How To Lose Upper Thigh Fat (Against all Odds)

The Rocket Science Behind “How To Lose Upper Thigh Fat” Revealed

If you’ve been asking yourself how to lose upper thigh fat, then I can answer you that slimming down your thighs is not that hard after all.  You will, however, need a strategy; otherwise, it will not work out.

In order to be able to lose weight on the thighs, you should learn a lot in advance so that you will have success all along the way. We’ll now talk about what is needed, and how you can manage to permanently lose weight on your thighs.

Dieting will make you lose weight all over your body. If a general weight loss is your goal, you may, of course, wish to include a diet. Or, you can simply implement a week or two (or three) of intermittent fasting. It’s one of the greatest and most natural ways of dieting. Please, check out our in-depth article regarding this topic.

What is intermittent fasting good for - Simple explanation & to the point

If you only want to lose weight on the thighs, you should always provide enough food for your body. There are other ways than fasting to remove, tighten and shape your thighs. These techniques are absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to your nutrition.

In order to boost your metabolism, you will have to eat lots of fresh and healthy foods. This will make it easier for you to succeed in your thigh weight-loss journey. Nevertheless, I need to mention that many do not succeed in losing weight on their thighs.

The reason is simple – there is hardly any practical guide on how to do it. There’s always just talk about losing weight, but the part of how to lose fat in specific body areas remains often ignored.

What you require the most is some discipline over the next several weeks. It’s a good plan, and if you stick to it, thigh fat will not be a problem anymore for you in the future. As you go through the article, you’ll understand more and more why that’s going to happen.


lose-upper-thigh-fat-with-foodYour Nutrition

You should eat healthily and observe some rules.

It is very important that you eat low-fat food so that you consume as little fat as possible, or only healthy fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, grapes oil, etc.

You should place great value on a high-fiber diet.

Put simply, fiber ensures you’re full for a long time, don’t get hunger anytime soon, plus it has very few calories. Fiber, furthermore, promotes weight loss, is healthy and helps to stimulate your metabolism without you being starving.

As I said, it is not primarily a matter of decreasing your food intake in general, but of boosting your metabolism. A highly active metabolism is of the essence in order to lose weight, specifically on your thighs.

Lose Weight on Your Thighs with Targeted Exercise

For the ones of you who absolutely don’t like sports, now come the bad tidings: You don’t get around exercising if you want to lose weight on your thighs. It is important that you put some muscle effort in the places where you want to lose weight during sport – that is, in your case, on the thighs.

The advantage is, of course, you don’t need as long as if you want to shape and train the entire body. The reason why sport is necessary is quite simple: The movement and targeted exertion on the thighs, promotes blood circulation, among other things. Your thighs get detoxified, and their complexion improves.




The improvement of the skin is usually already noticeable within a few days and motivates you to continue.

The increased blood flow spurs your metabolism on. This is important so that body fat can be broken down better.

In addition, through sport, your muscles will increase.

Muscles help burn even more fat, because they consume some energy at rest, thus they become an “automated fat burning plant.” In addition, a decent muscle tone does look sexy. Below you will find more tips for promoting your metabolism in order to be able to lose weight faster on your thighs.

Getting Busy in the Gym

Maybe you’re already enrolled in a gym, or you’ve already thought about going to a fitness center. In the gym, you also have the opportunity to train in a very targeted way in order to be able to lose weight on your thighs. As a rule, all studios are also designed for abdominal leg butt exercises.

There are, devices, such as the leg press machine, where you have to squeeze yourself away from the device with your legs. The training works your thighs and butt very strongly. The abductors are also popular. There you have to push the weights with your knees outwards. As a result, you build up the outer muscles.

With the leg stretcher, you push the weight up with your legs. This exercise also targets the thighs and the buttock.  In many gyms, you can also find a device with an integrated roll massager.

It is a device that promotes blood circulation, stimulates your metabolism and supports detoxification; exactly what you need. Especially women are very fond of using this machine to stimulate problem areas.

How-To-Lose-Upper- Thigh-Fat-In-Gym


There are numerous exercises you can do at home to reduce your inner thigh fat as well. Before we get into the details though, I want to offer some little tips in advance. There are many ways in your home and in everyday life to do something supportive so that you can lose weight on your problem zones.

Many people, however, neglect these little, but effective, tips, because they are small and simple. However, these tricks pile up so much in everyday life, that it’s really worthy again to pay attention to them.


Stairs, Household and Car Parking  

Walk a little longer, because it is an excellent exercise to tone your thigh muscles. Before you take an elevator, rather climb up the stairs. It may cost a few more minutes, but you won’t notice those few minutes that much.

You will get rewarded for it after a few weeks later, however, when you finally have lost weight on your thigh.

Keep your household in check! Clean up, clear your garage, bring the garbage out, wipe and dust, vacuum the floor, etc. Everything you move from one place to another helps you to get firmer thighs. Exercise is the absolute Alpha and Omega all when it comes to dropping some weight.




Use your common sense during the day regarding how you can burn more calories. Most people are looking for a parking space close to their desired entrance, because they simply are too lazy to walk. Do it differently in the future. If you are traveling by car, then look for a parking spot that is further away.

The nice side effects of doing so are that you’ll easier find a parking area, and the risk that your car will be damaged by others while parking and/or getting in & out also drops significantly.


It’s True, the 80s brought us the Very Best

If you want to walk through life lighter, then Callanetics is a perfect choice.  Callanetics, introduced in the early 80s, is an intensive mix of gymnastics, ballet and yoga, which is ideally suited to tone thighs and buttocks.

Success is imminent in the long run. Frequent repetition of gentle movements that tighten the entire body without creating a muscular appearance will ultimately lead to your goal.

With discipline, sport, and a healthy, balanced diet, you can win the fight against stubborn thing fat and other problem areas, so you can experience an elated to start into a lighter and refreshed summer, which will make you want even more out of your beautiful life.



If you enjoyed this post about how to lose upper thigh fat, have any questions, comments, suggestions or would like to share your personal story with us, please feel free to do so below.

I’m always looking forward to helping you out with new advice, motivation and information.

Much love and blessings to you…Always remember that you are beautiful and unique, so keep on shining!  you- are- beautiful -and -precious


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