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Levels Of Existence, Everything Is Here And Now…

This topic is somewhat complex, thus, I will try to explain it as simple as possible. There is the idea that there are infinitely many levels of existence or realities. Just because we do not perceive them does not mean that they do not exist.

By levels, we usually mean layers that are stacked on top of each other, like in a lasagna or a pie. There is a clear order, down and up. It is difficult to imagine that different levels are only perceived contrastingly according to consciousness.

A here and there does not exist, as everything is here and now.

The level of development of the soul and the consciousness associated with it creates the respective reality.

Every human being lives in his own world. According to his physical perception, his cognizance filters, which is vital so as not to become completely insane, the many impressions that the “little brain” cannot handle at all.

The human body is limited and with it the fragment of the essence, which is focused exclusively on him. This physical perception also includes some abilities that only a few people possess.

To these special gifts belong to see the aura of a human, to perceive nature spirits, like elves and fairies, as well as to feel the vibrations of solid, liquid or gaseous matter, such as a dowser.


However, everything that people can perceive, possibly also with auxiliary instruments, such as gauges or dowser rods, belongs to the physical plane.

Beyond physical existence, we depend on our imagination. There are many theories here, all unprovable. To name just a few variants:


Widely used in esotericism, there is a system of seven negative and seven positive levels, with the Earth in the middle. I think this model greatly overestimates the position of the Earth.

It is just a planet in our solar system, and there are billions, or more, of other galaxies in our Universe, not to mention other Universes that may also exist.

Levels of existence: Christianity’s point of view

Christianity as a completely different outlook regarding levels of existence. The religion distinguishes between God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), Earth, heaven and hell. There is support from the heavenly hosts, angels and archangels, souls and saints, and there is a temptation through evil, the devil, with all his “dark” helpers.



All believers want to go to heaven, hell is not attractive and is feared by men, just as the devil dreads the holy water.

I apologize for my somewhat flabby and superficial presentation, but I do not want to go into detail regarding religion here.

All in all, this attempt at explanation does not seem entirely wrong to me, but it is rather vague and too narrow.

It is based on the dual conception of the physical plane and transfers it to everything that is.

It was not God who created man in his image, but human beings who imagine “their God”, according to their own reality, thus, sometimes also in the shape of a person.

On another plane

MICHAEL, a soul family member, who speaks to us of the middle causal plane, admits not knowing much about the levels to which his entity has no access. He cannot explain miracles, as he is no better off than us.

This soul family member, just like us, only has access to the nearest, neighboring levels of his existence. He can reach us through our essence at the astral level, but cannot manifest itself on the physical plane.

Nevertheless, Michael can “view” the Akasha Chronicles on the middle level and, thus, report and provide information on the life plans of all the incarnations of all souls. The levels beyond the Akasha plain are also inaccessible to him.


His guidance about this is based on communication (listening/speaking) and not on his own “experience.”

“The source”, channeled by Varda Hasselmann, is, therefore, directly limited to the “lower” three levels and there we are still halfway on “safe terrain”.

However, the term “lower” is also an auxiliary construction. There is actually no top and no down without duality.

It is also the same with “next” and “closer”, “before” and “after” and “better” and “worse”.


It also gets complex with names, because even that does not exist outside our physical plane. Names are a means of communication here on Earth. On the other levels, they communicate telepathically and through vibrations, thus, there is no need for names.

All about reincarnation - Follow the traces of your soul

Keeping the data simple to understand for us

MICHAEL always tries not to overwhelm us with his information. He uses names for our understanding. Other entities use names for the same reason, but more frequently they utilize other names. This can make confusing and difficult to reach a common denominator.


MICHAEL also sticks to the description of the levels of existence in the system of seven. He mentions seven levels, each of which is again divided into seven areas (called territories).

They are:

The physical plane, the astral plane, the causa dandin, the Akasha plane, and the three “higher” or Buddhist levels, which are referred to by other channels as mental level, Messianic plane, and Buddhist level. There is also disagreement about the order.

Other esoteric sources name the physical plane, the mental plane, the emotional plane, the causal plane, and the astral plane.

To shorten it at this point:

We don’t know and we don’t think there are any advantages, so let’s try it with plausibility:

Conclusion Of My Reflection, Without Claim To Correctness:

There is more than our “normal” human perception recognizes. This can be seen in the fact that some animals, for example, can hear or see better than we do, and that their instincts can “feel” dangers that we only realize when they occur.

