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It is Possible To Live With Inner Peace – How To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Focusing on how to reduce stress in your life should be one of your highest priorities. Only in the stress-free mode, YOU have the full control over your state of mind again.

You work more efficiently in all respects. You finish everyday tasks quickly, purposefully and effortlessly! Other people look up to you and seek your proximity. Plus, it’s way healthier for your body, mind and spirit.

How so? Because then you just radiate a completely different power and come along in everyday life much more positive.

A List Of Symptoms And Consequence Of Stress 

So let’s get started right away, here are your exercises:

Stress Relieving Facial Exercise

Most folks have the word “stress” written all over their faces. This is especially noticeable in people with office jobs.

The long hours staring at the screen strain the eyes and fatigue the facial muscles. This leads to strong tension. The face clearly reflects this motion.


In this exercise, we use the positive body feedback of your face.

Body feedback means that, as you deliberately relax your face, relaxation quickly spreads to your entire body.

The “facial tornado” is, therefore, the optimal face-gymnastics to relax.

How to do it:

1) Make sure you are sitting or standing straight. Take 3 deep breaths.

2) Make a few grimaces! Move your eyebrows quickly back and forth. In all possible directions. Pinch your lips together and release them. Wrinkle your forehead. Move it in all directions. Then, move your nose back and forth. Take as much time as you want.

3) Did you use all your facial muscles? Yes? Okay, then repeat the same for about 30-60 seconds longer.

4) Let your face relax. Notice how your face feels different than before.

What many people realize:

The cramped expression disappears, and the face immediately seems much more at ease and pleasant. As a result, the remaining stress in the body drops significantly.

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The Energy-Power Pose For Stress Reduction

If you have a strong posture, you feel relaxed and self-confident. With a weak posture, however, you feel anxious and tense (so stressed). With which posture do you usually go through your everyday life? Bent and cumbersome or straight and strong?


You can reduce stress quickly and targeted with the help of your body. Especially power poses are perfect for this..

Here, I show you one of the strongest power poses that I know and use.

That’s how it’s done:

1) Get up and straighten your back.

2) Stretch your arms with your palms open. The palms face up

3) Point your head up slightly and look up into the sky

4) Hold this pose for 30-60 seconds

5) In between, stand on your toes and stretch yourself even higher

6) Resolve the power pose. Note how your body feels completely different than a minute ago. Take this newfound power and relaxation into your daily routine and repeat it as often as needed.

Exercise Tips For Good Posture & Why it is So Vital For You

Foods That Reduce Stress

We often just miss a few nutrients when we are stressed out. This is our body’s way of getting our attention.

Many times, we then turn to sweets or fast food in stressful moments. This seems to work great for a short time, but it puts more strain on the body in the long run; it triggers stress.

You can eat these foods instead to get rid of stress

Foods For Stress Reduction:

1. Nuts

Nuts are the best nerve food ever. There are a lot of B vitamins and magnesium in them. These effectively eliminate stress. Every nut acts like a kiss.

2. Bananas

They contain the amino acid tryptophan, which the body uses to form the happiness hormone serotonin. Banana in, stress out!

3. Peppers

They contain a lot of vitamin C, which has a strong effect on stress-related fatigue.

4. Chocolate / Cocoa

Chocolate is known to be nerve food. However, not the whole milk variant, but the dark chocolate with high cocoa content. Dark chocolate is, therefore, a better nerve food than any other sugary variety.

Wholesome, Tasty And Simple Cocoa Recipes For Your Body & Soul

5. Ginger

Ginger and organic ginger tea* has an effect on the body’s serotonin household, which is one of the “feel-good” hormones. Studies have shown that Ginger can aid in the fight against anxiety and panic attacks just like any prescription benzodiazepine medicine.

Also, what helped me even further, and I am still applying daily, is drinking a green smoothie. I wrote an entire article about it where you can also get my recipe from. The main reasons why green smoothie helps are the high magnesium amount in the spinach and parsley, along with the calming ginger root.

What Are Green smoothies? - Benefits, Gourmet Tips & My Wholesome Recipe

Important tip: Avoid sugar and alcohol as much as possible. They give you a short energy boost, but shortly afterward a prolonged burnout, as well.


The Mental Mind-Trick To Reduce Stress

Doctors and psychologists found out:

The more negative you feel about your stress, the more damaging it is for you.


