List Of Allowed Foods In The Paleo Diet


A list of allowed foods in the Paleo diet and why they’re good for you

Today, I want to target an important part of Paleo nutrition. A healthy diet is of the essence if you wish to heal your body from an autoimmune disease. Thus, I have put together a list of allowed foods in the Paleo diet.

Not only should you integrate these foods into your new dieting plan because of their acceptability, but also because of their vast benefits for the health and well-being of your body and soul.

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Vegetables are the absolute center of nutrition. You can’t eat enough of them! Enjoy them in all variations and colors, sizes, fresh and deliciously prepared, and in high quality. Make sure that you get a daily dose of freshly tossed salad or vegetable bowl.

Fruits and berries

Fruit and berries also play an important role. They are also rich in nutrients and give the body what it needs.

Coconut products are also part of the fruit, just like olives and avocados. When it comes to fruit, you should make sure to buy local fruit and only when it is in season.

Strawberries from greenhouses in December are not a good choice, but they are from the region in summer.

Meat from appropriate keeping

Unprocessed meat from animal welfare is healthier for autoimmune disease sufferers than its reputation. Structurally and biochemically, it has very little to do with processed salami.

Look for a good source of “species-appropriate meat”, such as from a farmer from the region, or a weekly market.

Make sure to enjoy different pieces of meat (preferably with bones and especially offal) and to prepare them in a varied way.

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Wild-caught fish

Fish also contains many nutrients that help the body to recover. The MSC seal from wild catch is important. Fat sea fish is qualitatively better for autoimmune sufferers than low-fat sea fish.

However, freshwater fish from the region is also good. Avoid tuna and swordfish, as both are too loaden with heavy metals.

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Seafood and seaweed

These food groups are also affluent in nutrients and ideally complement your meal plan. Most major supermarkets have mixed seafood in the freezer.

You can, furthermore, find algae products at online shops or in an Asian grocery store.

People who suffer from autoimmune disorders should avoid Chlorella and Spirulina because they irritate the immune system!

Organic eggs

Contrary to many prejudices, eggs are super healthy, do not significantly increase cholesterol and also bring a lot of nutrients to your plate. Pay attention to organic farming.

Herbs and spices

These food groups not only complement your kitchen and make everything delicious, no, they are also very healthy.

Fresh herbs from the balcony/garden contain essential oils and other substances that have an extremely beneficial effect on the intestine, immune system and body.

Nuts and some seeds

Nuts and some seeds (sunflower seeds, linseed, chia seeds, psyllium, sesame, poppy seeds and others) supplement your diet plan in small quantities.

Humans have always eaten those seeds, but in small quantities. So be careful not to consume more than a handful a day.

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Healthy oils and fats

Fat is a significant and healthy source of energy for the human body. It is important to choose the right and healthy fats.

Meat, fish and eggs from appropriate keeping, high-fat fruits such as coconut products, avocado and olives are perfect examples.

You should also use healthy fats and oils for cooking, such as lard, clarified butter, olive oil, coconut oil.

Tea and coffee

Good quality tea  (herbal tea, fruit tea) and coffee are also wholesome and a good addition. They have a stimulating effect; the right fruit and herbal teas have a calming effect. Use the whole range of coffee or tea. Also, try bulletproof coffee or some of my delicious alternatives.

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Sugar-free beverages

Avoiding sugar and sugary drinks is very important to Paleo. Ideally, when you drink, it should be quality water.

I recommend not to consume water from plastic bottles, but to choose filtered water that is free of harsh chemicals and fluoride.

You can also pick from a wide variety of teas or coffees, and other sugar and sweetener free soft drinks, such as freshly prepared juices and smoothies are great, too.

Manuka honey and maple syrup

Some Manuka honey for sweetening salads, dressing, muesli, tea, coffee and other foods is perfectly fine.

However, if you suffer from an autoimmune disease you should only consume it every other day and in smaller quantities below a tablespoon.

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Bone broth

The boiled bones and marrow bones of animals kept in a species-appropriate manner result in a good and healthy bone broth. Fermented vegetables and Kombucha

Lactic acid fermented, pickled vegetables have always been part of human culture and fermented foods can be found all over the world.

They support intestinal health and are also very tasty. Kombucha is a fermented tea, which also contains many nutrients and has a good effect on the intestine and immune system.

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Dear co-creators

All of the above are foods that are part of your Paleo diet plan. They are healthy, nutritious and low in irritants. Find a complete and downloadable/printable list of allowed foods in the paleo diet here:

At the same time, you should remove the following foods from your eating plan. You can find a complete list of foods that are not permitted at Paleo here (Paleo-No-Go-Foods).

The eating plan is not as limited as it appears at first glance. In fact, the selection of foods is extremely diverse and wholesome.

If you are in doubt, have some questions or just need some pep talk and encouragement, then, please, do not hesitate to get in touch with me here at any time.

Also, please, do help and spread the word about our website with your family and friends on social media. This way, I can continue writing informative articles, share tips and free ebooks.

This allows me to hold personalized talk sessions with those of you who are in need of an open ear, are desperate for advice and could use encouragement during their spiritual awakening phases and other tying times.

I’m sending you lots of love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are unique spiritual beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and help to uplift this world into a higher dimension.

So, ‘thank you’ for your patience, devotion and existence, and know that you are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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