Increase Concentration With Creatine And Other Natural Tips


How your brain gets wings with Creatine  РIncrease concentration in the healthy way

Sharp focus, clear thoughts, perseverance and creativity – If you want to increase your concentration, you’re in the right place.

Increase concentration, and to bring the brain to peak performance (in a healthy way), is not science. With a few simple tips and tricks, it’s easy for you to do this every day. And you know what? It works guaranteed!

You will wish you had known this much earlier.

The Benefits Of Creatine For Muscle Growth And Brain Function 

What can increase concentration?

Today’s article looks at how to increase your focus in a natural way, without modafinil, Ritalin, etc. These substances have numerous side effects, are expensive and difficult to obtain; There are a few healthy alternatives that can do exactly the same thing.

It will come to a few tips that have been proven over the years with friends and acquaintances of mine, as well as myself. You do not have to apply all, and certainly not all at once.

You can implement the basics immediately, you should gradually introduce individual points in the workplace, add supplements slowly and observe their impact.

I can already promise you: you will achieve much more than before, have a lot more fun, and be able to do it every day – reliable!


The following nutrient has proven to be the best in recent years:


This substance is in the muscles and in the brain Energy transporter: More transporters, more energy – up to a certain limit. One reaches this limit at about 3-4g daily. Creatine is cheap, has a neutral taste and is very reliable.

When it comes to focus and concentration, energy is the key. That’s why a balanced amount of Vitamin B complex also plays an important role.

Because B vitamins are all involved in the production of energy in the body. Especially women benefit from B vitamins because they eat less of the main source of vitamin B in the diet: meat.

Like vitamin B, magnesium is everywhere where energy flows. I recommend taking an extra dose of magnesium every day you do not eat enough green vegetables.

Better concentration – the basics

The goal is that the brain and the entire body have more energy available. Power is divided into different levels, especially in the brain, and many little things help to increase the energy in the brain.

The basics are important and you can start implementing them immediately:


At night, the body and the brain regenerate, memories are stored and the brain grows. A minimum of 7-8 hours of good sleep is a must for anyone who wants to work concentrated.


Exercise and sports are also essential to keep blood circulation up and provide the body and brain with fresh oxygen. I recommend everyday exercise in the form of a big walk or a workout routine. This is also valuable if you want to lose weight fast.

Get some peaceful sleep for more focus

 Nutrition: What to eat for more focus?

Of course, the body and brain also need the right components to be able to perform at their best. With frozen pizza and hamburgers, you will not get very far. There are a few healthy diets (Paleo diet, clean eating, Ayurveda) that I like to recommend. You can also stick to the following rules of thumb:

Foods that sabotage the concentration: sugar, white flour products, fast food, dairy products.

Foods that promote concentration (see Brainfood): Fruit, vegetables, berries, mushrooms, nuts, fish, olives, avocado’s, organic eggs, coffee, tea.

Try to take this into account in your daily diet plan and gradually improve it.

Drink enough water

Drink 2-3 liters of water, mineral water and/or tea every day. A dehydrated body will not be of much use to you.

Coffee and tea

Coffee, green tea and black tea are also very helpful tools to improve and increase concentration. Personally, I find black tea and green tea to be most effective in the afternoon, as it increases the ability to concentrate more sustainable than through coffee. Coffee is better in the morning to get into gear.


Avoid stress

Those who are under stress 24 hours a day cannot concentrate properly. It is important to reduce stress and learn to handle stress better.

Try to sleep enough, eat well, and not take on too many tasks at once. A daily, short meditation is also worth the while – everyone can really learn how to meditate!

Those were the basics – for one or the other not a lot of new, for many but surprising fundamentals. You decide about 50% of your concentration and your success.

If this foundation is not solid, you cannot climb to the top either. And you want that, right?

Now we take care of the workplace; the place where you want to get the highest performance every day:

Creatine Increases Muscles & Enhanced Muscle Mass Reliefs Strain On Joints

More concentration – The workplace

Goethe was of the opinion that the workplace should look very boring and drab, so as not to distract. Others say that the workplace should be nice and comfortable to promote concentration and creativity.

There is no golden rule of thumb here. Design your workplace so that you can focus on the essentials. However, make sure your desk isn’t cluttered and always tidied up.

Also, pay attention to the following points in the workplace to further focus enhancement. With the basics, you have already switched to third gear. With a good job you now switch to fifth gear:


There’s absolutely no space for your smartphone in the workplace. How do you want to get into a good flow if you get distracted by a notification every 10 minutes or check your phone for FB updates, for example? Begin to reduce your smartphone consumption in the workplace.

A tip in advance: Turn off all notifications on the phone completely; no sounds, no vibration. Only calls should come through.


Stop multitasking

Through multitasking, you will be able to do less in the long term rather than concentrating on one task at a time. Work one task after another, not three at the same time. This way, you will clearly give your present task all the attention, and, thus, it will be completed 100 percent satisfactory.

Fresh air

Oxygen is the key to recharge energy. Excessively long indoor periods increase the amount of CO2 in the breath, which means that the oxygen content of your blood drops dramatically. Pay attention to a constant supply of fresh air.

Concentration exercise

In the afternoon, when the ability to concentrate wanes and the stress levels increase, I recommend a ten-minute break for a concentration exercise. After that, your ability to concentrate will increase again by at least 50% and support you for the rest of the working day. Perhaps meditation sounds incredibly un-sexy to you, but your life is guaranteed to change. Five to ten minutes of meditation is enough to bring positive results.

Ginger tea

If there is a drink that you should keep at your workplace around the clock and that can increase your concentration, then it’s ginger tea.

It boosts the focus of acetylcholine in the brain, increases blood flow and energy expenditure. Perfect!

With these tips and tricks, you’re already in fifth gear and probably more productive than 90% of your work colleagues. They are all logical, cost less time and money to start with, and will reliably advance you every day.

Finally, I would like to go into my secret tricks: nutrients and supplements with which you can switch from fifth to sixth gear:

Tablets, medications, nutritional supplements

I do not think much of Ritalin, Adderal, Modafinil, and others to get good long-term performance. Actually I’m all against chemical drugs. You will get the best results with natural substances and nutrients that will help you to reach your biological optimum.

Creatine - Natural Muscle & Cellular Energy Increase, Supports Brain-Health

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