Long Eyelashes – What You Can Do For Beautiful Eyelashes To Emphasize Your Natural Beauty

Long eyelashes: If they don’t grow properly – here’s what you can do

Thick long eyelashes emphasize the color of the eyes and are attractive. If you do not naturally have perfectly grown eyelashes or if you do not know how to grow your eyelashes properly, there are a few ways to help the look a little bit. Learn how to effectively beautify your already pretty eyes.

What you need are eyelash curler, make-up removal wipes, mascara, castor oil, Brewer’s yeast,Silica, a well-balanced nutrition, small scissors, almond oil, and if none of these show improvement you might want to try artificial eyelashes.

Growing longer and thicker lashes – suggestions

Thick lashes are part of a seductive look, and this is how you can make eyelashes grow better

Like your skin or your hair, lashes are the outward signs of your general wellbeing. They reveal whether you suffer from deficiency symptoms. The more you pay attention to your diet and the intake of all important nutrients, the more beautiful your eyelashes will grow. Treat yourself to a healthy life with breaks, a wholesome diet and some exercise in the fresh air.

It is especially helpful if you supplement your daily nutrition plan with brewer’s yeast. It contains many active ingredients that are necessary for hair and fingernail growth. Brewer’s yeast is available in tablet or capsule form. It is almost tasteless and a natural nutritional supplement that, if taken regularly, shows its effects after a few weeks.

Castor oil also brings your eyelashes back into shape. You can get it in every pharmacy or natural store and should carefully massage a drop of it into them with your finger every day. It strengthens the lashes and, with the gentle massage, ensures long eyelashes that grow in the right direction. Keep your eyes well closed during the massage. Castor oil in the eye is very unpleasant.

Even if it sounds contradictory at first, shortening your eyelashes can help you grow them back thicker and stronger. Carefully cut off the thin and often colorless tips of the eyelashes with small scissors. Be careful not to injure yourself. Shorten the thin but long eyelashes just a little, but evenly.

Often times, eyelashes grow like the rest of your type. Even if this is not exactly in line with the latest beauty trend, it harmonizes with your appearance and suits you better than you might think.

Proper eyelash care is essential

First of all, you should know that the length of your lashes is genetically determined. In everything you do, your eyelashes will never exceed a certain length. The speed at which your eyelashes grow is also genetically determined. You cannot increase this, you can only work on creating the best conditions for healthy eyelash growth.

If you cover them with mascara in everyday life, you should always clean them carefully in the evening without leaving any residue. Use special make-up removing tissues that already contain the emulsion for removing make-up from the lashes. This is how you make sure that your long eyelashes do not break as a result of incorrect treatment.

To keep your lashes supple, you can coat them with an oil, preferably almond oil, overnight. Use a fine brush that separates the eyelashes from one another when oiling them, so that they really come into contact with the oil all around. Lashes that are well cared for stay supple and do not tend to break off.

When buying your mascara, look for nourishing ingredients, because healthy and well-groomed lashes grow better.
By taking silica, you care for yourself from the inside out, the roots of your eyelashes receive all the necessary nutrients, which stimulates the growth of the eyelashes.

If possible, leave out the mascara completely on some days, give your long eyelashes the chance to breathe deeply, to recover from the rigors of ink.

More tips on how to grow your lashes

There are a few more tricks you can use for growing long eyelashes.

Eat a healthy diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Don’t forget about vitamin D as it’s very important for skin and hair growth, too. Healthy and therefore long eyelashes can only grow from a healthy body.
Don’t apply your mascara too thick in just one step. This way your eyelashes stick together and break more easily. In addition, sticky eyelashes don’t look nice.

Take your time, it is better to do several steps one after the other. Make sure that you separate the lashes cleanly and do not apply the second layer of mascara until the first has dried. In this way you achieve the effect that they “grow”. Mascara ink down to the tips makes your lashes look longer and fuller.

In general, avoid rubbing your eyes vigorously. Your long eyelashes resent this procedure and you run the risk of breaking them off.
Take a look at them in the mirror when there is enough light. If they are all of different lengths and thicknesses, it can be helpful to carefully shorten them a little with scissors. In this way you stimulate the growth of your lashes and thereby achieve a greater density at the tips of your eyelashes.

The option of artificially beautify lashes

Lashes are curved. Ideally, they grow upwards on the upper eyelid and downwards on the lower eyelid. The ideal case is rare, however, and you should help with the eyelash curler so that your lashes grow in the right direction and do not stand straight forward like a rain canopy.

When using the eyelash curler, be careful not to pull too hard on the lashes so that you do not tear them out. They will grow back, but in the meantime the line around your eyes is uncomfortably empty.
If you have used your eyelashes in the right shape, use a mascara. Good mascara makes your eyes appear as if your lashes are growing particularly thick and brightly colored. Insert the brush so that they don’t stick together. You don’t want small tufts of eyelashes, you want them naturally growing and thick.

Artificial lashes take a lot of practice to glue so that they appear to bond naturally to your eyelashes. It is important that you pay attention to good quality and invest some money in the acquisition. This gives them that look of naturally grown and, with a little skill and mascara, can no longer be distinguished from your real eyelashes.

If, despite these options, you are unsatisfied with the length and density of your eyelashes, you still have the option of having them artificially extended. This procedure is very effective, but also very expensive.

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