How To Curb Sugar Cravings – 5 Steps To Extract Your Sweet Tooth


Why And How To Stop Sugar Cravings – 5 Steps To Quit Sugar Without Many Sacrifices

“He just loves sweets!” is often the trivialization of veritable sugar addiction. Desire, longing for sweets is still considered a harmless habit within our society of abundance and is also taken for granted by many diabetics because, whenever their sugar level spikes, they can simply inject their insulin.

Anyone who has recognized the dangers of sugar consumption, however, or has come to the conclusion that a sugar-free lifestyle is healthier, often seeks ways how to curb sugar cravings.


Sugar acts like a drug, both psychologically and physiologically. Large amounts of the sweet poison function just like heroin – they lead to increased levels of dopamine.

The blocking of the opioid receptors (these are those parts of the body where endorphin and morphine also act) reduces the appetite for sweets and can be used to treat obesity.

Why waive sugar at all? I’m not trying to preach to you that you have to avoid it altogether. A small quantity is, without a doubt, acceptable. In any case, there is more than one reasonable argument regarding why a strong reduction of sugar intake is extremely beneficial for your health. They are as follows:

– Sugar makes you overweight
– It puts a strain on your liver
– It disturbs the insulin production and can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes.
– Sugar increases your blood pressure
– It promotes the risk of cardiovascular diseases
– Sugar damages your teeth

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Sugar deceives your tastebuds

In addition, sugar works as a deceptive agent – as a flavor enhancer. This means that actually tasteless products such as lemonade, sweets, but also ready meals taste more appealing. Moreover, since humans have a need to experience sweet aromas, he succumbs to a mechanism that was originally relevant only to a very limited source: fruit.

Now you might ask yourself, why it wouldn’t be good to eat sugar if we have a natural craving for it? The answer is clear: Sugar packed in fruit is not the same as table sugar or the one added to lemonade. In fruit, sugar (fructose) is always associated with fibers that slow down and regulate its digestion.

There are also many other nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and some water. All this additional nourishment has a filling effect. Doughnuts, cola, and lollipops do not offer these and so the risk here is to consume too much sugar easily. Unfortunately, the unhealthy and sugar-filled food sources are cheap and available to most everyone and in large quantities, as well.

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Why does our Food contain so much Sugar?

Precisely because humans perceive the taste of sugar both consciously and subconsciously as desirable, the industry uses it to make their products more attractive. Even the consumer himself has become accustomed to routines that we should take a closer look at.

Many edibles today are loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar. For many families, it is quite normal to sprinkle strawberries with plenty of sugar before eating them. Sugar is to many often more important than the coffee itself – you know what I mean?

Folks are so addicted to sugar that the beverage would probably be unbearable for them to enjoy otherwise. Thus, sugar is often used not only as a taste optimizer but as a basic taste enhancer.

So, to avoid sugar, the first step is to analyze where and when you consume it. Ask yourself why you even put sugar on your strawberries? Do not they taste sweet enough without sugar? Why do I consume it anyway? If I need it that much, why don’t I just eat spoons full of sugar, instead?



Again, as in many of our other articles already outlined: Be mindful. Begin to listen to your inner self, notice things and don’t disregard your thoughts.

Does the sugar actually make my berries taste better, or is it not just masking their authentic taste? And, what about my coffee? Frankly, why do I drink coffee at all?


How to cut down on sugar

It’s obvious that I don’t like it’s bitter taste, because otherwise, I wouldn’t cover it with sugar. How can I stop this sugar consumption?

Often it is the habit that causes you to turn to sugar. Thus, we have to reverse those customs and make it a daily routine not to eat sugar.

This is quite simple, and it begins with the basic decision to eat only fresh, real food, such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, fish, meat (if you like) and eggs. If this is difficult, however, there is still hope for you: The multi-step sugar-cutting approach.

Note, this is not just about sugar, it’s about all sweeteners. It’s about getting used to the natural tastes of food, again.

Thus, sugar substitutes are just as relevant as real sugar.

