Kundalini Yoga: Channel More Energy Through Spirituality

Kundalini Yoga and how it works

The Kundalini yoga teaching works holistically and addresses body and mind. By placing his focus within himself, the yogi should be able to keep his attention fully to himself. This increases sensitivity to the environment and promotes the body’s own harmony. The energetic models of the chakra system and the system of the ten energy bodies are combined here to activate your body energy.

In order to be well prepared for your journey into the Kundalini world, a purification and strengthening of the heart, body and mind is carried out first. The following areas play a role:

1- cleaning the body

2- Cleansing of the energy channels (Pranayama – breathing exercises)

3- Purification of the heart through charity and selfless actions

4- Opening the chakras

5- ethical principles concerning the self and the environment (yamas and niyamas)

The combination of these five disciplines leads to the release of Kundalini:

1- breathing exercises

2- dynamic movements

3- meditations

4- chants/mantras

5- visualizations

The sequence of these five realms is called Kriya. Although physical exercises are part of this yoga style, these exercises focus on coming to oneself and have the sole aim of releasing energy – in contrast to other types of yoga such as Hatha Yoga, whose goal is also physical fitness. The exercises are designed to open the 7 chakras to allow the metaphorical snake from the root chakra to move into the other chakras.

Who is Kundalini Yoga suitable for?

Are you spiritually interested and open to new experiences that you have not yet had in western practices? Then Kundalini Yoga is ideal for you. Age or physical fitness are irrelevant. However, you should sit comfortably and warmly.

The asanas in Kundalini Yoga are not demanding, the long holding time of an asana of 3 minutes and more makes them exhausting over time. So be gentle with yourself in the beginning and increase your yoga session regularly.

Kundalini Yoga: the difference to other yoga styles

“Yoga was created so that man could be healthy, happy and holy. Kundalini Yoga was created for man to be healthy, happy, holy and conscious. The secret of your soul is consciousness.” (Yogi Bhajan, *Reaching ME in me, page 57)

Originally, according to tradition, there was only one yoga and all of today’s styles, i.e. the traditional ones, go back to this archetype. Over time, the schools split and formed their own schools, some more body-oriented, some more meditative, and some kept secret. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan brings together the original elements and formerly ‘secret’ practices that were once only taught to select students in remote ashrams or caves. That is why Kundalini Yoga also offers this immense wealth and variety of different exercises, both physical and meditative.

The beneficial effect of the physical exercises is responsible for the growing popularity, the ‘hype’, of all styles of this old tradition. However, it should be noted that in classical yoga all physical exercises improve suppleness and flexibility so that you can ultimately sit relaxed and immersed in deep meditation for longer. ‘Yoga’ without meditation is nice and helpful, but in the original sense it’s ‘half work’ because an essential element is missing. The scientifically proven effectiveness of yoga comes from the combination.

In the classic of yoga, the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines yoga as the ‘stilling of the mind’. This goal can be reached with a combination of different breathing and physical exercises as well as meditations. After that, the yogi climbs higher levels and advances into the higher spheres. Suitability for everyday use plays a subordinate role here.

For modern people, the ‘housekeepers’, it should be noted that Kundalini Yoga, and its calm state of consciousness, is not an end in itself, but brings practical everyday benefits: better concentration, ‘clear head’, emotional calm and serenity, as well as an empathetic and compassionate attitude. These characteristics are classified by some authors in the area of ​​’social intelligence’.

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