How To Know Yourself & The Role Of The Silent Observer

How to know yourself and practice self inquiry

It’s so good that you are there to find out how to know yourself. It’s a great start to have an interest in the truth that you wish to know more. I’ll tell you right at the beginning that every person asks themselves the question “Who am I actually?”. However, only very few investigate this question further. Perhaps also because this spiritual path of self-remembrance is not encouraged by our society.

The way we’re currently growing up, we’re just learning how to function in a given job. So we are the cogs in a large system and often just feel the futility of the whole game. This is one of the first steps in how to kn ow yourself: you open yourself to the fact that what you now accept as the truth may not be the truth at all.

What we are looking for is actually in the realm of the unknown. We are not fully aware of what we truly are.

This means that from now on we start to find out everything about ourselves that we don’t already know. This requires self-awareness.

With self-awareness you focus your attention on yourself. It is beneficial to learn meditation at the same time.

What you can perceive in yourself are initially thoughts, body sensations and feelings. Then later also deeper experiences such as infinite love or merging with life.

A very, very big step, however, towards how to know yourself is already taken when you are able to observe your thoughts. They are the biggest illusion in the whole game of how to know yourself.

Many people think they are what they think of themselves. They also believe that what they think about others, the world and life is the truth.

In fact, today’s thoughts are basically just a result of our past. That means we think the way we have learned from others.

Realizing what we really are and what we have inherited from others is the most important step in self-remembrance.

Who we really are surfaces when our thinking takes a break.

Plunge into the stillness and learn how to know yourself

Silence is essential when it comes to finding out how to know yourself. In the stillness, the mirror of what you are emerges. For this it is necessary that the outer stream of influences cease. So we have to consciously go into silence.

Only when it gets quiet outside are we confronted with our inner being. A lot of people are afraid of that because it’s not so quiet in there. For many there is a great deal of unrest, there are strange feelings and many other things that they cannot specify. That’s why most people are also afraid of being by themselves. They seek distraction from being in their own company and bonding with their true self.

Self-remembrance, however, lives from the fact that we consciously confront ourselves with everything that we can perceive within ourselves.

These are primarily these 3 levels:

1- Thoughts that we perceive
2- Body sensations that we feel
3- Feelings that we experience

You can only learn how to know yourself when you let go, perceive your inner self and really do nothing with it. What you perceive just wants your attention. Not more. So you don’t have to do anything with it because things will change by themselves.

The role of the silent observer

For your self-awareness you have to surrender to everything that is in you. The important thing is that you don’t react to it. The reactions are your old imprints from the past. You used to learn how to deal with things. Today you can learn that you don’t have to do anything. To do this, you take on the role of the silent observer who perceives what is happening on its own in a completely neutral manner.

So you are allowed to let things happen: thoughts, body sensations and feelings. They have a life of their own and your task is only to perceive them consciously. It is important that you do not cling to anything and do not repress anything.

Don’t repress feelings, sensations, or thoughts that you judge to be bad. Let whatever happens happen.

So, in the time of your self-inquiry, you stop actively thinking. You can become more and more aware that you are thinking right now. You don’t give your thoughts any more energy. You become aware of your thoughts and then also perceive your body and your feelings. By noticing your body and your feelings, thinking stops by itself, at least for a moment.

Also you will realize that your thoughts and feelings disappear, and that will prove to you that you are not any of them. You are the silent observer. You are this eternal being that’s part of the divine source – we all are! And that’s why we are all one.

In these moments you experience a form of stillness. The stillness of thought. Even this experience can be a great gift for many people, although it is only the beginning of a longer journey.

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