How To Recharge Energy – 8 Tips To Boost Your Vitality


How To Recharge Energy And Strength

Negative factors such as adrenaline, stress and anxiety reduce your energy. Without this strength, however, we usually are not very productive and focused; that’s just a law of nature. Our condition depends heavily on how we manage our energy resources. The stronger we feel, the happier, more successful and active we are. So let me give you some simple, yet effective, tips on how to recharge energy and keep the level up during the day.

In truth, there are an incredible number of ways to recharge your batteries and reduce energy blockages. I have picked and want to present to you several energy-level fillers and show you the best ways on how you can get a decent “boost”.


Eat healthy food

Put food on your diet that your body really needs. Search, if necessary, for a good nutritionist, otherwise, there are plenty of articles on our website with lots of valuable tips regarding healthy nutrition and mindful eating.

Make gradual changes if you need to completely change your diet. Replace soft drinks with mineral water, one week later substitute chocolate (except extra dark chocolate) with protein bars.

It’s best to introduce such dietary differences one step after the other, so that it doesn’t become too overwhelming for you.

Over the next few months, salads, fruits and vegetables will be on the menu. Proper energy and vitamin bombs are all kinds of healthy foods.

Whole grains, olive oil, carrots, apples, bananas, peppers, cabbage, spinach, garlic, onion, squash, kale, corn, broccoli, nuts (unsalted), fish, homemade smoothies and juices and quite a lot water all belong in this category.

The human body consists of two-thirds of water. The body processes any other liquid as food and, thus, cannot cover the water requirement of the body. The equivalent of a person weighing 165 pounds needs about 1.5 liters of water per day. Drinking water is, therefore, the ideal way to recharge your body’s energy and strength.

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Drinking water

The human body is about 75% water. Water is an excellent conductor of electrical energy. All actions of the brain and the central nervous system depend on a good conduction of the electrical current. Especially before important presentations or appointments, it is essential to consume plenty of it.

Foods that contain natural water, such as fruits and vegetables, help lubricate the system (including the intestines). But that is not all. Water also stimulates the lymphatic system.

This system is responsible for the removal of slag and toxins. Especially under stress, the body releases a number of toxins. These on the other hand, must be broken down, in order not to cause lasting damage.

Basically, 2 liters of water per day are ideal, but, unfortunately, we too often forget about this rule, or we decide to consume some other beverage instead. We must, therefore, pay attention to drinking water regularly. It’s best to always keep a small bottle of water handy, so you can take a few sips in between.

A thumb of rule is that once you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Thus, always prevent this feeling of need to drink something. When you drink, however, do make sure that it, indeed, is water, as other liquid gets processed as food and cannot meet the body’s water needs.

Some drinks, such as coffee, even withdraw water from the cells. Drink a glass of water with each coffee. This way, you balance the fluid requirement of the body again. Also, pay attention to the pH level of your water.

Make sure it’s in the alkaline range, so your body doesn’t get too acidic, which can lead to many chronic diseases and other illnesses. You can find more information about this in my article below.

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Movement and Sports

If you do various exercises or sports, you should always make sure that you enjoy it. That’s the only way to stay motivated and don’t get fed up with it altogether. If possible, you should always go to the fresh air for your workout. Moving around in the sun also boosts the energy flow once again due to the absorption of vitamin D.

At the same time, the circulation stabilizes and the immune system strengthens. Always remember that the results are steadily increasing and not immediately recognizable. And, do not forget to put sunscreen on – even on cloudy days!

Sport should not be an option but a daily or at least weekly routine. Better yet, you should make it part of your newly adopted lifestyle. Just try different styles. When something becomes uninteresting and boring, then it’s time for a change. Just try something new.

If sport is not fun at all, but you still want to recharge your batteries, then go for a stroll. No matter where you are, when you’re going for a walk, you will not get bored. There are always new things to see and discover. During an hour of walking, you burn between 250 to 350 calories, depending on the speed.

Plus, your brain receives an extra amount of oxygen, which helps to release euphria hormones (happy hormones). Thus, your well-being automatically increases, and that alone is worth the effort.

Then, there is also the option for targeted massaging, pressing, rubbing and holding of certain parts of the body (acupressure). When done correctly, this has proven to be effective, as well.