If you invite a date to your home, you might stress out. You have to clean the apartment quickly, take a shower, change clothes, etc. But that is not negative stress. You are looking forward to the evening. Thus, you experience stress positively.


But if, for instance, you find your job dull, have many daily extra-tasks, and perhaps regularly work overtime, then you feel that stress is very negative in the long run.

It’s in those situations that stress becomes harmful for your health and wellbeing.

Stress Resolving Mindtrick

Change your attitude to stress. Once you see stress as positive, you automatically change the response of your body and brain positively and feel better.

By the way, long-term psychological stress is a sign that you should change something about your situation or your thoughts about the situation.

However, take short-term stress as your ally, which you can use to your advantage!

It brings you to peak performance: It activates healing mechanisms, releases happiness hormones/Serotonin and natural anti-pain substances.

Ancient Technology From China: Drink Pure Energy

This method comes from the Qi Gong (an ancient Chinese martial arts and healing method). Qi Gong users achieve deep relaxation by consciously directing their vital energy.

In the East, water is considered a symbol of life energy. Without water, nothing functions.

The monks have the opinion that Western civilizations are so stressed because they pay no attention to the life energy (the water).

*Aquagear Water Pitcher - Enjoy Fluoride, Lead, Chloramine, Chromium- Free Water

The More Attentive You Are To The Life Energy, The More Energy You Have.

In this exercise, you will learn to sense the pure life energy (the water) and to feel for yourself how your body pulsates with viability and power.

Healing-WaterDrink energy like a Qi Gong master

1) Fill a glass with water. Take it in both hands.

2) Look at the glass of water. Realize: You look at pure life energy.

3) Be grateful that you hold the source of life in your hands. Not everyone has access to it.

4) Drink the pure life energy.

5) Do a little monks’ visualization exercise: close your eyes while drinking and imagine how you drink pure light. Feel how the light spreads within your body; enters each of your cells.

The genius of this exercise:

Although this exercise sounds easy & simple, it has a tremendous effect. It costs you less than one minute and is just as relaxing as 20 minutes of meditation. As a matter of fact, it creates its own powerful placebo effect.

I have summarized more regarding the placebo effect in this article:

What Is The Placebo Effect - Condition Your Mind For Healing 

Exercise Equals Care For Body & Mind

Your body is probably the best tool to shake off stress and chaotic thoughts.

If you physically move more in everyday life, you reduce stress automatically.

In the event that you have not done any sports before, start today! Think about what you like best and then pull it through.

You do not have to be a marathon runner or fitness junkie. Climbing, swimming, hiking, dancing, whatever attracts you is just perfect. Begin with it and experience for yourself how extremely fast you shake off all the negative.


Action Tip:

Take 5 minutes right now and think about what kind of movement or sport you might like.

Look where you can put in more exercise in everyday life (for example, bike instead of the car, stairs instead of the elevator, etc.)

By the way: Some people include more exercise (4-5 times a week), while others need less (1-3 times a week). Find your appropriate measure.

Daily Workout Motivation -How To Make Exercise Part Of Your Life

Go Offline & Freeze The Time

One of the biggest stressors of today’s society is by far the time!

Most people rush from one appointment to the next; one to-do to the other. The appointment book is packed, and the time pressure is enormous.


Everything has to move faster and faster; always more efficient. Nothing is ever good enough. More work, fewer breaks.

This hustle on performance leads many people directly into burnout.

For many people, this doesn’t even stop while they are on vacation! Even there, every day is fully planned and rushed.

Another Huge Dilemma:

Many people become accustomed to being constantly available. That can cause extreme stress. The smartphone constantly rings and vibrates. Even during their breaks, many are just looking at text messages or watching videos instead of sitting back. That can quickly exhaust the inner forces.

Therefore, go 1 time a day offline and “freeze” the time!

That’s how it’s done!

1) Take a day off the day you decided to go offline & forget the time.

2) It is recommended to spend the morning offline. Turn off your cell phone & laptop. So you begin your day relaxed and focused.

3) Even in the evening is a good time to go offline and to put the time on hold. This means, put down your watch and do not pay attention to the time.

The evening is completely yours. Do what you spontaneously feel like doing. But do not plan anything!

What many people notice:

These little offline breaks provide great relaxation and inner peace. Whenever possible, treat yourself to an offline break and freeze the time.

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Breathing Meditation: Deeply Relax In 3 Minutes

Meditation is the best relaxation exercise ever!