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What I’m going to share with you, includes practically everything that tastes sweet. Try the following 5 steps:

5 Steps to Eliminate Sugar Cravings


1- Forget All Sweetened Drinks, Only Consume Water

Anyone who consumes 2 liters of liquid per day, but does so in the form of lemonade, ice tea or sweetened coffee, will consume large quantities of sugar. In addition to health risks, this provides also large amounts of sweet material which irritate your taste buds.

The average savor is, therefore, extremely sweet, thus, the sensitivity for sweets decreases. This means that those who refrain from sweet drinks adjusted their perceptiveness of sweetness.

This, in turn, leads to higher sensitivity and, thus, it’s easier to use less sugar to feel comfortable – both, the habit and the taste, change. Do you believe that you cannot simply drink plain water? If so, why do you think that way?

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– 2 You must Learn to Recognize Natural Flavors

Sugar and sweeteners are not the only substances that taste sweet. For example, cinnamon can also give the impression of sweetness.



And even inconspicuous foods like onions carry a mild sugary relish. Also, fruits deserve attention. Let’s get back to the strawberries: What do they really taste like?

Did you know that some strawberry farms often grow 5-6 or more different types of strawberries each year with individual flavors?

Those who’re not yet dazzled by the added sugar of our store bought products quickly realize this and appreciate it.


Once you’re able to fully enjoy your strawberries without adding sugar, you’ll quickly figure that they don’t only taste great, but that cutting out sugar also saves you money in the long run.

So, whenever you begin to feel confused and irritated because of the lack of sugar, focus on the flavors and analyze them instead of concentrating on the absence of extra sweetness.

Learn which foods you like and which you don’t. You will soon discover that even many modern apple varieties taste just sweet and nothing else. Sweetness cannot replace flavor!

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– 3 Get Aware of and Eliminate the Biggest Sources of Sugar in your Diet

Everyone has different eating habits. Some foods are simply “part of your daily lifestyle” without further thought. Doughnuts for breakfast, a piece of cake for coffee and in the evening the lasagna, which most likely also contains tons of sugar alone in its tomato sauce.

Most regular diets are even too rich in sugar even without lemonade. Who wants to get rid of some more sugar sources must determine their origins. In this case, the cake is obvious.

But also the jam (which often does not contain a natural flavor) makes it difficult to get rid of the sweetness due to its regular consumption. Keep working on your diet. Taste what’s sweet and take a close look at the packaging and the sugar content: You’ll be surprised to find hidden sugars most everywhere.

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4 – Avoid all other Added Sugars and Sweeteners

Look closely at the food packaging, read the ingredient lists: Dextrose, glucose-fructose syrup, agave syrup, aspartame, sucrose, sucralose (which even contains chlorine), and many more are just other words for – Sweet! You will discover rapidly that it is virtually impossible to buy packaged, processed or finished products without adding sugar to your cart.



Do you see now why I insist on fresh food and home cooked meals, only? If you’re saying that you don’t have the time to cook, then wait a few more days, as I am working on an article that’s going to provide you with effective tips on how to get it all managed without stress.


Anyway, checking on and sorting out foods with any form of sugar content is the final step towards a diet of only fresh vegetables, fruits, and animal products. It means another, almost complete, farewell from processed foods.

It is the original state of the human diet. Raw food and stone-age nutrition work at heart, according to this principle and it is apparently the only species-appropriate diet of humans.

5 – Imagine How much Sugar is in the Finished Product

You should do this after performing steps one through four, otherwise you may not realize the whole impact. If you have spent some time researching how much sugar is in finished products, it is very effective to walk past a bakery or pastry shop and imagine the plethora of sugar in each product.

At least I, personally, always lose my appetite by just thinking about it. Make a clean sweep! Anyone who has made this the normal state of their newly adopted diet will have little need for sugar after some time. And if so? What if the memory of the bite alone causes a good deal of longing for chocolate?

Then, it is certainly not the end of the world, and it only occurs rather rarely anyway. In a situation like that, it’s best to resort to homemade treats made from high-quality ingredients, where you can control the amount of sugar itself.

