How To Become A Vegetarian For Beginners – With These Tips You Can!


A Guide To How To Become A Vegetarian – For Beginners

According to studies, vegetarians do have a 40 percent lower mortality risk compared to people whose diets are high in meat. Thus, there are good reasons for going plant-based. To help you along, let me show you below how to become a vegetarian.

If the switch does not immediately end in a full-time success, then it is well-advised that you change your diet slowly so that you are eating more meatless dishes a week then ever before. Afterward, gradually increase the number of vegetarian meals.

I wrote the following article with tips on how to become a vegetarian for beginners so that you can start out with a few great hacks that can make your transition easier. The post does explain everything worth knowing about the vegetarian diet.

Whether you choose a vegetarian diet for ethical, religious, economic or environmental reasons, you automatically do something good for your health.


A full-fledged vegetarian diet can prevent and treat nutrition-dependent diseases. Physical and mental performances are increased, the body is cleansed, the physical defenses are strengthened and even the risk of cancer is lowered.

Countless studies show that unlike non-vegetarians, vegetarians have significantly more favorable levels of blood pressure, body weight and cholesterol.

They are also less likely to be ill and have a remarkably good overall health condition. Contrary to rumors among society, deficiencies were not found.

We can mainly attribute these health benefits to the fact that a healthy vegetarian diet consumes few animal fats, cholesterol and purines. At the same time, there is an increased intake of carbohydrates, fiber, vegetable fats and phytonutrients (a plant-based substance said to prevent chronic diseases)

Add less Meat to your Diet

If you want to become a vegetarian, but struggle with the adaptation, you can first incorporate a day or two into your weekly diet in which you will only eat meat-free foods.

This type of diet is called flexitarianism; making you, until you can handle the complete transition a, yes you guessed it right, flexitarian. Flexitarians primarily feast on fruits and veggies too, they love to have a piece of meat once in a while, though.

Learn All About Flexitarianism here.

Vegetarian- Diet-For-Beginners

During this period of time, you will discover plenty of healthy and delicious vegetarian recipes, so that you will not even miss the meat for those couple of days.

In the next step, you will eliminate meat completely during the weekdays. Make a deal with yourself where you agree that you can enjoy a piece of meat on your weekends.

If You already Need to Eat Meat, then at Least Organic

Most vegetarians, when asked about their diet, give ethical reasons for not eating meat.

Nowadays, it is, unfortunately, the sad norm within mass animal-husbandries that the animals that are brought to a slaughter facility, have to endure living conditions which are by no means species-appropriate.

If on your way to becoming a vegetarian you cannot or do not want to give up meat completely, you should at least buy organic meat, This will at least contribute to the more appropriate livestock farming and it is a good start.

The Style of Vegetarianism often Varies

Although, as a vegetarian, meat has disappeared from your menu, you are still allowed to eat eggs and dairy products. Some vegetarians also include fish in their diets from time to time. It just so happens that not all vegetarians agree entirely on whether fish belongs to a vegetarian diet, or not.


Some say eating fish is fine, while other vegetarians, in turn, argue that eating marine animals is just as taboo as consuming the meat of pork, chicken or beef.

Which group you want to join, you should decide for yourself, because after all, it’s your outlook on life and you alone can decide what’s right or wrong for you and your diet.

Dietary Supplement

If you choose to eat only little amounts of fish or wish to dispense with it altogether, this may lead to a lack of iodine and vitamin D. In this case, you should resort to iodized sea salt, algae tablets and vitamin D supplements.

As a competitive athlete, however, there is generally an increased need for B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, zinc, chromium and carotene.

You must also pay close attention to your protein levels. Most vegetarians do not get enough protein through their regular diet, thus, they add high-quality protein powder to their diet.

Make sure that you receive lots of these vitamins and minerals through your diet. If you don’t get enough supply, then the reasonable and nutritional supplements for you are yeast products, mineral supplements, wheat germ and special trace-element preparations.

Once You are a Vegetarian, try the Italian Cuisine

Vegetarians are well advised to befriend the Italian cuisine, as it naturally offers delicious vegetarian recipes. Whether pasta with the varied sauces, pizza with eggplant or mushrooms, salads with fresh vegetables, all this can be prepared very simple as well as without meat or fish. Plus, Italian food can be extremely tasty and healthy.

Vegetarian-and-weight-lossDon’t forget the Indian and Asian Cuisine

The Indian or Asian cuisine offers just as many vegetarian dishes, particularly related to rice, varied sauces and exotic spices.

The typical ingredients such as Thai basil, soybean sprouts, coconut milk, coriander, ginger and chili peppers bring a lot of diversity and taste to your vegetarian plates.

