Causes Of Inflammations In The Body And How to Get Rid Of Them


Why it is important to eliminate inflammations in the body and how to avert them

Inflammations in the body normally are the protective reaction to damage, pathogens or allergens. Collateral damage always follows because immune cells fight not only with phagocytosis but also with free radicals.

Free radicals are very reactive molecules that harm potential pathogens, but, furthermore, the surrounding body’s own tissue.

If inflammation becomes chronic, long-term damage such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases occur.

Stems the inflammation from a weakened immune system, infections from bacteria and viruses threaten.

The right balance is important. Nowadays, chronic inflammation usually occurs thanks to a modern lifestyle and an unhealthy diet. Find out exactly what happens here and what you can do about it.

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What are inflammations and what triggers them?

Simply put, inflammation is an immune response. The immune system recognizes an enemy somewhere (pathogens, toxins, dead cells), sends out signaling substances and thus ensures local inflammation.

This means that more immune cells get attracted, the tissue swells and the blood circulation increases.

When a virus spreads into your airways, immune cells recognize it and cause an inflammatory reaction through fever, sore throat, cough and a runny nose to eliminate the enemy as quickly as possible. A classic immune reaction that you can recognize by the symptoms mentioned.

Inflammation also occurs with damage: If you hit your knee with an edge, it hurts, and the knee thickens, because the blood circulation increases and the tissue swells. Learn more about how to heal wounds faster and treat swellings naturally:

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In this case, too, the damage is registered and repaired (repair processes). These are inflammations in the true sense: defense reactions against damage and external enemies.

Inflammation is stressful for the body, but essential for life. Nevertheless, it is important that it only lasts briefly, the damage repairs quickly and the elimination of the enemy happens rapidly. Because chronic inflammation is pure poison for the body!


The problem with chronic inflammation

Our modern, unnatural and unhealthy lifestyle leads to the appearance of inflammation in the body even without stressors (injuries or pathogens).

An unhealthy lifestyle and lack of nutrients lead to damage to the intestine, liver, blood vessels, muscles, joints and other tissues (and mitochondria). This damage triggers inflammatory reactions, whereupon an immune system reacts as follows.

It produces inflammatory messengers and free radicals (oxidative stress) and starts an inflammatory reaction. Since the affected person does not change the unhealthy habits (more on that in a moment), the immune response also remains.

The body is constantly on alert (stress) and sees itself exposed to the ongoing bombardment of free radicals by immune cells. This follows by collateral damage in the body that increases the risk of pretty much any chronic illness.

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Immune cells against inflammation in the body

Immune cells protect your body from damage and pathogens.

Free radicals – How immune cells fight their enemies

When an immune cell recognizes an enemy (pathogen), it has two options:

1- It eats the enemy.
2- It shoots the enemy with free radicals (highly reactive molecules, similar to a machine gun volley) until it is defeated.

The dramatic thing about chronic inflammation is that it leads to the chronic, excessive production of free radicals in the body. These highly reactive molecules, which develop here without an existing enemy, damage all tissues in the body and increase the risk of many chronic, known diseases.

Free radicals are basically highly reactive molecules that respond with the next best thing they encounter.

They leave a swath of devastation if they arise constantly and everywhere, i.e. through chronic inflammation. Getting rid of inflammation is, therefore, an important key in the treatment of many chronic diseases.


How does inflammation work?

Inflammation is the cause of many diseases of civilization and chronic ailments, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, etc.).

If you dig a little deeper, you will encounter chronic inflammation somewhere in most diseases. The following applies: If we take action against the inflammation in the body, we do something about the disease at the same time.

The consequence of chronic inflammation is a massive increase in free radicals or oxidative stress in the body.

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Rapid test for inflammation in the body

Now you are probably wondering whether you also suffer from chronic inflammation in the body. Here is a simple quick test for you:

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep? Are you feeling fresh and well-rested or sluggish? Are you still hungover? Is it hard for you to get up?

The more you have answered ‘yes’ to these questions, the more likely you are to suffer from chronic inflammation. There can be many reasons for this.

Of course, this test is very imprecise. You can measure inflammation by blood values ​​really precisely.

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What blood values ​​show inflammation in the body?

Immune cells form messenger substances that trigger inflammation in the body. These can be measured in the blood; this gives a picture of how widespread the inflammation is within the body.

The most important messengers in this regard are:

Blood sedimentation rate (BSG)

Hs-CRP, in particular, is the classic that should always be measured. This messenger substance already says a lot about inflammation in the body. But what about the causes?


What causes inflammation in the body?

There are always causes of inflammation in the body. You may recognize some causes that affect you and endanger your health:

Bad sleep
Unhealthy diet
Too much stress in everyday life
Sick intestine
Holey intestinal wall (Leaky Gut Syndrome)
Too much or too little exercise (need daily workout motivation?)
Chronic infection in the gastrointestinal tract
Chronic viral infection like EBV
Lack of nutrients such as vitamin D deficiency (but also lack of other vitamins and minerals)
Food allergies you don’t know about

These are probably more points that you didn’t expect, right? They all lead to chronic inflammation in the body. The good news is that you can do something about all the points.

