In And External Garlic Applications & Positive Health Influences


The vast benefits of in and external garlic applications for your skin to your liver

As early as the 19th century, the chemist Louis Pasteur, best known for the pasteurization process, also discovered the numerous health effects of garlic. Today, I would like to convey to you which in and external garlic applications contribute to your health, and on which diseases the root vegetable can have a positive influence.

The Vast Health Benefits Of Garlic & Its Positive Effect On The Immune System

Diseases that regular garlic consumption can affect positively

Among other things, garlic can help with these diseases and symptoms:

Metabolic syndrome
Chronic inflammation
Multiple sclerosis
Rheumatic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, antiphospholipid syndrome
Alcohol-related liver disease
Fatty liver
Type 1 diabetes
Increased cholesterol
Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases

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Garlic – application inside and out

You can take advantage of these positive effects by using garlic either externally or internally. The most popular way to use garlic is to add it as a spice in various dishes.

There are tricks to ensure that the substances contained have a better effect. I will present these to you in the next chapters. Just as you can prevent or curb the unpleasant bad breath from the tuber.

There are not only dishes that you can cook with garlic. If there is inflammation in the mouth or caries, you can chew a clove of garlic until it has no taste.

The escaping juices have an antibacterial effect against these inflammations, so that they heal faster. This procedure is also said to help against cold and flu symptoms.

For this, you should chew three garlic cloves in a row several times a day. (Not always recommended due to bad breath, but a good “way out” if everything else fails).

Mixed with ginger, it can have a positive effect on diarrhea. To do this, cut the cloves of garlic into small pieces and boil them in half a liter of water with a few slices of ginger. Then pour everything through a sieve and drink the tea while it is still warm.

Inhaled allicin can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause lung disease, even multidrug-resistant strains. This form of administration should be used in a clinic since allicin must first be extracted and made inhalable.

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Garlic unfolds its effects not only internally. You can also use it externally

Applied to the skin, garlic can have a positive effect on wound healing. It does this by activating fibroblasts, which contribute a large part to wound healing. You can put a slice of garlic directly on the wound.

A slice of garlic can also help with corns, warts, pimples, and other skin inflammation. Note that the enzymes can cause redness or irritation if used for a long time.

Thus, before you apply the garlic to the affected areas overnight, you should test during the day how long your skin can easily tolerate the enzymes.

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Black or white garlic?

Black garlic is becoming increasingly popular. But what is actually behind it?

Contrary to what you might think at first glance, the black garlic is not a new plant. The special color results from a fermentation process of conventional garlic.

To do this, it is stored for several weeks at temperatures between 15.5 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity between 80 and 90 percent. This changes the chemical and physical properties.

For example, there is the typical black color and a reduction in taste. Studies have shown that black garlic also has a cardioprotective effect. It also has a protective effect against acute liver damage caused by carbon tetrachloride.

Whether black or fresh white garlic is better or worse cannot be determined in general. The composition is different, so in the best case, you should consume both variants regularly. Black garlic is available as a tuber, as a single clove or powdered.

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How to prevent the smell of garlic

As healthy as the garlic is, many people shy away from eating it because they do not want to have the unpleasant bad breath after consuming it.

It is not only here that garlic consumption is noticeable through smell. Your hands take on the typical garlic scent as soon as you cut the coves. The body also exudes the smell through the skin. So what to do about it?

After cutting, a paste of salt and lemon juice helps against the smell on the hands.

If you don’t have them on hand, coffee grounds, baking soda or vinegar (Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother*) should also help. Wash your hands thoroughly with these washing additives, your hands will no longer smell of garlic.

Brushing teeth hardly counteracts the bad breath caused by garlic. There are some natural ways to do this, though:

Herbs like mint or parsley
Coffee bean
Cow’s milk

You can add lemon, ginger, herbs and cardamom directly to the dish. Or, you can chew the herbs or the coffee bean directly after eating.

You can reduce body odor caused by garlic with sweaty activities such as sports or with a hot bath. This body odor usually only arises when you have consumed a lot of the tuber.

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Dear co-creators

As you can see, garlic is another natural remedy that can, together with a positive mindset, help you in the fight against many ailments and even more severe diseases.

With specific in and external garlic applications, you can achieve many positive health influences.

Tell us about your favorite recipe with garlic and how you integrate it into your diet. We are always looking forward to reading from you.

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