How Do I Improve My Self Esteem? Why You Are Unique & Self Help Tips


Be Kind And Show Appreciation For Thy Self – This Is How To Improve Your Self Esteem

How Do I Improve My Self Esteem? Well, that’s a seemingly big question that many people ask themselves. Thus, I have decided to answer it for you in the most precise and understandable manner possible. Stay with me, and you’ll learn how to reclaim your self-esteem, confidence and true power.

Healthy self-esteem is the opposite of the inferiority complex. If we possess a great sense of self-worth, then we believe to be lovable and valuable regardless of our weaknesses and mistakes.

Whoever has been given credit for things he achieved in his childhood or has been given the feeling of being welcome and loved, has it much easier to be convinced of his self-worth.

People who have been criticized, neglected and mistreated in the course of their adolescence, however, usually suffer a lack of self-esteem as they tend to think that they’re simply not good enough.

If an adult suffers from low confidence, then it’s because he diminishes his self-worth within his mind by persuading himself that he’s substandard and unlovable.

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Effects of a Missing or Flawed Self Esteem

Whenever we are doubting our self-worthiness, and are feeling an inner uncertainty, then even the slightest negative annotations from others let us react incredibly sensitive, offended and wounded.

When we feel inadequate, then we most likely want to prove our self-worth as often as it is possible. Success and a high ranking within our society are extremely essential to us, too. Through our accomplishments we wish to impress others and, furthermore, to recompense or allay the feeling of non-worthiness.


This works out well for a short time, but not too far away from the feeling of worthlessness returns and we have to prove ourselves anew. This cycle can lead to work addiction.

And, of course, our self-esteem lies on the ground, as well. One cannot present himself with confidence whilst suffering from an inferiority complex.

If our self-esteem is strong and healthy, then the mortifications of other beings cannot hurt us. Thus, we can deal much cooler with negative reactions from our surroundings.

Personal attacks and reproaches don’t unnerve us as long as our self-image, confidence and self-esteem are positive. Who thinks of himself as lovable doesn’t have to fear the comparison to others.

How to Raise and Strengthen your Self Worth and Confidence?

We are the only person responsible for our own self-esteem. This means that we decide whether we are worthy or not by thinking that we are, or not.

No one can give us the feeling of being worthless unless we allow them to do so.

You are lovable if you believe that you are. Your self-esteem has nothing to do with objective criteria such as your bank account statement, education, the way you look, your status in society, school grades or shoe size.

It is simply the belief in you being a kind, adorable and lovable human being. Your self-image decides about your self worth and confidence.

Many people persuade themselves to the belief that they are inferior because they’re too tall, too small, too fat, too skinny have made too many mistakes, thus, are not perfect.

Let me tell you one thing though: If you want to boost and strengthen your self-esteem, then you have to quit sabotaging yourself through your thoughts.

Instead, you have to learn how to become more of a friend to yourself than an enemy. Meaning, you must learn to pep talk to yourself, strengthen your own back, show some understanding for your weaknesses and mistakes, plus, do encourage yourself whenever needed, too.

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In other words: You need to show compassion with your own being.

How about Taking on the Following Attitude in Order to Raise your Self Worthiness?

“I’m not perfect, I have flaws and mistakes, I haven’t reached yet what I want to achieve, there’s still space for self-improvement – still, I am a valuable and lovable human being, just because I decided to perceive myself this way.

Accept your imperfections. Learn to separate between your true being and your behavior. A violin will always remain a violin even if the musician is a wrong fiddler, thus, produces off-key tunes, or worse, tears a chord.

Keep your self-respect, or, better yet, enhance it if you see lack. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. And only you, and no one but you, can bestow this precious gift upon you.

Don’t become your enemy by thinking or talking badly about yourself. Be your best friend.

A little Wisdom Regarding Self Esteem

When we’re convinced that we’re valuable and lovable, then nothing can diminish our self-esteem. This is the topic which the following tale of wisdom is about.

Some time ago, a seminar leader held up a 50 dollar note and asked the participants:” Who wants to have this 50 dollar note?”

Thereupon, almost all of those present raised their hands.

He scrunched up the bill into a little ball and asked again:” Who still wants the 50 dollar bill now?”

Yet, again, almost all responded excitedly.

He then let the scrunched up bill fall to the floor and stepped on it a few times with his shoe.

He picked the now dirty and completely crumpled paper up and inquired once more:” And now, who still wants the 50 dollar note?”

Again almost all participants lifted their hands. Ultimately, the 50 dollar bill kept its value, even though it became somewhat unsightly.


You see, sometimes we are in the same situation as the 50 dollar bill from above.

