How Meditation Restructures Your Brain


The Science Of How Meditation Restructures Your Brain

I believe it is hight time for many of my readers to wake up and learn how meditation restructures your Brain. Most of people are not even aware of the immense power of their thoughts, and how they can influence your emotions, actions and, ultimately, your lives.

You see, when we are identifying ourselves with our thoughts and accept them as a part of our beings, we  then become their slaves.

You’re handing them over your power and letting them decide what movie role you are going to play throughout your lifetime.

Our thoughts and mind are very powerful. They can make you believe they are an essential part of your true being, which they are not.

They can even trick you into thinking that you are the actual thinker of the arising thoughts, which you aren’t either.

Your Mind Needs Your Attention To Thrive

Both, thoughts and thinker, are coming forth from awareness and they will subside back into nothingness as long as you do not identify and engage with them.

Thoughts need our awareness and attention in order to survive and grow into facts. While this isn’t essentially a bad thing when we are having good thoughts and, thus, are creating positive life experiences.

But what if your thoughts are constantly clouded with negativity and fear? Then, these can manifest into  lots of suffering, anxiety and bad events and circumstances.

Thank goodness there’s a proven way so that we can even change the structure of your own brain in a measurable way and hereby consciously create a desired and welcomed life.

For example, so that you can understand things faster and remember them better and to reprogram your brain to only accept positive thoughts and, thus, create a brighter future.

Retrain Your Brain For A Better Life

Because structures grow when they are often needed and regress when we no longer use them. It is called neuroplasticity in science.

In principle it is with the brain the same as in sports. When we challenge our bodies to exercise, we lose body fat and build muscle. We can train our brains in the same manner.

There are certain exercises for this, for example meditation – more specifically, mindfulness meditation.

There have been tons of studies on how this mental exercise rebuilds our brains, and interestingly, all of these changes are positive. We are now discussing the most exciting results.

It is really amazing how quickly meditation can cause changes in the brain. An exciting study has shown that after only 8 weeks of regular meditation for about half an hour a day, more gray matter, i.e. more brain cells, had formed in the hippocampus.

Science associates this part of our brain, which has the shape of a seahorse, with learning and memory performance and the processing of emotions.

Meditation For Less Stress, Anxiety & Better Cardiovascular Health

Because these structural changes in the brain show in test subjects a hoped-for ability to concentrate and focus.

The same study showed that the amygdala shrank. This is the part of the brain related to stress, high blood pressure and anxiety.

The smaller the amygdala, the less it can negatively affect our emotions. So it’s no wonder that we all feel better when we integrate more meditation into our everyday lives.

It gets even more interesting when we look at the long-term effects of mindfulness meditation. Another study examined the relationship between meditation duration in years and the shape of the cerebral cortex.

This is the wrinkled outer part of our brain. It plays a key role in memory, attention and awareness, among other things.

The researchers were able to determine a positive connection between the duration of meditation and new wrinkling.  This included the discovery of an increase in the surface of the brain.

Mindfulness Meditation Harbors Vast Proven Benefits

It is believed that this will make the brain better at processing information, making decisions, and shaping memories. Long-term meditators have another advantage.

Basically, as we age, we gradually lose brain mass. In addition, our ability to think logically and solve problems decreases. In another study science demonstrated that mediation makes us more resistant to this alert process.

Mindfulness meditation, therefore, plays a major role in maintaining our mental abilities. Incidentally, the brains of long-term meditators were estimated to be 7.5 years younger than those of the control group. A huge difference.

So, if you don’t want to age too quickly mentally, meditation seems to be an appropriate tool. And finally the most exciting discovery in my opinion: a change in the “Default Mode Network.”

This is a group of brain regions that is actually always active except when we are focused on one specific thing or task.

Switching Off Your Default Mode Network – Almost Deactivate It

The Default Mode Network is responsible, among other things, for our inner voice. So the voice in our head that constantly judges us, judges others, worries about the future, regrets the past, which keeps playing back some thoughts without a pause, etc.

In short, that constant and nagging voice that usually makes us unhappy. They found in a large-scale study that through awareness training we can switch off the Default Mode Network while we are meditating.

Better still, the voice generally becomes less active even when we are not meditating. That means we no longer perceive everything through a veil of mostly negative thoughts. Instead, we can actually better concentrate on the things that are happening at this moment (in the present) and feel generally happy.

In summary, we can also measurably change our brain with mindfulness meditation. It contributes greatly for us to concentrate more, age less quickly, being happier and more positive, and so much more. So it’s an incredibly useful exercise that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life.

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