Is CBD A Superfood And What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Hemp?


What should hemp help against, and is CBD a Superfood?

Secretly and quietly, the hemp has moved into the shelves of American drugstores, supermarkets and pharmacies: CBD oil and seeds are considered a new superfood, and one can buy both legally. What’s wrong with the hemp hype, and is CBD a superfood? I reveal why more and more people swear by cannabidiol and what CBD is supposed to be beneficial for.

CBD are the magical three letters that suddenly showcase a growing amount of products. The abbreviation stands for “cannabidiol” – a component of the hemp plant.

One second, please, since when can we purchase hemp in the USA? This has nothing to do with cannabis legalization where you need to go to a dispensary to obtain the product. However, it is only about the psychoactive substances of the plant.

Other ingredients are growing in popularity. Hemp seeds are lined with oatmeal in cereal aisles and hemp kumquats with chewy sweets at the cash register. Now there is a new product in drugstores and pharmacies: CBD and Hemp oil.


Hemp seed oil is not addictive, nor harmful, says the WHO

Cannabidiol is obtained from hemp. The World Health Organization classifies CBD as harmless. Do not worry: it does not make you addicted or high – the psychoactive substance THC has been filtered out and products must not contain more than 0.2 percent THC.

CBD promises many other health effects. Therefore, here in the US, people already trade the oil as the latest superfood, and many stars swear by the positive effects of CBD, as well. But how exactly can cannabidiol help? Researchers have been investigating this for quite some time.

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CBD against sleep disorders

Cannabidiol is said to help with its compensatory effect against sleep disorders. Those who are not vitalized in the morning despite sufficient rest can try to improve the quality of sleep with the help of CBD.

The plant substance is to help with sleep and also improve the depth of sleep, as studies show. Unlike sleeping pills, however, there is no danger of dependency and morning tiredness should be avoided, too.

Therefore, for example, users recommend adding a few drops of CBD oil the glass of warm milk with honey in the evening to enhance the sleep-inducing effect.


CBD oil for stress and anxiety

CBD has a balancing effect on the body, as several studies have found. Thus, it can help you to master difficult, stressful or scary situations more easily. The soothing effect, for example, helps to prevent presentation without tiring or impairing mental performance.

Analgesic: Cannabidiol for the headache to menstrual pain

Cannabinoids, in particular, can be effective for chronic pain, as studies have already shown. For serious illnesses, even doctors in Germany are now allowed to prescribe medical cannabis.

But also CBD from hemp should have an analgesic effect. The oil can act soothing, especially with everyday complaints such as headaches, back and menstrual pain.

This is due to the analgesic, but also antispasmodic properties of cannabidiol. Users also report reducing or even averting migraine attacks when taken on time.

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CBD against sore muscles

Cannabidiol has been removed from the list of prohibited substances and is, therefore, no longer considered a doping product. Rather, it should even support the body in the regeneration after training and can prevent muscle soreness.

This is partly due to the anti-inflammatory property of CBD, which can alleviate small inflammatory processes in the muscles.

Meanwhile, there are even special muscle gels on the market with the active ingredient. They also use these to support sports and accidental injuries, swelling, bruises and sprains.

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Relaxation for the sensitive stomach

If one feels a situation as stressful, it is often said that they hit you on the stomach. If you have a relatively sensitive stomach, you know that there is a lot of truth in the phrase.

A nervous stomach can be very uncomfortable in everyday life. CBD can help by calming and relieving nausea. Even with vomiting, the oil can counteract. In Pennsylvania, they also investigate the effect of CBD on irritable bowel syndrome.

It helps with weight loss

Of course, it is no miracle elixir and does not work without sports and a balanced diet. But taking cannabidiol can actually affect the feeling of hunger and reduce the craving for food. In addition, CBD has a stimulating effect on proteins and stimulates the fat loss of the body.

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Application of CBD oil

The application is super easy. Drizzle 2 times 4 drops daily on the tongue using the supplied pipette. Keep the drops in the mouth for as long as possible (about 60 seconds) before you swallow them, because the active ingredient gets into the bloodstream faster through the oral mucosa.


No Judgement – Neutral Stance

I wasn’t sure if I should write about this subject, to begin with, as people’s opinions split so heavily over it. Let me just put it that way: I, personally, don’t take it, but I do hold a neutral stance regarding CBD oil.

The only being I know of consuming the medical substance is my friend’s dog. She has achieved great results with it concerning the pain relief from rheumatism.

Hence, I will not judge the product, nor the individuals consuming it.  I say, individuals, as this also includes animals. As long as everybody receives the deserved relief from aching, I am all for it and content.

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