People let us down and drop us, they try to depreciate us, humiliate and betray us.

Sometimes we make mistakes which annoy us, or we find ourselves within circumstances which worry and press us, but we cannot avoid nor change them.

And sometimes we compare ourselves to others and we end up on the losing end of the rope, because, in our eyes, everyone else is smarter, better looking and more successful.

It’s moments like that when we start feeling like losers and our self-esteem begins crumbling down. But hold on just one second, because of no matter whatever will be:

You will never lose your value as a human being. You’ll stay just as worthy as the dirty and crumpled 50 dollar note.

Let me End this Post with a Short Story that Shows Your true Immeasurable Worthiness.

The story revolves around the astounding answer of a girl when her teacher asked the class to tell him the seven world wonders.

During class, the tutor spoke to his students about the seven world wonders and he asked the kids to write them down in their book for their next assignment.

Most students named things such as the pyramids, the great Chinese wall, etc. Just one little girl presented a somewhat different list. It read as followed:

I believe the seven world wonders are:  Gratitude

1. Being able to touch

2. Being able to taste

3. Being able to see

4. Being able to hear

5. Being able to walk

6. Being able to laugh

7. Being able to love

The Wisdom of this Story?

Isn’t the human the greatest world wonder of all? Doesn’t he unite so many wonders that we simply have to marvel at him?

The human body is a miracle. Unfortunately, we all too often take this fact for granted within our daily routines. Only when, whether through an accident or an illness, we lose one of our seven wonders we notice what valuable treasure we possessed and how unimportant the things are which we thought of being so vital before.

It is extremely beneficial for our emotional and physical well being to consciously think about all the blessings and treasures we are calling our own and which we should be grateful for.

Gratitude is a requirement in order to obtain inner peace and harmony. Sit down comfortably and write your list with everything you ought to say “thank you” for.

You do know that there is an endless amount of snowflakes existent, right? Are you also aware of the fact, however, that none of them ever are alike?

On a molecular level, perhaps, but none of them carries their deuterium atoms in the exact same spots of their individual crystals. Thus, no two alike snowflakes exist regardless of how similar they might on the outside look.

The exact same is the case with human beings. There are no two identical creatures, not even identical twins. On the outside, yes, but their internal composition is completely different – not to mention the difference of the souls.

Does this make you feel special and unique now? It should because you are!



As long as you don’t question and doubt your self-worth, for as long you will be able to keep it. Our creator, whoever it may be for you personally, doesn’t find any flaws in you, so why should you?

Even our mistakes are part of our individual perfection, as we learn and grow through them.


You are lovable, immensely cherished and when you think that you’re valuable, then no one can diminish your priceless worth.

So, what do you think about the stories and examples from above? Do you still feel unworthy or less than anybody else? Just keep in mind that you really are unique, I’m not just telling you this always at the end of each article to make you feel good – I’m telling you this because it is the undeniable truth.

Perchance I should write down the entre theory of mine, which, coincidentally, even starts to accumulate scientific proof. Are you doubting on your uniqueness? You are, just like every other living being on this planet, part of the Universe, of the higher source.


The source, God, Universe, or however you wish to call the almighty power, is not complete without us. We all are a small part of it, and only together we ARE it! Now, you wouldn’t call the deity you believe in imperfect or unworthy, would you?

You must start doing so, though, if you consider yourself as an invaluable being. You are part of this source and it is part of you.

Thus, let me tell you, you are perfect. The flaws and imperfections you so detest on yourself only exist within your mind, and all you do is reflecting them onto the outside world.

You have to begin within yourself – heal yourself, learn how to love yourself. Once you’ve taken this first steps, your self-esteem will automatically rise, as well.  Try some meditation. Here’s a simple, yet effective, short and guided meditation to begin with.

Meditation To A Lighter You 

And, no, the link above is not just a meditation to help losing weight. It’s way more than that. The power of meditation combined with your focus and mindfulness is immense.

Just do yourself a huge favor and give it a try. About 5 to 10 minutes a day is all it takes at the beginning. And if you don’t succeed at first, keep on trying. I have another great article that may help you on your self-healing and self-discovering journey.

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Personal note

Please, leave a comment below if you have tried meditation. Tell us your experiences with it, as we are always happy to hear from you. Did you get the answers on the topic of how to improve my self-esteem?

Was I able to go enough in-depth for you to understand how to reclaim your power? If you have questions, suggestions or even a request for a topic you’d like to read and learn more about here, then let us know below, too.

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Meanwhile, I’m sending you much love, happiness, harmony and an abundance of all good things. Always keep in mind that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved regardless of what others may say. Thus, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow


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