Can I Remove Belly Fat Naturally? (Pure Facts)


Yes, You Can Remove Belly Fat Naturally With These Simple Tips

“Can I remove belly fat naturally?” This is the question many overweight people ask themselves daily, because fat is most commonly stored in the abdominal region Nearly 35 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 79 are overweight, and one-quarter of them are considered obese.

Strong obesity promotes many diseases, especially in the cardiovascular system. Obesity is not just overweight. Although the so-called body mass index (BMI) indicates how body weight behaves to body size. That says little, however, because it depends on how the fat spreads throughout the body.


Inner Belly Fat (Visceral Fat)

Although fat on the buttocks, hips and thighs barely increases the risk of metabolic disorders and vascular disease, the situation looks much different with internal belly fat: Visceral fat wraps itself around your internal organs, thus it can become a major cause of both, cardiovascular problems and diabetes, alike.

Belly fat releases fatty acid as much as messengers which promote inflammation. Too much belly fat increases blood pressure and blood fat, plus it elevates blood sugar levels.


How does Belly Fat form?

If you want to break visceral fat down, you first need to know how it accumulates. That’s why myths are circling.

While it is true that a lot of sugar and large amounts of animal fat in the diet promote fatty deposits in the body, it does not explain why some people develop internal belly fat, but others develop only subcutaneous fat.

Lack of Physical Activity

Inner belly fat is certainly caused by too less exercise, as evidenced by current studies with computed tomography. After only two weeks without regular exercise, the inner abdominal fat increases significantly. Conversely, it also drops rapidly due to regular exercise.

Your body produces visceral fat in order to provide energy, which is available to be used during physical work and exercise.


Chronic stress increases cortisol levels. This hormone, from the adrenal gland and synthetically known as cortisone, leads to stem obesity when present in excess. The abdomen becomes thick, but arms and legs remain slim. The cells of the visceral fat bind the cortisol to a high degree.

Those who suffer from stress also often fill themselves with foods that contain a lot of sugar and fat, because this releases endorphins, aka. happiness hormones.



So, how can I get rid of belly fat?

Those who want to reduce belly fat and repeatedly submit to the latest diet fashions usually fail and the excess weight is accompanied by frustration.

Don’t you fret, however, because I’ll show you simple rules that will help you almost immediately.

1) Make Time for a Regular Breakfast

Who skips the first meal of the day will be plagued by hunger attacks and cravings for sweets and fatty food. It’s ideal when your breakfast contains fiber as well as minerals and vitamins such as complex carbohydrates.

Especially for the complex carbohydrates, for example in wholemeal bread, the following applies: The body needs carbohydrates to provide energy. We also have to consume this energy, as otherwise, it accumulates as fat.

2) Drink often and Plenty of Cold Water

The body consumes calories while aligning water and body temperature. In addition, water fills the stomach, therefore, drink water in between to avoid hunger pangs. Moreover, thirst and hunger are close to each other, and often we eat a snack when in reality we are thirsty instead.

3) Go Mediterranean 




If you eat meat, prioritize chicken over pork. If you eat chicken, take the breast instead of the high-fatty thighs. Much better yet, grab some turkey, which is even lower in fat.

Eat “Mediterranean”: Plenty of fruit and vegetables, olive oil and fish, little red meat and simple carbohydrates are a delight for your body and soul. Protein-rich food saturates for a long time, while high-fat food soothes the feeling of hunger only briefly.

Continue reading more about this wholesome and delicious diet here:

Mediterranean Diet Food List & A 3 Day Menu Plan 

4) Eat Only when You’re Really Hungry

It’s not that easy. We are so oversaturated, stuffed with energy drinks, sweets or fast food, that we barely see the difference between being hungry or satiated.


We eat because we’re bored, because there’s something to eat, or because we have a lunch break. Get used to eating only if you have a feeling of hunger.

5) Belly Fat Killer – Endurance Training


Unfortunately, your body cannot break down visceral fat on its on Only those who generally break down their body fat can obtain a more defined and flatter abdomen.

The slim belly project is not really easy to implement, but if you are serious about doing so and are willing to put in around three workouts every week, you will succeed. Each of these endurance workouts should be best lasting between 45 to 60 minutes.

6) Abdominal Muscle Training

Of course, it is not only endurance training that is important, because the abdominal muscle training should not be neglected in order to break down abdominal fat. Try to make a 15-minute exercise-routine your daily habit. Include the following activities: bicycle crunches, hip raise, planks, flutter kicks and side planks.



If you can’t do any of the above, then simply suck in your belly as often and as much as possible, because this firms and tones the muscle too over time.

Perform each exercise one minute; repeat the routine 3 times.


Fifteen minutes really fly by, and you’ll be so proud of yourself once your measure tape shows inch-melting results. Keep this program going every day, and you will soon see your belly flattening. Did you know that the trained abdominal muscle also burns more fat than dormant muscles? Build up muscle and increase your weight loss.

7) Eat Mindfully

Don’t call it a diet. Say to yourself that you’re learning how to eat more mindfully. If you would have used your full conscience while eating in the past, you would not have indulged in all that poisonous junk food up until now. Living in the present keeps you away from such mistakes.

You love yourself, thus you love your body, and you most certainly only want what’s best for yourself; this starts with what you’re eating.

Whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruit, low-fat dairy products and lean meats are particularly popular for breaking down belly fat. Drink lemon water (no sugar added) during the day, as the naturally occurring ascorbic acid helps with the elimination of visceral fat and boosts your metabolism.

We actually wrote an article regarding the lemon juice or lemon water diet. Alexandra (my website co-creator and best friend) and I both tried it. It actually works. I drank it for the weight loss properties, as I still needed wanted to lose some extra pounds during that time.  Alexandra simply wanted to get her body more alkaline balanced.

All I can say the lemons actually worked great for both our goals. So, yes, check out our post with tips and how to follow the lemon juice diet below.

Lemon Juice And Weight Loss - Try This 7-Day-Lemon Diet


Now that we’ve wrapped up this article, I’d like to invite you again to ask questions (if you have any), leave comments, bring forth ideas, share your stories and meet others. I’d love to hear back from you if you decided to try my tips and exercise routine.

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I believe in you and your success, and I’m wishing you much love, harmony, happiness and abundance of all good things. You’re beautiful, precious and unique…Keep on shining.



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