How To Find The Purpose In Life – Sharing My 10 Steps To A Fulfilled Life


10 Steps on “How to Find The Purpose In Life, And What is My Calling?”

What activity gives me meaning in life? Here are some steps that will help you to find out. Everyone knows the phases of their lives when you have no idea where to go. What is my life’s task? What is my vocation? How to find the purpose in life? These are the questions that we ask ourselves daily in such situations.

In addition, there is often a tormenting and grueling feeling, because we put ourselves under pressure and curse the state of ignorance. Just these two side effects make life uncomfortable.

In the following article, I put together 10 points that can help you on your way to your destiny. These 10 guidelines have helped me a lot in my life.

1. Accept The Present Situation

Yes, I know, life is not fun when we have no plan how to proceed; what we should do next. But, perchance you are in this situation right now to learn to do nothing.

Not only action belongs to the experience of being human, but also the non-action. So how good are you in enduring the silence, without any distraction and expectation?



My advice: Go alone into the forest or to a place where no one can find you. Sit down on the floor and remain there for a few hours; only you, the forest, its inhabitants and the natural silence.

Realize THAT, what IS: The atmosphere of being at the moment. Watch your feelings. How does it feel to just be? Are there voices or feelings in you that cause anxiety and rush?

Hear them, observe them, feel them and try to befriend them. Anything you make your friend will not be a hindrance to you anymore.

Whenever you are in this moment, without knowing where to go, trust that life will send you signals at the right time. Thus, be patient.

At times when I want to change something, no matter what it is, I have to accept the current circumstances first. This means that I should first make peace with my situation at this juncture.

Only when I became friends with it, can I effectively use it to get closer to my life’s purpose – my purpose. Accept the state as it is.

Levels of existence - All lies in the present moment

2. How to find purpose in life: Start Meditating

I have been meditating for a few years now. Meditation is one of the most valuable practices that life has given me for self-discovery. It strengthens the connection to ourselves and to our life.

If I am not really connected to myself, if I have no vision in my head and am chased by confused thoughts, then it becomes clear to me that I have neglected my meditation.

So, if you want more clarity and mindfulness in your life, take a dip in a meditation class. If you want to combine meditation and movement, you can look at Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga.

For meditating, we do not necessarily have to go into a “complicated posture”. It is enough if we sit upright on a chair and direct our full attention to our breath. If we notice how we are distracted by thoughts, we return to our breath again and again.

We observe the inflow and outflow of air as well as the expansions and retraction of our ribcage and abdomen. This normally takes a minute. Feel free to repeat these simple steps whenever you wish – for example, when you are in the shopping queue or waiting for the bus.

Through meditation we become calmer and more relaxed; we become more creative and concentrated, Furthermore, meditation strengthens our immune system, as well. Meditation can be a great help to you, to see the path in your life through the arising calmness of thought.

How Meditation Restructures Your Brain

3. Follow Your Interests

Some people spend a lot of money on seminars and coaching to find their destiny and to finally find out why they are in the world. You can save this effort if you just follow your interests.

There is a sign that we are following our meaning of life or not. This symptom is as simple as it is meaningful: it is our inner joy, our deep zest for life and our ardent enthusiasm.


Every time we feel that happiness, and we think we could not spend time more meaningfully, we have done something that is part of how to find purpose in life!

This simple remedy is the best way to find and live our personal meaning.

And, if you do not know what your heart would like to do, then search for it.

Because even for you there is so much to experience in this world. Ask at your community college for courses that interest you, and visit other continuing education opportunities.

Ask yourself what you used to do in the past that was making you feel good, and begin with it. Just try something that you think might bring you joy.

4. Challenge Your Senses

Our body, mind and soul are excited about challenges. To maintain our creative potential, we should keep them moving and giving them tasks. We do this by training our different senses, building our skills and learning new things.



So keep an eye out for having a handful of hobbies that will give you pleasure and enrich your life.

See that as a person you are challenged on different levels to activate and train the various areas of your brain.


My tip: Learn new instruments, sports, languages, handicrafts, activities, etc. Begin to paint, sing, dance, give lectures or even hold seminars. The world has so much to offer and you can try all of its diversities as a human. Make the most of your time on Earth and learn as much as possible of what interests you!

5. How to find purpose in life: Care For Variety

Variety is a helpful supporter in order for us to find creative answers to our life questions. Only when our being is “on the move” will we find clever ideas for what we want to do next.

Thus, it can make sense not only to challenge one’s different senses but also to constantly experience something new. Visits, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, lectures, courses and festivals offer varied opportunities.


They don’t necessarily cost much money, either. Even without money, it’s just a new exercise for your creativity.

Walking the streets to experience new things (big cities are very good for this) is fun.

It is also enough to explore new cities or neighborhoods. You will always take new impressions away.

However, we also have diversity when we change the usual things in everyday life. How about a new shop for buying your groceries? Or, would you like to try a new diet (vegan, flexitarian, vegetarian, raw food, Mediterranean, nordic, etc.)?

How about a new route to your workplace? Just try to change the things you’ve gotten used to. The advantage is that our minds stay fit when they are constantly challenged and they have to adapt to new situations. It’s the best thing to do to remain vital and young inside!

6. Connect Yourself

Other important keys to find purpose in life are what contacts to your fellow human beings you keep. They influence whether you lead a life in boring routine or whether life challenges you.

If the constant “watching movies” and “drinking in the pub” is too monotonous for you, get up and meet new people. Look for people from whom you can learn and who are meaningful companions of your life.

