Lead A Healthy Lifestyle With Multiple Sclerosis & Action Plan


How to lead a healthy lifestyle with Multiple Sclerosis and enhance your well-being

In addition to nutrition, nutrient therapy and herbal therapy, to lead a healthy lifestyle with multiple sclerosis is also important. This is because this is where essential causes and risk factors that can trigger and exacerbate the disease.

For sufferers, recognizing and correcting these factors usually means a sharp improvement in the quality of life and the lasting betterment of the disease.

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Stay active

Staying physically active is very important, even if the physical impairments and pain limit those affected.

Physical activity in everyday life and physical agility in leisure time have a positive effect on the body. This can be done in the form of strength sports (to strengthen the muscles), long walks, agility training, hikes or endurance sports.

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When the body comes into contact with the earth’s surface, it absorbs electrons that have an antioxidant effect.

They reduce stress hormones, inflammation and have a calming effect. A few minutes walk barefoot on a meadow or forest floor or the stay in natural water is already sufficient. If you want to learn more about the power and benefits of forest bathing, please read the article in the following link:

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Stress reduction

Stress is very directly related to the severity of the disease. Of course, the illness itself is a stress factor, thus, a conscious stress reduction usually has a very positive effect on sufferers.

Our contributions to stress, stress reduction and stress management help you to recognize and reduce stress in everyday life. Stress reduction can take the form of sports, meditation, gardening, yoga, music, breathing techniques, amongst other things.

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The inner attitude towards the disease and your body also has a strong effect on all processes in the body and the immune system.

Accept that you are ill, but do not accept that this disease must be incurable and lifelong. Stay optimistic and maintain a positive attitude to life – stress reduction and meditation will help you.

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Inform yourself

Find out all you can about multiple sclerosis, the various causes and treatment options.

Healthy and restful sleep

Most MS sufferers complain of poor, insufficient or lacking sleep. Maintaining good sleep hygiene helps the body adjust the inner clock and regenerate better at night.

The contribution of healthy sleep provides you with valuable information. These lifestyle factors have been shown to be effective and recommendable in scientific studies and experience.

If you would like to add something at this point, we would be very pleased to have your comment.

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Multiple sclerosis – The action plan for the immediate start

The entire post regarding Multiple Sclerosis is very long and provides a lot of information, which can be overwhelming in one package. To avoid confusion and give you a start-up help, here’s a small action plan for you to begin right away:

Take medications as prescribed by your doctor, inform yourself extensively about the side effects. In our article, you learned a lot about different medications.

You don’t need to take medication if you don’t want to. In case of side effects, there are always alternatives that you can fall back on.

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Consider Ayurvedic medicine

Look for a doctor who, in addition to conventional medicine, offers the recommended treatment methods nutrition, nutrient therapy, herbal therapy and a healthy lifestyle.

Functional medicine offers the best basis for this. You can find a functional physician in your living environment with a Google search such as “functional medicine in my area”.

Have a food intolerance test and heavy metal exposure performed and respond to any allergies or heavy metal exposure.

Consider a dietary change. This provides your body with important nutrients while avoiding irritants that can harm the body and immune system.

A large blood count can identify any nutrient deficiencies and eliminate them by means of targeted food or dietary supplements.

Have the concentration and division of your sex hormones tested. Especially in women, imbalances are very common, which aggravates the disease.

Estrogen dominance, testosterone deficiency and progesterone deficiency are extremely common.

With herbal therapy and healthy lifestyle, you can additionally support your body, relieve inflammation and soothe the immune system. This is crucial for the central nervous system to recover.

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Dear co-creators

Maintain a positive attitude toward life and stay optimistic. Multiple sclerosis is not incurable and there are many reports of sufferers who have experienced a strong improvement even with the moderate or severe progression of the disease.

To lead a healthy lifestyle with Multiple Sclerosis greatly contributes to the long-term betterment of the disease and the enhancement of your overall well-being.

If you wish to add something, have questions or would like to share your personal story with us, then please do so in a comment below.

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