpstart the metabolism, but it, furthermore, keeps the metabolism above average even after the end of the activity. This is exactly what you need to burn more calories all day long.

How morning walk helps with weight loss

Whatever your physical condition is – very fit, fit, almost fit, obese, overweight or just a little chubby – a morning walk can be very beneficial for you.

Such an energetic morning stroll burns calories and improves the body’s metabolism. These two processes are essential for weight loss.

Also, the walk in the morning and shortly after getting up is more advantageous than a walking exercise at any other time of the day. If you are engaging in the walk before breakfast, you can burn up to 100 kilocalories of energy for every mile you master.

When you wake up in the morning, the glucose level in the body is low. Which means that when the body uses the stored glycogen as fuel, it’s burning the excessive fat.

Later in the day or in the evening, when you have eaten, the body has enough energy in blood sugar and glycogen to allow even more intense exercise.

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How do you get better results from your regular morning walk?

To get better, faster effects with a less intense workout, follow these steps:

Step 1

Eat something nutritious, like a snack, before you go. It could be a fruit, such as an apple or banana or a handful of walnuts. You can also resort to low-fat yogurt with blueberries if you prefer. A starved body will not be able to make a morning walk, while a balance of protein and carbohydrates will fuel the body well before the morning routine and improve endurance.

Step 2

To start the brisk morning stroll, you should plan for about 30 minutes and three to four days a week. Increase the duration after each week by 5 to 10 minutes. Drink water before and after the morning walk.

Step 3

The walking pace should be rapid; neither slow-motion nor fast running. In other words, the heart rate has to be moderately elevated.

Of course, you can slow down or take a break if necessary. If this is too challenging, then you can split the walking routine in half, and finish the rest of the exercise in the afternoon or evening.

Step 4

Once your body gets used to the workout, you can consciously change your pace. For example, a 10-minute brisk walk followed by a 10-minute slow-paced stroll and then normal speed for 10 minutes. Repeat this cycle for best results.

Do some yoga or free arm and leg exercises after the walk, followed by a few minutes of stretching and deep breathing.


Step 5

Eat a nutritious breakfast after 30 minutes. Your breakfast should be a balance of whole grains, fresh fruits and lean protein. The same balance should be retained for lunch and dinner. Of course, you should also include vegetables in your diet plan.

Remove foods that are high in saturated fat, such as red meat and butter, from your diet.

As mentioned earlier, you lose weight by creating the calorie deficit in your body by burning more calories through physical activity than you consume daily. By eating fewer calories and making morning walk routines a habit, you can achieve this calorie shortfall and lose weight.

What else you need to do and how you can avoid disappointing results?

No fitness program works in isolation. It has to be combined with a proper diet plan and other essential things. A morning walk alone does not make you healthier or fitter. There are other important tips that must be followed, such as:

1- Eat properly, sensibly and on a regular basis.
2- Say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol.
3- Choose a park or jogging track or forest for morning walks as often as possible. An environmentally friendly and clean habitat provides invigorating oxygen. If you’re working out on busy roads, or main streets, not only will you constrict the supply of fresh air, but you will also inhale more carbon, which could damage your body.

Now you know how to lose weight walking in the morning, and it is up to you to implement this effective, yet low impact, exercise routine within your lifestyle.

Walking, by the way, is also extremely beneficial for your brain. Only ten minutes of strolling in the fresh air clear negative thoughts and uplift the spirit. This seems another solid good reason to engage in this wonderful workout!

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Disclaimer and precaution

Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen, especially if you are injured or ill or if you are beginning this training after a long break.

A few more tips to help you get your weight on track

It is now a known fact that drinking water can help you lose weight. Studies have shown that human metabolism increases by more than 25% when drinking water.

This all happens over a period of the next one hour after the water consumption, or so. In other words, you burn more calories. Your body uses water to efficiently metabolize stored fat.

Research has shown that drinking about two glasses of water (half a liter or 17 ounces) about 30 minutes before eating, dieters consume fewer calories and lose 43% more weight.

The reason is that ingesting water half an hour before meals can reduce appetite, especially in the elderly and middle-aged people. But also younger people are less likely to eat a snack as they already feel satiated. This, in turn, means less calorie consumption.

Drinking water has been associated with some weight loss and weight control. Studies have shown that drinking two to three liters (at least 8 glasses) of water a day can be helpful in weight loss.


Reduce salt consumption

Most people are aware that high salt intake is the cause of hypertension. But did you also know that salt and especially the sodium in it is responsible for causing water retention in the body? This simply adds to your body weight, too. Increased salt consumption does make you look bloated and heavier.

Scientists recommend that 2,400 milligrams of sodium be enough for our body every day (that equals about a teaspoon). Write down your salt intake.

In addition to table salt, there are other hidden salt sources such as soups, preserves, salty snacks and most types of packaged foods. That’s another reason why I recommend to everybody to stay away from ready meals and fast foods.

If you like salt too much, then try an alternative, such as lemon, mint, basil, rosemary, cinnamon, chives, etc.

Remember that less salt in food means healthier nutrition. This weight loss tip is especially useful for those who already have some problems with blood pressure or their cardiovascular system.

Eat slowly

It is medically proven that your stomach signals your brain about 20 minutes after you began to eat that the body is satiated. So eat slowly, chew every bite and enjoy what you eat. You can even try to set your spoon and fork aside between two bites.

Not only will this prevent you from eating too much and too fast, but it will also give you the chance to properly digest your food.


Include nurturing and detoxing smoothies into your diet

Our true health begins within our intestines. Did you know that our gut is acting as a second brain due to its abundant nerve cells?

So, you better watch carefully what you are feeding yourself. Prepare yourself some delicious smoothies for enhanced nutrient supply and to cleanse your intestines.

Too much animal fat, sugar, and an excessive amount of condiments can lead to a disruption within the otherwise well-balanced intestinal flora.

This, when not taken care of, will n the long run turn into inflammations and result in chronic diseases including cancer.

Freshly prepared veggie and/or fruit smoothies significantly help in flushing out toxic waste, plus they supply your body with lots of micro and macronutrients that you don’t get out of your regular diet.

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You can do it too!

Each individual is unique and has an individual combination of age, metabolism, eating habits, drinking, exercise, etc. Therefore, finding a perfect way to lose weight for all in one is difficult. The universal fact, however, remains that everyone can shed more pounds off his body.

All you need is determination, discipline, sincere effort, endurance and careful selection of the right weight-loss technique that fits your body type, lifestyle and medical conditions.

Dear Co-Creators

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