Use Plant-Based Alternatives

Nowadays, there are many products for vegetarians, which are made specifically as a substitute for meat and sausage. Thus, no one who is a vegetarian has to do without the “bratwurst” or hamburger. Of course, it’s always healthier to cook with fresh ingredients yourself, but for a change, it’s definitely a good alternative.

There are also many mushrooms that are suitable as a meat substitute due to their spicy taste and big size, such as oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, etc.

Plant-Based-DietEnsure the Supply of Protein

A vegetarian should always ascertain that his protein supply is covered sufficiently. The first choice here is eggs, dairy or any soy products.

Vegetable foods also make a significant contribution to protein requirements, such as legumes, grains, potatoes, nuts, seeds and mushrooms.



It is ideal if you combine these foods, such as a portion of pasta with cheese or potatoes with curd.

To ascertains that they reach their daily protein recommendation, which is essential for the formation of muscles, skin, cartilages, skin and blood, many people add this macronutrient in a powdered form to their diets, as it, furthermore, speeds up the metabolism and keeps you satiated longer. 

Check Your Vitamin B 12 Intake

Vitamin B12 is the only vitamin that cannot be produced by plants because it occurs exclusively in foods of animal origin. Therefore, vegetarians should either consume sufficient eggs and dairy products or alternatively, it is possible to take vitamin B12 in the form of dietary supplements.

A doctor can check through a simple blood test whether this is necessary. For instance, 2 eggs or 0.2 l (6.7 oz) of milk cover the daily vitamin B12 requirement.


Make Sure You Get Enough Iron

The fact that vegetarians do without meat eliminates the important iron supplier. A lack of iron can affect performance. Vegetable sources of iron include green vegetables such as spinach, chard, fennel and legumes, as well as whole grains.

In addition, vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron enormously. Vegetarians should, therefore, drink a glass of orange juice while eating foods high in iron. Coffee and black tea, on the other hand, inhibit iron absorption.

Better yet, prepare yourself some homemade green smoothie. They are on our daily menu and have become an essential part of our adopted lifestyle. I can tell you, and so can Keryn, that you will be able to feel the benefits pretty soon.

Your digestive system is the key to longevity, and the green smoothie takes care of just that. It cleanses your entire body, alkalizes it and balances your pH level, too. It’s chock full with macro, micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids and chlorophyll.

It is so powerful that it can even aid in reversing type 2 diabetes, among other chronic diseases. Anyway, I wrote an in-depth article about it here. It’ll give you all the needed info, plus advice and one of our own favorite recipes to get you started:

What Exactly Are Green Smoothies? - Benefits, Gourmet Tips & A Recipe

Find like-minded people on the Internet

Vegetarians often miss like-minded people in order to exchange ideas. There are now millions of vegetarians who have deliberately opted for this diet, but often these friends do not belong to their own circle of pals or family. The Internet is a great way to get in touch with other vegetarians.

You can benefit greatly from the exchange of experiences because information or recipes can be swapped to enhance your inspiration for delicious vegetarian dishes. Check out some forums, and you’ll soon find new and compatible associates.





It’s not always easy to be a vegetarian. There are often hardly any meatless alternatives for celebrations, at festivals or dinner parties. In addition, there are people who just thrive when they can make fun of vegetarian nutrition; they simply cannot accept it.

Just stand above this, though, because a discussion usually doesn’t lead anywhere most of the time, anyway. Stay true to yourself, because you didn’t become a vegetarian just for fun after all. You’ve made that decision because it sets your conscience at peace.

Plus, choosing this form of nutrition is your personal way of taking a stand against animal cruelty. This is something you can be proud. Here’s another post from us that will help you with your journey:

What Happens When You Stop Eating Meat? 

I hope that this answers most of your questions about how to become a vegetarian. If you found this article helpful, then, please, like, share and follow us on social media. We would also be happy to read/hear from you.

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Until then, I’m sending you much love, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Always remember: You are beautiful, precious and unique regardless of what others say about you. Thus, keep on shining.

In front of thy being, I bow.

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  1. Hi there
    I really like your post
    It is so true that a plant-based diet is much better for you in more ways than one.
    It isn’t easy to be vegetarian but it surely does benefit your mind and body.
    Kind Wishes

  2. Another great post, I am not a vegetarian myself but I cut down on red meat and only have it once in a while. I do eat chicken and fish though. I started cooking a lot of vegetatian meals when I was losing weight last year. I found just because the food is veggie based it does not have to lack flavour.

    Eating more vegetables in my diet helped me lose 56lb last year. So your article is so right about the health benefits of vegetables. Thanks for your great post.

    1. Hi, again, Frank.

      Wow, 56 pounds! That’s a whole load of an amount to be proud of yourself. Congratulations! So, you’re a flexitarian. That’s already a very good step in the right direction. Keep up the good work, and stay in touch. we’d love to know how you’re progressing.

      A hug and many blessings to you,


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