This makes it plausible that some “gifted” people also perceive more than the average. For me, however, all this is still part of the physical plane. Whether there are seven areas to be distinguished on the physical plane, or more or less, does not matter to me.


The fact that classical physics cannot explain everything is due to the current methods of physics.

Quantum physics is a first step in the right direction. Who knows today what the physical world view will look like in a few hundred years?


Beyond the physical plane, there are, in any case, other levels. The question of “where” does not arise for me. It’s all “here” and the difference solely lies in consciousness.

The real mission of our souls

If everything vibrates according to the universal laws, then the change of consciousness consists in a change of vibration. The ability to change the vibrations and, thus, gain a different consciousness is the learning task of the soul. She “works” on it, during her incarnations and also in her “life between lives”.

MICHAEL and others refer to the level of the existence of the soul as an essence called the “astral plane”. It is a name that serves only to distinguish and comes from the tradition that the sky has something to do with the stars. Astral equals belonging to the stars, determined by the stars.

I use this introduced and common name it too, knowing that it is actually meaningless. Many religions also call this level “beyond” and mean heaven and hell. MICHAEL contradicts the idea of hell, as a “place” of damnation, purgatory for all sinners or those found to be “too easy.”

The afterlife – the beginning of a new learning cycle

From my point of view, the afterlife (beyond the physical plane) is more than just the religious notion of heaven and hell. MICHAEL tells us he “exists” on the middle causal plane, which is beyond (outside) the astral plane. Causal (again only one name) means: related to a cause-and-effect relationship, causal.

The “transition”, in the sense of “when consciousness has increased accordingly”, takes place after the reunification of all fragments (souls) of an entity (soul family).


Also, the causal platform has seven areas. Michael summarizes them in the lower, middle and higher areas. He gives only the information that the transcendent soul, depending on soul age, exists in the higher areas.

From there, representatives of this soul( (community), can re-incarnate, i.e. manifest itself in a body if there is a special task or necessity for it.

If I assume that the entire development of a soul, as a fragment and then as a soul family or as an even more united community of souls, has the goal of reuniting with the Tao, it is plausible to me that there exist even more levels/ plains “over/after” the causa distancing.

The infinite soul exists on the three “higher” levels of existence.

Again, one cannot literally understand ”Higher” as “higher quality”, but as “above” meaning the existence of another consciousness.

The “model” of a soul family shows three sides: truth, love and energy (creative power). These are the basic elements of the Universe. Accordingly, we have to understand the higher levels of existence.

The mental level corresponds or has the focus on “truth”, the Messianic level is the level of “love”, where the focus is on emotion and the Buddhist level has its focus on the creativeness, the energy of transformation.


By the way, I see here an analogy to the understanding of the “triune” in Christian doctrine. The “Father” is the symbol of creative power. The “Son”, personified by Jesus, proclaims the message of love.

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit” is the symbol of the all-encompassing truth that human consciousness cannot fully grasp.

Yet, our awareness experiences it in all facets of being – that is, also in physical existence, even if we cannot explain it.

The infinite soul, in the last of the seven soul ages, has reached the last “phase” of spiritual development but is not yet reconnected with the Tao, that would be the ultimate step.

The infinite soul’s consciousness encompasses all the experiences of being in physical and non-physical form and in all its dimensions and aspects.

“Famous” infinite souls of different planes

MICHAEL mentions Jesus, an old soul on the seventh stage. With him, a “representative” of an infinite soul, from the Messianic plane, “connected” to convey his message of unconditional love just before his crucifixion.

Laotse and Buddha are further examples of the manifestation of an infinite soul. Laotse is in charge of the Mental and Buddha of the Buddhist plane.


It is enough for me to “know” that there are other levels. I rest assured that my soul will gain detailed wisdom when the time is right …

For my current understanding and for the purpose of communicating about it with others, I use the terms as conveyed by MICHAEL.

The connection of all levels of existence is what’s important for me. Thus, the boundaries are permeable. Meaning, our soul manifests only with a part of its energy here on the physical plane.

We (as soul) have access and contact to the astral plane whenever the soul wants it. A man’s mind cannot prevent it from penetrating the consciousness. Fact is , that all people are able to channel, and they do so without being aware of it.

Dear Co-Creators

So, what do you think about the different levels of existence? They say that some people who lived through a near-death experience crossed certain thresholds. I can also imagine that folks who already are capable of lucid dreaming might have entered another level at some point.

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