Learn How To Meditate- 6 Ways, Including Wim Hof Breathing Technique


In Stillness You Find Yourself, Thus, Now You Shall Learn How To Meditate

I am convinced that meditation cannot only transform lives but also, to a great extent,  reduce stress. The term “Meditation” sounds incredibly unflattering to many, but, in fact, has the potential to be extremely helpful to those who label it a “humbug.” Today, you will learn how to meditate correctly.

In the last article, I showed you what meditation is, why it has always been part of human culture – and how it can significantly lower your stress level.

There is, however, more to learning how to meditate then simply sitting down, closing your eyes and wait for some magic to happen. In this manner, you cannot expect any effects to show.

Nevertheless, those who get truly involved and give meditation a chance will ask themselves why they did not come up with the idea much earlier.

If you’ve missed out on reading the past article regarding reactions and benefits of meditation, please, feel free to continue reading.

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Learn to Meditate – Why use Multiple Meditation Techniques?

Everyone is different, every person relaxes or concentrates distinctively. While for some an ACDC concert may be relaxing, for others knitting or taking a stroll in the park has a more calming effect. It is safe to say that the same is true when learning to meditate.

Look at today’s contribution as a sort of recipe book. I’ll give you some recipes and tell you what I think of it. I will, furthermore, include which “ingredients” have worked for customers and for me in the past. Then, you have to try it out yourself, mixing and matching up everything until you found out what appeals to you most.

What Exactly can You Expect from these Techniques?

Learn to meditate … But what are the advantages of meditation?

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I will gather the answer in a few key points, and I hope that this gives you the impetus to at least try it once for a short time (about a week) with meditation.

Meditation will do the following for your overall well being: You will be…

more concentrated       

less stressed











✓ compassion (empathy)

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Above are all the features listed that you would want, right?   

So, I really suggest you pick out 1-2 of the following exercises and give them a chance for one week. Trying each for 10 minutes a day is enough for the beginning.

Today you will learn some very effective meditation techniques

Learn how to Meditate – 6 Ways

# 1 Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Meditations on Let’s Meditate. 

What mindfulness is, you already learned at the end of the last post (meditation). Did you give that exercise a chance? How did you feel? Was your head free and your heart light?

The mindfulness meditation presented was based on a guided meditation program (smartphone app) called Headspace. Unfortunately, Headspace is as of June 2019 not free anymore. 

Sure, their list of offered meditations and awareness tracks is extensive and valuable, but it’s also somewhat pricy.  I’m still going to leave the link though for those of you who still wish to check it out. 

Check out Headspace

Don’t worry, however, I’ll share my second best meditation app with you. It’s called “Let’s Meditated and has been developed by the Heal Me Team.  Let’s meditate offers many gratis mediation tracks, is simple to use and offers a wide variety of content.

Meditation lengths are available from between 5 minutes to 40 minutes and range from anxiety relieving, relaxing to healing and aiding to fall asleep modes. I’m not certain, however, if all versions are free, but what they do offer for no payment is a great and helpful assortment. 

It is especially recommended for beginners who do not really know how to start learning to meditate because the tracks are guided. 

Get your Let's Meditate: Guided Meditation

Who especially Benefits from Headspace or Let’s Meditate?

Anyone who often drifts away with thoughts or cannot concentrate on one thing, especially students or people with work who requires a lot of thought and concentration.

I started my meditation career with Headspace myself, I’ve been using it for 2.5 years.


If you would like to get a rough idea of ​​headspace, I suggest you either repeat the mindfulness meditation from the last article or install yourself Let’s Meditate. Their content is pretty similar to that of Headspace.

It’s worth a try and you don’t need to upgrade if you don’t like, because it will teach you the basics and, from then on, you’ll expand on your own.

#2 Breathing Technique according to Wim Hof

Wim Hof a.k.a. “The Iceman” holds 20 world records in terms of tolerating cold or heat. In order to be able to perform such superhuman achievements, he uses a meditation technique inspired by the Buddhist Tummo.

The goal of Tummo’s meditation is to consciously increase the body temperature with simultaneous immunization against low ambient temperatures without the use of foreign agents” (Wikipedia).

Here is a great book from Wim Hof:

The Way of The Iceman: How The Wim Hof Method Creates Radiant, Longterm Health

Learning to meditate is, therefore, suitable for sensitization against external influences such as weather or pathogens, but also against internal influences like massive stress. It is scientifically proven and not an esoteric that it works. But how?


Sit Upright and Close your Eyes

Breathe 15 times individual and deep until you feel a pressure on the Solar Plexus. Then breathe out.

Breathe 30 times deep and powerful in through the nose and out through the mouth. In this step, your blood will be saturated with oxygen to the most extent. You will begin to feel a tingling sensation in your fingers and a slight sense of drowsiness.

Pay attention to your body. Are there any vulnerabilities or blockages? If so, focus on those and direct the energy there.

After the 30 “Power Breaths” breathe out completely, and hold the air as long as possible (approx. 2-3 minutes). Relax and feel the oxygen dispersing within your body.