It makes you physically and mentally healthy, dissolves negative thoughts and also increases your body awareness.


Meditating and learning the right breathing technique is easy. You can do this without any prior knowledge and effort within 3 minutes.

That’s how to do it:

1) Sit or stand with your back straight. You can either close your eyes or leave them open.

2) Let go of the tension in the neck, shoulders and back

3) Breathe like this: Breathe deeply through the nose into the abdomen (until the belly bulges outwards). Then slowly exhale through the nose again.

4) Meditating for 3 minutes is enough for the beginning. You can also increase the time as needed.

By the way:

3 minutes deep meditation can replace 30 minutes of your sleep!

If you want to learn the meditation more closely and with more details, then I recommend my article:

Learning Meditation - 6 Ways for Beginners; Including Wim Hof

In this article, you will learn a meditation that will heal your body and give you strength from within. It also makes you stress-resistant and quickly gives you energy.

Let Go Of Old Weight & Pain From The Past

Unprocessed situations from your past create constant stress, which constantly operates in the background and drains your energy.

Most people carry the old pain of their past around in their lives. They do not realize that it deprives them of a lot of energy at work and at home.

A break-up with your partner, the boss yelled at you unjustifiably 2 months ago, etc., all that can trigger negative feelings within you.

Most people can not forget such negative experiences and hold on to the useless burdens for many years if not decades.


Although the negative situation is long gone, most folks play through the bleak feeling every single day. Big mistake and huge stress potential!

However, once you have managed to get rid of some of your past, you will feel much more relaxed in the long run.

That’s why I’ve prepared an article with the ultimate solution to letting go of negativity from the past. It truly is all about inner healing.

You will, furthermore, be amazed at how disheartening memories can dissolve when you are practicing forgiveness towards yourself and others. Please, enjoy the following post explaining how this technique works:

CBD Oil - Enjoy Natural Calmness And Healing Without The "High" Effect

Good Stress And Bad Stress – What’s The Difference?

To effectively learn how to reduce stress efficiently, you first need to understand what stress is, where it comes from, and how distress works.


Many see emotional tensions as something purely negative. Nevertheless, stress can be good for you, too.

Emotional strain means only that you are physically or mentally more tense than normal.

And now comes the fine lining:

A healthy amount of stress is good and even beneficial. Once it crosses a certain threshold, however, then it becomes harmful to you.

Where exactly this limit lies, in what exact manner the stress mechanism works and how you get this pressure under control, I explain to you now.

There are two forms of stress: good stress and bad stress

1) Good Stress

Good stress is the natural protective mechanism of your body. This stress sets in when:

1. You are attacked on the street at night
2. You lean too far out of the window on the 10th floor
3. You’re standing in front of a big lion

Good stress lasts only for a short time. It protects you from physical threats, increasing your performance and concentration during this time period.

This allows you to respond appropriately to the danger. It enhances your fighting power, focus or escape reflex.

When the danger is over, the body releases the “danger signal” and you relax immediately.

This type of stress is only harmful to you if you are permanently exposed to it.

2) Bad Stress

All About Stress And How the Different Stress Types Affect You

Permanent mental stress is bad stress!

This includes permanent time pressure, emotional force to perform and social strain.

The keyword here is: permanent!


Because short-term pressure can motivate you to achieve a goal and do a job properly. However, if you’re permanently put under this mental stress, then you can manifest big problems.

Poor handling of mental stress can make your nerves go limp soon and you just collapse. This is called a “burnout.”

First warning signs for poor handling of stress:

1. Tension or pain in the neck, shoulders, back, etc.
2. Mental stress in the form of fears, worries and negative thoughts
3. you suffer greatly under pressure of time and performance
4. When you cannot consciously switch off negative thoughts and stress

Now it’s your turn! Choose the exercises that you like the most and start today!

Now you know how to reduce stress in your life. You now have everything you
need to get started.

Important though: Of course, you have to put things into practice every day if you want to reduce your pressure level effectively. Many people read through tips, but then they do not put them into action. Yet, afterward, they wonder why they are still so stressed.

Ayurveda - Nature's way of healing & nourishing you body, mind & soul


Do not be one of them. Pick a tip that you want to implement and start without procrastination.

These methods have already helped many people on how to decrease emotional strains easily and successfully. And with that, you made it to the end of the article. I congratulate to you!

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