You always recognize these persons when you feel attracted to them, even if you cannot explain it logically. Be open to these people and seize the opportunity when they step into your life.


My tip: You can accelerate this process by thinking about where to find these folks. Visit the appropriate events and places to attend and meet new people.

This is also possible in every day-to-day situation: on the train, on a park bench, in the café and even on the street.

It is permissible to address “strangers” who awake your curiosity purely through their outward appearance.

This is also a good exercise to overcome fears and regain courage. Because you will find that most people are happy about your contact and would like to have a nice conversation with you.

So, venture out into the unknown to make new friends. Always be with the people who already have something of what you are working on manifesting for yourself, too.

* Doge-Coin-To-The-Moon

7. Listen To Your Gut Feeling

Another big part of how to find my purpose in life was the realization that the channel of creativity blocks every time we ponder a solution. Creativity, which can help us in the task and meaning search, comes in the moments in which we begin to let go and free ourselves from any pressure.

So do not try to force something, but open yourself to the flow of life. Let yourself be guided by your gut feeling. You will always learn to hear and understand this better, the less you ruminate.


That does not mean that you should not use your head anymore! Mostly, however, we have a (gut) feeling for what we should do next. Then, we only need our heads to structure, plan and finally implement our project.

My tip: If you think too much, it’s good practice to spend some time with your gut feeling. This means that you are listening less to your rational thoughts and doing what your gut feeling is trying to tell you.

This way, you will quickly notice that your innate urge gives you precious moments and experiences. It guides you to situations that are important for your personal development.

It brings you together with the people you can grow on and expand. Trust in your feelings and use your mind to turn those ideas into action.

8. Travel The World

This advice may not be new to you, but it is one of the most essential. It is unbelievable and unpredictable how much we learn for our lives if we just pack our backpack and go.

Yes, you heard right, “pack your backpack.” I’m not talking about an all-inclusive vacation in a hotel. No getaway where you spend most of your time on the beach or maybe take part in a city tour, either. Looking back, I have learned nothing from such holidays! Truly nothing!


Make a goal that you want to reach. Pack your backpack with the things you really need. Do not plan the exact itinerary. Try to rely on life. Maybe bring a tent, so you have an emergency home on the way.

Try to spend as little money as possible. Use hiking, cycling or even walking if you want to get to the next location. Only when you try to move without money, you are confronted with establishing a true contact with life and people.

After all, those are the ones to learn valuable things from on such a journey. That’s why you should travel in this manner.

9. Embrace The Silence

In our hectic world, something important is often missing: silence; a place where you hear nothing and where you enjoy solitude. Why do we need silence? Silence is the best mirror if you want to know who or what you really are.

We can engage in an activity at any time; Exposing ourselves to influences and listening to music, reading, watching TV and conducting trivial conversations. But all that distracts us from ourselves.



If I do not do anything, but literally do nothing, consume nothing but just sit there, then I am confronted with the silence and at the same time with myself.

The question of your purpose in life comes to an end as soon as you can fully enjoy this silence.


Because when the silence in the outside eventually affects your inner self and your mind become quieter, then you have the opportunity to understand the language of life. This will automatically lead you to your meaning of life. So, be in silence every day.

Go to your favorite place in nature, in the park, or sit in the silence at home, and just see what’s happening in you. Try to enjoy the silence to the fullest.

10. Start Loving

Do you want to experience your meaning in life? Then start loving life. You will only be given something by the things and people you love. I’m not talking about being in love or having a relationship. I’m talking about UNIVERSAL love.


If you want to know about life, what your destiny is and what your purpose, then start loving life. This begins first with yourself. Estimate your body, compliment yourself, bow to your reflection, and just be nice to yourself.

Self-love also wants to be learned. Self-love has nothing to do with selfishness. For, from the love of yourself, you naturally have the need to share this love with your environment and your fellow human beings.

If you want to become one with life, start loving everything that is. Also, the things that you get upset about, that pull you down, are part of life. However, you do decide how to handle it. You may be angry about it or try to love those things and people as well, so that they can, someday, reflect this love.

How to find purpose in life: Conclusion

Looking back in my life, these 10 steps were the key points to finding my destiny. It was partly a hard course, because until then I did not understand the meaning of the whole circumstances.

Now, in hindsight, every single situation had its meaning. After all, I gained experience in my life through every single one of these happening. With the awareness that life is just a game in which we can try and evolve, understanding life is much easier.


There are 10 steps that can help you on how to find the purpose in life. Which steps can you supplement (from my own experience) at this point?

You need time, patience and courage. However, it should not matter to you how long it will take you to experience your calling in life. Honestly, you should not care.

Because every pressure and every expectation you set for reaching a goal will keep you in your current situation. Yes, that’s a funny law, but apparently, life doesn’t like being put under pressure, as we humans are.

Start loving yourself and life. Tell me you want to take the next step now. Talk to life, and then be patient. Pay attention to the signs and then have courage when they arrive.

If your gut tells you to do something, then trust and have the audacity to take that step. I tell you from my own experience, this overcoming of fear pays off twice and threefold!

One more thing, never forget that spiritual growth is interconnected with your physical well-being. Thus, treat your body right and nurture it well.

Check out my green smoothie recipe here. It tastes great, balances your pH level, prevents inflammation, thus chronic diseases, energizes and nourishes body, mind and soul alike.

You may not yet have an idea of ​​what immeasurable amounts of happiness, joy and love are available to you. It is up to you to decide if you are open enough to receive it.

You will only have the courage to overcome your fear when your desire for true love and knowledge is great enough.

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