Jogging As A Sport For Beginners + Tips For A Great Start

Why jogging as a sport for newbies is great and tips and tricks for beginners

It is true that running is healthy when done correctly and with the right outfit and shoes. Jogging as a sport can be practiced at any age. You can choose to run in a group or alone.

When running, the focus should not be on increasing performance, but rather on the goal of improving fitness and health, strengthening the immune system, healing the psyche and, last but not least, simply enjoying exercise in nature.

How do you get started with running?

First of all, you should be patient with yourself. The body cannot get used to a new form of movement right away; it needs time to do so. If you don’t give him this, the result is frustration instead of pleasure.

It, therefore, makes sense to train at intervals, alternating between jogging and walking. This ensures that you do not overstrain yourself physically and that your joints can slowly but surely get used to jogging as a sport.

In this context, it should be emphasized that running shoes are not a useless advertising stunt but the basic requirement for a running experience without long-term effects. Otherwise, it is sufficient to wear normal, weather-appropriate sportswear.

It is particularly important to practice correct movement, that is, to learn to master the basic techniques of running.

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What do you have to consider as a beginner?

As a beginner over 35 years of age, you should definitely have a health check carried out by a doctor before starting training. A preventive medical check-up by a sports doctor will give you information about your health and physical fitness.

Before you actually start exercising, you need to warm up sufficiently and bring your body to operating temperature.

This can be done through moderate running on the spot, warm walking or the classic jumping jack exercise. Warming up ensures better interaction between muscle tissue and joints, and it significantly reduces the risk of injuries.

After your running session, you should give your body some rest.  Muscles, tendons and joints need some recovery time after the exertion. Beginners should therefore start jogging as a sport a maximum of three times a week.

After the actual exercise, it makes sense to cool down, for example by walking for five minutes after running. The stretching of the muscles should not be forgotten either.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the sport

Running is certainly one of the best ways to increase and maintain fitness through regular exercise.
Regular jogging burns more calories than other endurance sports and is a great way to get rid of fat deposits. In addition, can greatly reduce stress, release happiness hormones and cure mild depression.

Those who suffer from insomnia can naturally achieve the required weight of bed by running in the evening. Last but not least, running is so attractive as an exercise because it can be practiced anywhere at any time.

You don’t need special additional equipment,  and it is a very inexpensive alternative to sweating in pricey and enclosed fitness centers.

Jogging as a sport sometimes is too strenuous for beginners and older or overweight people. Others complain about the monotony of doing this particular workout.

In addition, injuries to the joints due to the vibrations occurring after the suspension phase occur more frequently. This can lead to training breaks and loss of motivation. Although you can basically run anywhere, not everyone will find a safe and attractive running route in their area.

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Running advisory – Tips for a great start

Although walking is one of our very innate methods of locomotion, it has often been forgotten today. We are more sedentary than we should like – which is particularly worrisome given the creeping obesity and fatigue of society.

One of the fundamental rules that actually apply to all important things in life naturally also applies to running: Do it! It’s that simple. And so that nobody “stumbles” over obstacles while running, the most fundamental basics are listed below:

The preparation

If you have made friends with the idea of ​​jogging as a sport again (even more often), the right preparation is an important point. If you do not want to do everything alone – e.g. as a beginner – joining a club is definitely worth considering.

A lot is possible, from strategic tips to conversations with like-minded people to motivating group experiences.

In contrast to this, there is also the point of view that the compulsion to have a reasonably fixed meeting only unnecessarily occupies your own appointment calendar. Everyone has to decide for themselves how to approach running.

Here, too, one should not forget one particularly essential aspect of preparation: the first check by the family doctor.

Not only can the general suitability (especially after a long break) be determined, the doctor can also provide important information that will influence the training afterwards (e.g. where are the personal limits of the aerobic and anaerobic range, what is the lactate level of blood, etc.)

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Choosing the right equipment is also crucial. Although you need very little equipment for jogging as a sport – especially compared to other, much more equipment-intensive hobbies such as diving – it is no less important to choose your equipment with the necessary care.

For example, when choosing running shoes, it is essential to carry out a treadmill analysis. This, among other things, shows exactly whether the ankle bends inwards or outwards when the foot is put under pressure.

This makes it much easier for the seller to recommend the right shoe, which is reinforced either on the inside or on the outside. Other important aspects are the cushioning of the shoe (to relieve the joints), the torsion (twisting of the sole and the body), etc.

Not only the shoes are essential. All other clothing should also be chosen in such a way that, for example, the sweat is quickly drawn out through the fibers.

It’s also important that no seams chafe or cause pressure points and that the entire outfit ultimately looks contemporary. When you are appropriately dressed, you can feel good even before you take the first step.

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Running tracks

Choosing the right running route is also an important point. If possible, you should, of course, prefer the soft, sprung forest floor of the nearby forest to the concrete-hard stretch of the main road. It is better for your joints and you escape additionally polluted exhaust gases.

If you do not have this possibility of your own wooden surroundings, you can at least try to use the nearest park for your own purposes. Try to walk along the canal or on side streets of a residential area instead of the main road.

A solid circuit with a varied ambience is excellent. Any other route, however, also works if you set a fixed time at the beginning of the jogging as a sport routine (e.g. 40 minutes).  Then just turn around after halfway (in the example after 20 minutes) and run back.

Maybe, however, there is a park nearby. Many small and nested paths here, can ensure long-term variety and you can constantly recombining the route.

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Intervals, frequency and heart rate monitor

One of the best tools to achieve lasting success and not to overwork the body is the heart rate monitor. This means that you can check your pulse at any time, and you can strictly observe the in advance set upper limits (e.g. the ones your doctor determined).

After running, you can call up other interesting information. These typically include the average heart rate, a calculated calorie consumption, the average speed, etc. Through this information and its recording, training successes can easily be made clear in the long term.

Regardless of whether you want to train speed or fitness, with the help of a heart rate monitor it is easy to adjust the required intervals and frequency specifically to the jogging as a sport goal. With all of this, however, please do not forget the “rest day”, which enables the body to regenerate and recuperate.

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Dear Co-Creators

Jogging as a sport is popular and offers great advantages, and it can be the right endurance sport for you. Just make sure you stick to the above tips and you’re guaranteed to do something good for yourself and your own mental and physical health in the long run (no pun intended).

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