The right habit and attitude are of the essence. Don’t deprive yourself and be ascertained that sugar and sweetness are okay when they’re treated like the occasional exception to the rule.

How long does the Conversion take?

People are different and not everyone is equally consistent. In general, such a conversion, habituation after a complete change to only vegetables, fruits, and fresh animal products, takes around 2-3 weeks.

If it does not work out that fast, you should give yourself the time and keep trying. I, for one, know that you have it in you and that you can definitely make it happen.


Side Effects

A common consequence of getting used to lead a sugarless lifestyle is that you may be experiencing toothache when eating or even thinking about consuming very sweet products.

Often you will not find the once beloved sweets tasty anymore after about 1-2 months of consistent abandonment. Also not uncommon are feelings of aversion or disgust at the products of the food industry, which are then perceived as abnormally sweet. I think that’s a healthy and very helpful instinct.

Another tool to help you get over your cravings for sweet is this article.

It explains to you precisely why sugar is so bad for you; believe me you will think twice about indulging again.

One More Thing to Know for People who fear Hypoglycemia due to Sugar Deprivation

The human body can produce glucose by itself due to the process of gluconeogenesis (the generation of glucose) from fat & protein.

Regardless of whether you no longer eat sugar or go into ketosis or only eat very few carbohydrates or even moderate amounts: During the conversion, you may well be experiencing lack of energy, however, this is not a permanent stage and just part of your body’s adjustment to leave a healthier and better life.

Dear co-creators/readers

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  1. Yes yes yes to all of the above. So beautifully articulated and very well written. I intentionally quit sugar 2nd of January 2016, having been on and off a low carb diet up until then. I found it very easy to do, however the odd craving did kick in initially, but now and for some time I have no desire at all to reach for anything sugary! People often ask me how do I do it. Like you, I imagine how much sugar is in the item. It also found when I have had something sugary (very rarely these day), I found it affected my experience of anxiety. This also made it so much easier for me to quit permanently and not feel tempted. It’s process, but I think well worth the effort to mindfully and consciously do. It’s not necessary for our health and well being to consume and we are not missing out on any nutrients by quitting it. It certainly won’t cause any health problems either. If anything, our health improves when we no longer crave it as we make healthier choices.

  2. Hi, great post. From my experience it is not easy to reduce the sweets at the beginning. But after a few days when you get used to the sweet taste you discover that you don’t need sweets anymore. What’s more you will will feel much more different tastes of dishes.

  3. Love! Love! Love! I have been a sugar minimalist for many years and could not agree more with your premise. Modern society has become so addicted to a sugary taste in their foods it makes it difficult for them to curb cravings. As a personal trainer I work on the awareness side of things with clients often suggesting tactics like chewing food up to 20-30 times before swallowing. The act of slowing down really reveals to them the true tastes of the food they consume. By just eliminating sugar in their diets my clients get a good 5-10 lb weight loss bump without changing anything else in their nutritional strategies.

    1. Hi, Stacy.

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m very glad that you wrote your above words, because they back up what I tried to “preach” within my post. It’s truly important to me, and I guess to you too, to spread awareness regarding sugar and its hidden dangers. I wish people would be more alert about it already. The best we can do is to continue opening their eyes. I’m feeling a huge relief knowing that someone else is fighting this fight with me. Thank you, Stacy.

      BTW, wait a minute…I’m just looking at your picture and while typing your name I had a hunch. Are you THE Stacy Gallagher? The wife of Marty Gallagher the Iron-athlete, writer, and coach? Raw? Wow, that would be something!

      Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and all your great work with people.

      Many blessings,


  4. Very informative post, I have been looking at ways of reducing my sugar intake although I always have a spoonful in my morning cup of tea.
    I like you try to make meals from scratch so that I know what exactly goes into what I am eating. No sugar in them that’s for sure.
    I am also trying to wean myself off the sugar free fizzy drinks that I seem to be addicted to.
    I will try and cut down my sugar intake and will let you know how I am doing in 2 or 3 weeks time.
    Thanks for the article,

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