Deeply inhale and hold the air again. Feel the air flooding your lungs.

Continue breathing normally, keep your eyes closed and relax for a few more minutes. And enjoy the new body feeling.

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This meditation is recommended in the following situations:

After exercise to distribute oxygen in the body.

After a long day at work to get your head free and bring oxygen into the system. I do this meditation every day when I finished my writing.

Early in the morning to wake up.

In front of a difficult situation for the body, such as an ice bath or abrupt temperature changes.

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#3 Mindfulness – Observe Your Thoughts

You don’t want an app, no breathing technique, no music, no frills, just meditate?

Also great, plus, it’s even easier

Sit down relaxed and close your eyes. Watch your thoughts for 10 minutes.

First, pay attention to where your thoughts go, how quickly they alternate.

And towards the end of the 10 minutes, try to actively direct the thoughts to a relaxing place, such as a lonely beach or an empty white room.

Feel the burden of everyday life falling off of you.

After the 10 minutes, a short “thought diary” is recommended. Write down what you had to think about most often and how you felt about it. This method helps you to record some progress.


#4 Bija Mantra Chakras- 432 Hz Relaxation Meditation Music, Aum Chanting.

Another wonderful tool to help you learn how to meditate is Bija Mantra 432 Hz music. It is a great example of the combination of biology and technology.

Some people like to listen to Aum chantings when they’re relaxing, others enjoy them, preferably with headphones on, during the night and while they’re sleeping.

When and where you use them is entirely up to you, but give them a shot and you’ll see many positive changes in a short amount of time.

Here’s my personal favorite track. Feel free to try it out for yourself and let me know what you felt in a comment below. 

Now, simply put headphones on, listen to the following “song” – and watch what happens.

Note: Why 432 Hz?: Frequencies between 430 and 440 Hz can stimulate brainwaves to boost relaxation, healthy sleep, meditation or concentration. Thus, those frequencies are ideal for learning to meditate!

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#5 Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation sounds as innocent as Headspace or Let’s Meditate but is just as exciting as the Wim Hof breathing technique. Here’s a simple but relaxing chakra meditation for starters:

In Tantric Hinduism, the 7 chakras are described as energy centers between the physical body and the supernatural body of mankind. I think this meditation deserves to be tried out, unbiased and without prejudice (admittedly, it sounds esoteric).

Procedure: The following is a list of different chakras (energy centers).

Concentrate on each point for about 15 seconds, lead energy there, then move on to the next one. You work slowly from the bottom of your body to the top. When you get to your head, you work yourself downwards again. Repeat this as often as you desire.

The first time it will be unfamiliar to you, but at the latest from the 2nd or 3rd time on you will already be able to channel the energy into the chakras and feel an extreme tension.

Achilles versus (root chakra)

Belly Button (sacral chakra)

Solar Plexus

Chest (heart chakra)

Larynx (neck chakra)

Eyebrows (Third eye chakra)

Point directly above your head (crown chakra)


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#6 Transcendental Meditation (TM)

This meditation was “founded” by the Indian Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and gained notoriety in the West when this Indian became the personal guru of the Beatles.

I am not allowed to write much about it here, because this technique is patented and can only be trained by professional TM teachers. What, nevertheless, led me to mention this technique here is its resonance:

Many, many stars like Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Tim Ferriss or Hugh Jackman swear by this technique. Is there a bias going on regarding TM? Do only known and rich people engage in this practice, or is there really something more about Transcendental Meditation?

Interestingly, TM is scientifically well researched, and many studies speak for themselves: TM has all sorts of health effects on the body, such as a drop in blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and fewer cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders. 

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Conclusion – Learning to Meditate with the Right Techniques.

Learning to meditate can change lives and people for the better, no doubt. The secret to success solely lies within the way you do it. There are many different approaches and techniques.

To keep track of the whole meditation jungle, I provided you today with the 6 most helpful, tried and tested meditation techniques.

Feel free to try every single one of them. You might like to, however, also choose the technique that appeals to you the most and put it to the test for one to two weeks.

Meditation is a skill that you have to learn, thus,  if it didn’t work out as well as hoped, don’t give up on it immediately. Be patient, and, in the long run, your concentration will increase significantly.


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Personal Note:

Headspace is the easiest and guaranteed most successful start to your meditation journey. You can stay at Headspace for the long term. 

Perchance, you will decide to try out the other techniques, though, by integrating them gradually until you arrive at your personal favorite meditation technique.

I wish you happy meditating!

Also, do check out my post that can help you beat panic disorder, anxiety and even agoraphobia without prescription drugs or therapies. It worked for me, and it will for you, too.

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Therefore, your wishes are very important to us:

What topics would you like to learn more about?

What interests you most? I would be very pleased to hear your comment about this. And, I hope that this article will truly assist you to learn how to meditate.

It takes some practice and persistence, but I guarantee you can master it soon if you focus and are diligent.  

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Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love, light, happiness and an abundance of all good thing imaginable. Always remember: You are beautiful, precious and unique regardless of what others might say. Thus, keep on shining.

In Front Of Thy Spirit, I Bow.
~ Namaste ~

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