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In the next section, we want to examine the food in more detail.

Which foods promote inflammation in the body?

It is the wrong foods that promote inflammation and thus unbalance body and health. The best way to prevent this and to integrate the right foods into your everyday life is a healthy diet.

So: Which foods promote inflammation in the body?

Cane sugar/ Industrial Sugar (Want to eliminate sugar cravings for good?)
Industrial edible oils (omega-6 fatty acids)
Trans fats and fried foods
Ready-made foods such as peanut flips, frozen pizza, fruit yogurt, sugared muesli, donuts
Processed meat (sausage, fast food)
Foods you are allergic to
Apples from and strawberries from other countries (prefer regional and seasonal)
Non-probiotic milk products (milk, curd cheese, cream cheese)

These are the foods in question, which are unfortunately very common. With the Ayurveda or Clean Eating diet, you can take a big step in the right direction.

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The best protection against chronic inflammation: A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries.

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How do you fight inflammation in the body?

1- A healthy, natural diet like clean eating.
2- Eliminate nutrient deficiencies
3- Consume healthy fats (valuable vegetable fats and omega-3 fatty acids)
4- Make sure you have plenty of quality sleep
5- Daily stress reduction like meditation
6- Build healthy intestinal flora (flaxseed or fermented foods)
7- Regular exercise in the fresh air, in nature
8- Spend time with people you really care about
10- Do not watch too much TV in the evening
11- Ground by running/walking barefoot regularly (forest bathing)
12- Add antioxidants through food and supplements
13- Drink tea
14- Cook a lot with fresh herbs and spices

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Which types of tea help with inflammation in the body?

The following types of tea can help if you consume them more often:

Earl Gray 125g loose leavesGinger-For-Inflammation
Pu-erh tea  (red tea)
Green tea
Camomile tea
Peppermint teaEchinacea tea
Rosehip tea
Ginger tea


What foods stop inflammation in the body?

Choosing the right foods is important.  A mindful diet is already a step in the right direction here; a few foods should still be emphasized in isolation when it comes to stopping inflammation in the body:

1- Fish (The effect of omega-3 fatty acids acts directed against inflammation in the body)
2- Flax seeds, chia seeds
3- Ginger, turmeric
5- Probiotic buttermilk and yogurt
6- Green tea
7- Berries
8- Fresh herbs and spices
9- Tomatoes
10- Dark green vegetables (rich in vitamin K) – My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe
11- Antioxidants
12- Certain oils such as linseed oil, hemp oil, black cumin oil, evening primrose oil
13- Medicinal mushrooms like Reishi & Shiitake
14- Reishi powder (Learn all about the Reishi Mushroom – The “Immortality Mushroom”)

With the tips and tricks mentioned, you have the opportunity to completely change your life and make it healthier.

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Fighting inflammation – Nature before pharmaceuticals

Nature has everything we need for our healing ready at hand. There are natural substances and plants that can protect us from diseases.

And what primitive people and ancient cultures have known and applied for millennia is now gradually being examined by modern science.

It is striking that some of these remedies have the same or a partially better effect than established drugs.

Would you like some examples?

1- Ginger works as well as metformin in diabetes treatment
2- Garlic and vitamin C work against viral infections
3- Kombucha is advisable for liver diseases
4- Omega-3 fatty acids help when it comes to lowering blood lipid levels
5- Beetroot and other detox foods are recommended for atherosclerosis patients

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This is how I interpret what Hippocrates knew 2000 years ago:

Food is medicine! Or: If you eat the right food, you don’t need medicine! Nowadays it means that you get sick less often.

If you should fall ill, you can save money by using food, because it costs only a fraction of the price of the medication.

An antibody against autoimmune diseases can quickly cost almost 20,000 dollars a year. In addition, unlike isolated pharmaceuticals, they are almost free of side effects.

This is where the term ‘nutraceutical’ derives from. A combination of nutrients and pharmaceuticals. The term hits the nail on the head: Certain natural products can easily replace medication!


Dear co-creators

As you can see it doesn’t take much to actually avert inflammations in the body. A bit more awareness and a lasting dietary change will eliminate any inflammation source.

Of, course, you should not see your newly adopted eating habits as a temporary occurrence, but it should become an indispensable part of your regular lifestyle.

What steps are you taking to take care of your body and well-being? Do you have a remedy that wards off inflammation you would like to share with us? If so, then, please, do this in a comment below.We are all looking forward to your story.

Also, please, help to spread the word about our website. This allows me to continue offering informative articles, tips, recipes and free ebooks. It also gives me the opportunity to hold personal talk sessions with those of you who feel misunderstood, are in need of an open ear, advice, moral support and encouraging words.

Remember, you are unique spiritual beings; here to learn, expand, have fun and help to uplift this world into a much higher, more peaceful and love-filled dimension.

Thus, thank you for your devotion, endurance, bravery and existence. You are cherished, appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~




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