How To Help Panic Attacks To Vanish – 10 Self-Proven Tips


How To Help Panic Attacks To Vanish.

Yes, You Can Do It!

Help panic attacks to vanish can seem like a “mission impossible,” although it really is not. This is especially the case when sneaky panic attacks tend to hit you out of nowhere, without any reason and forebodings.

Large queues in front of the ticket office, overcrowded public transportation, crowds in the pedestrian zone, a traffic jam or even during the flight on holiday, panic attacks sneak up merciless and uncaring where you are at the time being or what you’re doing.

For many people, the question of how to help panic attacks to vanish seems too complex to be answered, as they feel overpowered.

If activities or situations that are part of everyday life for most people, and are actually something quite “normal,” are the purest “horror” for you, then you suffer from panic attacks and, therefore, are one of the approximately 2.4 million American citizens who are no different.

You Are Not Fighting This Fight Alone.

There’s no way that you have to feel ashamed of it or become an outcast. It is an inconvenient, annoying and challenging phenomena of today’s society and stress-related. That’s also why the panic “trend”, unfortunately, is rising every year.

Panic attacks can occur in a wide variety of situations and not everyone experiences them the same. The duration and frequency of a panic attack are also different from one distressed person to another.

There are sufferers who can hold a speech to thousands of people without any problems, but as soon as they need to board a plane, the fear prevails and they panic.

Basically, every person experiences panic attacks during the course of his life. And there is no human being in this world who is completely fearless. So to speak, we are all affected; just some to a greater extent than others.

The main questions are:

1- How do I deal with my anxiety?
2- How much does fear affect my life?
3- Why do I have this fear? What was or is the trigger?
4- What can I do about it?

On this page, I would like to respond to you. Respond with answers which I always looked for when I’ve still ben affected myself. I had essential questions regarding my ailment with no one to provide me feedback.

I was confused and scared; feeling trapped misunderstood and completely isolated with my panic disorder. Again, there was no one who had a resolution for me.


Thus, one fine day, I quit! I gave up the fight. I sat there and said to myself: ”Go ahead, already. Take my breath away; give me that heart attack, let me collapse and die!

Take me already! I’m done, I’m not fighting you anymore. You won!” And then I simply surrendered. And, you all can take my word for it – I literally felt the higher source, the Universe, stepping up and working within me.

It was a cinch – a painless and plain-sailing transition. Thus, here I am today, extremely grateful, and with the purpose in life to help fellow sufferers breaking free of this vicious cycle, as well.

I didn’t need prescription medicine – nothing at all! The only thing I required was the willingness to rewire my brain with the guidance of the Universe.

So, please, before writing anything else regarding this important, yet always pushed aside, topic, let me begin by sharing the advice on help and self-help in panic attacks and anxiety disorder situations.

It has aided me many times, and it will support you, too. I’ve put my blessings for you into these words, so they may lead you to freedom. I wrote a separate article for those of you who wish to learn more in-depth information about panic and anxiety attacks.

Causes Of Panic Attacks In People

And, please, never forget: Panic attacks and anxiety disorders are neither dangerous nor impossible to get rid of!

Let’s move on to the real subject of our post.  help-with-panic-attacks

Read through these 10 rules calmly and as often as you can. It’s best to internalize all 10 guidelines to get lasting results with how to help panic attacks to vanish.

They truly are and have been, a great first-aid kit for many who experience panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

While those tips really work great, once you have the right mindset, I do have a truly wonderful remedy or “potion” that really helps you to rewire your mind and, in the long term,  might be the solution and cure for your disorder, too.

I encourage you to, furthermore, read the following, as most of our brains are focused too much on the bad and negative happenings; thus, we have troubles to access the required viewpoint. There is a help, once you completely understand that you are the master of this and every situation.

Stress And Panic Disorder Be Gone The Holistic Way

1. Always remember that your feelings of anxiety and the physical symptoms that occur are nothing more than an “increase” in normal body reaction in a stressful situation.

2. Such feelings and body reactions are very unpleasant but neither dangerous nor harmful in any way. Nothing bad will happen.

3. Do not rise into even greater anxieties in panic situations through thoughts such as: “What will happen” and “Where can this lead.”

4. Just focus on what is really happening around you and with your body – not what could happen in your imagination.

5. Wait and give fear time to pass. Don’t fight your fear! Don’t run away, but accept the fear! Be mindful; acknowledge the fear, embrace it and release it. Do you know that you are space? You are endless and ever existent. On the other hand, emotions and feelings are like the wind, for instance. They’re passing through space at all times, but they never stay forever.


Some might linger somewhat longer, but you can be certain of the fact that they, too, will move on when the time is right. Just don’t engage with your emotions and feelings. Be okay with them appearing within you, but don’t get involved.

Say “I don’t mind that you’re here.” And soon you’ll see that those sensations will move on, because you didn’t nourish them enough for them to prolong their visit. It’s that simple. Train yourself to think this way; this will change your life forever.

6. Breath mindfully and calmly. Take deep breaths in through your nose, and be conscious of the cool air entering every cell of your body. Make sure you engage your stomach and diaphragm instead of your lungs. Hold your breath for about 15 seconds, and then release it through your mouth.

While doing so, feel the energy flowing through your body. Watch the fear diminish on its own as you stop to step into your thoughts (fear of fear). The breathing technique is extremely useful to prevent you from hyperventilating. Hyperventilation is anyway such a bizarre occurrence.

