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Let go: discover how to free yourself and manifest better things

Many people have been asking me to give them some tips that make it easier for them to learn to let go. Letting go is often difficult, regardless of whether it is about hurts, negative experiences, certain desires and plans or even people like the children or the partner. Have you ever received the advice: “You have to let go. Look ahead and keep on going.”? Sounds like great advice and the only question that arises is: what is letting go and how do you do it?

Letting go is a form of adaptation to an event or situation. We accept that something happened to us that contradicts our wishes. This can be events such as an insult, a mistake or the non-fulfillment of a goal.

To let go can also mean saying goodbye to life plans and dreams. Separation from a partner, the end of a relationship, death, illness, aging or an accident can force us to change.

It can also signify, however, that we free ourselves from a situation that is harmful to us. We can come to the decision to let go – for example, if we find that our life no longer meets our needs.

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What happens when you let go?

Letting go is a “head thing”. When we move on, we decide in our minds to turn our gaze forward away from the stressful situation. When we think about the event that we cannot get over, we experience feelings such as despair, sadness, hurt, fear or anger.

We have thoughts like:

“Why did this have to happen to me?”
“Why did s/he do this to me”
“Why did I behave like that!”
“Why is fate so unfair!”
“I can’t get out of the situation.”

We come to the point where we no longer want to live like this

We are ready to let the past rest. We say to ourselves, “I am ready to accept what happened. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. ”
We recognize that the current situation is damaging us physically and mentally, is severely disrupting our lives and we are looking for a solution.

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Which settings are helpful for letting go?

If we don’t let go, it’s like putting a rope around a thick tree trunk and trying to move the tree by pulling violently.

To be able to give up wrestling helps:

– a willingness to accept that things don’t always go the way you want them to.
– the willingness to accept that the world is not fair.
– a willingness to accept that you don’t always get everything right.
– preparedness to accept that other people do not always behave the way you would like them to.
– the realization that letting go is neither approving nor surrendering.
– awareness that you deserve it, that you are fine.
– the knowledge that you can influence and control your feelings.

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Tips to learn to let go

Letting go is a process that takes time. We have to start with the recognition that not moving on is harmful to us.

TIP 1: Basically, letting go begins with the conscious decision: “I am ready to let go”.
Whenever you think about what you want to let rest, interrupt your thoughts with a STOP and say to yourself, “I am ready to let go”. At first you will have the impression that you are lying to yourself. Your feeling is telling you that you cannot cope, while your sanity is telling you that it is right to move on. This contradiction disappears over time.

TIP 2: Ask yourself, “What do I gain when I let go? What do I lose?”
Or the other way around: What do I lose if I don’t let it rest, what do I gain if I don’t let go? Your answers motivate you to surrender and they show you what fears and worries you have when you let go.

TIP 3: Do you have friends and acquaintances who have dealt with such a situation?
Ask how they did it and be encouraged. Reports from those affected, for example in books, can also be helpful.

TIP 4: Get therapeutic support when you find that the thing you can’t let go of is increasingly burdening you and preventing you from looking ahead.
When you surrender, you will be rewarded: You will feel relieved, your spirits and joy of life will return. You are probably saying, “I should have finished this much earlier.”

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If you need any help with the elimination of bad habits or want to learn more about how to rewire your mind lastingly and successfully in a natural way, then contact me. Together we will figure out your individual needs to get you on the right path to longevity, abundance and happiness. 

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