Medicinal plants and herbs

These are just right for revving up the immune system. Stinging nettle, wild garlic, along with many other herbs, provide the organism with just the perfect amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that it needs for smooth functioning. Let’s take a closer look:


The plant is one of the best-known herbs in our latitudes. Its active ingredients are well researched. The stinging nettle contains plenty of minerals, especially iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and flavonoids. These purify the blood and stimulate kidney activity. Make yourself a tea or take the young shoots (without the bristly, burning hair) and mix yourself a wild-herb salad.

Wild garlic

The plant is often referred to as “wild garlic” because of its smell and taste. Wild garlic is a true vitamin C bomb. But the plant also contains an abundance of leek oils, minerals and mucilage. Like its tame brother, the regular garlic, the plant supports the digestive system, is fortifying and hematopoietic.

Johannis herbs

The plant helps against depressive moods. It consists of various active ingredients that are similar in their mode of action to the happiness hormone serotonin.

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Chinese methods

The Chinese move around a lot in the fresh air to combat their tiredness. To do so, they also resort to Tai Chi exercises, which they mostly practice in nature. However, they, furthermore, know how to transform the simplest everyday tasks into effective exercises.

Comb hair

Stand upright or sit and breathe slowly and calmly. Now move with all fingers from the front hairline firmly back over the scalp. Repeat this until the skin on your head begins to tingle. Through this massage, the nerve endings receive an extra amount of blood. In addition, it releases congestion and boosts circulation.

Wash the face

Stand or sit as upright as possible during the exercise. Breathe calmly. Now rub both palms against each other until they are warm. Next, place the warm hands on your forehead and stroke over your cheeks. Then stroke from the center of the face over the ears to the back of the head and over the neck. This exercise stimulates the circulation of the facial skin. If possible, repeat several times. You will feel refreshed afterward.

Foot massage

In this massage, you have to rub and knead the muscles of the lower legs first. In addition, you must pluck the Achilles tendon strongly. Finally, you massage the soles all the way to the toes. This exercise should give tired legs and also the whole body momentum. If the Achilles tendon pluck hurts, it means there is a tension.



Sleep is vital! The organism needs it to recover, and the brain to absorb new things and to process experiences. An animal deprived of sleep for long periods dies. In humans, they even use sleep deprivation as a form of torture for attrition.

Simply stated, in the “slow” sleep phases one recovers from physical effort and establishes a connection with the mental level during REM (rapid eye movement) cycle.

Good sleep throughout the night is a guarantee of general well-being, optimal performance during the day and overall good quality of life! A good night’s rest fulfills important biological functions, as scientists have discovered in recent years.

During sleep, the brain rearranges, memory contents are linked and consolidated. In addition, at night the metabolic processes recover, and the immune system strengthens.


Being in control of your own life is essential so as not to waste too much energy. Here are some energy-saving tips for everyday life:

Set priorities in your life and start saying “no” more often. Take control of your own life and the time available to you by setting clear boundaries.
Think positive. Negative thoughts and worries cost a lot of energy. Your thoughts also create your reality. Surround yourself with positive people and not with “Drama queens/kings”.
Write down your goals and dreams, that will give you clarity and help you to “live” your life. Keep this list visible so that the thoughts in your head stay alive.

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After waking, sleeping and dreaming, meditating is sometimes referred to as the fourth state of consciousness that helps us to strengthen the power of our five senses.

Whether you perform meditation while standing, while sitting or lying down – you should always interrupt the constant flow of thoughts, ideas and ambitions. Instead, aim for bringing about a state of complete inner peace.

In the Buddhist meditation of Za-Zen, the meditators sit cross-legged on a pillow, their hands resting on each other’s lap, with their thumbs touching each other. The eyes are slightly open and directed to a point on the ground about a meter away.

They breathe light and slowly. Although they do register ascending thoughts and feelings, they simply ignore them and do never attempt to pursue or focus on them. The sense of meditation is “to be in the present moment”. Occasionally, it is also recommended to observe the flow of your own breath to regain your focus.


Personal note

My dear co-creators, thus, there are no more excuses for you. With the above tips, you are guaranteed to find at least one suitable tool to help you resolve the old issue on how to recharge energy.

Remember that you are holding the power in you, and if you want to be energized, fit, strong and healthy again, then all it takes is for you to make up your mind to become just that.

The power lies within your thoughts and imagination. Afterward, apply a bit of inspired action, and then just give it some time. I ascertain you will see results. Especially if you are going to change your lifestyle and eating habits. You will only obtain the most stunning benefits from taking this step forward.

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Please, let us know in the comment section below, what you did or are planning to do in order to regain your energy. We are always eager and excited to hear from you, and your thoughts, opinions and well-being are important to us.

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