If you sincerely couldn’t breathe, then you couldn’t hyperventilate at all. Hyperventilation means you are forcing too much oxygen into your lungs and your brain; thus, you’ll feel light-headed, which, naturally, enhances the panic feeling.

Don’t you agree that it’s bizarre now? Next time you believe that you’ll suffocate, think about my words from above. You’re wasting your time with hyperventilation, rather stick to my mentioned breathing-method.

7. Remember that when practicing, it’s just about learning to deal with the fear – not avoiding it.  It’s all about mind over matter – this is the only way to give yourself a chance to make progress.


8. Keep inner goals in mind; what progress you have already made – despite all the difficulties. Remember how satisfied you will be if you succeed this time, as well.

How to help panic attacks to vanish takes the right mindset.

Thus, reward yourself for every single baby-step you make. Connect with your inner child. Remind it how brave it has been throughout all this time, and that you’re so proud of it. Pamper yourself, nourish your soul.

9. If you’re suffering from panic attacks and an anxiety disorder, then you’re most likely very tense most of the time.

This ongoing tension favors panic attacks enormously. Even these tensions, however, can be countered very well by learning to relax and soothe your body and mind.

Learning To Relax Is Easier Than You Think

Learning from a relaxation method is recommended by most doctors and therapists. Especially for panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and stress, progressive muscle relaxation is used with great success in therapy. It is easy and quick to learn and can be applied anywhere immediately, for example, during an emerging panic attack.

There are exceptionally good relaxation and meditation apps on the Google store, such as Headspace, Calm, and Dare – Break free from Anxiety, etc. They are free with an in-app purchase.

I didn’t provide links because they aren’t completely free; you can find them on Google Apps and in the Apple store, though. I can recommend them, however, and I still have Headspace and Calm on my phone, because I just love listening to the relaxing voices and sounds at night.

Here is a great article that can teach you how to learn to relax and let stress go permanently. Please, check it out:

How To Reduce Stress In Your Life - Inner Peace & Happiness

10. Try meditation and pick up some yoga. You don’t have to be made of elastic, for goodness sake. Yoga for beginners can be done by anyone. My neighbor is 87, and she’s enjoying yoga classes twice a week. if you feel uncomfortable leaving your home, then get yourself a yoga mat and check on YouTube.

There’re so many wonderful people who share quality videos on how to do yoga for free with the rest of the world. With yoga, you’re nurturing both, your body and spirit at the same time. Plus, you’ll get distracted. Your focus will be on your new yoga pose instead of the panic that’s trying to creep up on you.


For meditation, we already have an article ready for you. The post includes a short and guided meditation for beginners. I will add more in the future, as well. For now, here’s the link:

Meditation Tips, Meditation for Weight Loss & Step-By-Step Meditation

Try it, and give it some time. Your mind is a stubborn and powerful tool. It will try to wander off, which is alright. Remember, don’t relate to your emotions and feelings. Treat them like the wind: Let them pass through your space (you) without attachment, and you’ll find yourself back and focused on your meditation, again.

Now that we’ve covered the ten tips for you, I really and truly wish that they will help many affected people out there. Just remember – you are not alone, and we all need a little support sometimes before we can help ourselves.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t succeed instantly. It took your whole life for your brain to adapt to the thought pattern that you’re using right now, thus, it’s just normal that it will take some time to erase those old beliefs and start anew.

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  1. Great post. I was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder about 7 yrs ago and have found coping strategies that work for me. First, it was cognitive therapy then trying something very new to me, meditation, then onto calming spa music, then yoga. It has been a bit of a lifestyle change and I can say that I now successfully manage my panic and anxiety.
    I can remember being in panic mode and literally talking myself down in my mind, reminding myself that I wasn’t dying of a heart attack and that it was only my body reacting chemically (if that even makes sense lol it was what I kept telling myself and it worked). After about 30 -45 seconds in a panic state, I felt like I had literally just ran a marathon, I was so exhausted. I found that I wanted to avoid the places where I had those attacks occur and had to force myself to go back into those spaces and find coping strategies that allowed me to be able to freely move around. I did experience a little agoraphobia and I remember asking my doctor if he thought I should take time off work, to which he replied, absolutely NOT. I would be giving in to those feelings and soon wouldn’t want to leave my house at all. I’m forever grateful that he encouraged me to continue living my normal life finding ways to cope with my symptoms because now I am in control of the disorders, they don’t control me.

    Love your post. Great work!


  2. Hi, Tracy.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. Yes, I experienced agoraphobia, too. You’re right: It’s more energy consuming than running a marathon and writing your SAT test at the same time; so, are panic attacks in common. I’m very happy to hear that you got yours under control, and it was a wise decision from your doctor to let you continue going to work. Otherwise, you’d be completely cut off from this world by now. What worries me a little within your post is that you said: “I can now successfully manage my panic and anxiety.” This means that, somewhere deep within your subconscious mind, you’re still believing that you’re suffering from the disorder. If you wouldn’t think that way you wouldn’t have anything to manage. Continue working on your mind settings. Try listening to affirmations for your subconscious mind, which are specifically created to erase the idea of having to manage and control your panic and anxiety attacks.

    I’m sending you lots of warm wishes, healing energy and happiness.



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