Nutritional Tiredness and Home Remedies For Chronic Fatigue


Nutrient deficits and constant tiredness, plus home remedies for chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be the expression of a faulty diet. Thus, today I want to point out nutrient deficiencies that can cause you to feel constantly tired along with home remedies for chronic fatigue.

Often, the feeling of exhaustion is a warning sign of the body. Vitamins, trace elements and macronutrients in the right distribution are building blocks of a healthy body. The following nutrient deficiencies can cause chronic fatigue:

Iron deficiency
Vitamin B12 deficiency
Folic acid deficiency
Magnesium deficiency
Vitamin D deficiency

A one-sided, unhealthy diet can trigger constant fatigue. We can often observe the effect, for example, in radical diets.

The fact that the body uses the complete intake for the basic needs of metabolism reduces cognitive functions in particular. The body tries to put you in a sleep mode so that you do not consume energy unnecessarily.

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A balanced diet promotes vitality

You certainly know the feeling of wanting to satisfy the need for sleep and rest after a lavish lunch. Immediately after eating, you fall into a low.

You are unable to achieve any cognitive high performance and suffer a massive drop in motivation and creativity. Those who eat unhealthy and heavy food have little energy.

Malnutrition and excessive food intake make you equally tired and sluggish. In the first case, the body reduces the requirement to have sufficient reserves for life-support measures in case of emergency (hunger time).

If you want to lose weight and suffer from fatigue, you could increase the number of calories (but still stay in the calorie deficit) and add exercise to your program.

With a high-calorie surplus and an unhealthy, sugary and high-fat diet, the body is busy with digestive processes, fat deposition, excretion and metabolism.

There is no need for high cognitive performance, and you will become sluggish and tired.

If you are permanently tired, a balanced, versatile and vitamin-rich diet can bring more alertness and improve cognitive performance. Incidentally, drinking is also very important for wakefulness. Thirst also causes exhaustion.

Two diets that we happily recommend in this context are the Paleo diet and the Paleo autoimmune protocol. You can find more information in the deposited contributions.

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Constant fatigue as a symptom of a disease

Various diseases are linked to chronic fatigue. In some illnesses, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or Hashimoto thyroiditis, constant exhaustion is a leading symptom.

In most cases, however, fatigue is a non-specific symptom that can occur at any stage of various diseases.

Fatigue is a common symptom of these ailments:

Thyroid dysfunction (also known as Hashimoto thyroiditis)
Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis or lupus erythematosus
Leaky Gut Syndrome
Influenza or flu-like infection
Anemia (blood poverty)
Parkinson’s disease
Kidney and liver damage
Heart failure
Eating disorders
Hypotension (low blood pressure)

The list can continue without restriction, as almost any disease can cause fatigue. Basically, everything that needs the forces of the body is a reason for persistent exhaustion.

Symptomatically, you can still do a lot to increase your vitality and regain quality of life.

Nutritional Tiredness And Home Remedies For Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue as a side effect

Many medications cause sleep deprivation and/or chronic fatigue. If you are constantly tired and exhausted, it may be not due to the disease, but to the drug.

Psychopharmaceuticals are a very common cause of persistent exhaustion. This includes agents used, for example, in multiple sclerosis. Medications that cause tiredness include antidepressants and neuroleptics.

Antihistamines, i.e. drugs that prevent allergic reactions, often make you tired.
Opiates and other narcotics
Blood pressure-lowering agents such as beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors
Parkinson’s agents that cause a dopamine deficiency
Muscle relaxant
Sedatives of all kinds

If the side effect severely restricts you, you should have a conversation with the prescribing doctor. He may know a remedy that achieves the desired effect without making you tired.

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Treatment of fatigue – How to help yourself to stay awake and vital

In many cases, chronic fatigue can be treated. Combating the causes is the primary way, e.g. by compensating for deficiencies, increasing physical activity, displacing the medication with the side effect fatigue, or curing a disease.

In addition, with natural home remedies and activities, you can gain more alertness, cognitive performance and energy.

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Phytotherapeutic agents for fatigue

Some plants have a stimulating effect that is suitable for short-term treatment of fatigue. These include some roots, such as the ginseng root or the taiga root. Roseroot and Ashwagandha also have a vitalizing, stimulating effect.

The most well-known active ingredient against acute or chronic fatigue is caffeine. The easiest way to consume caffeine is to drink coffee or tea. In particular, green tea has a stimulating, vitalizing effect, which usually lasts longer than with coffee.

However, the use of caffeine should not affect sleep, which is primarily relevant to combating fatigue. Do not drink caffeinated drinks up to 6 hours before going to sleep.

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Home remedies and activities against fatigue

Stimulate circulation

Anything that gets your circulation going helps you fight your constant fatigue. This includes exercise and sports. As far as possible, you can go for a regular walk, do light sports such as jogging or hiking, swimming, horse riding or cycling.

The build-up of muscles is also conducive to more energy and vitality. One can achieve a greater muscle mass (also women)  classically through exercises in the gym, but also with free exercises such as push-ups or squats.

Alternating showers also have a very positive effect on the circulation and, thus, on your vitality. They increase muscle tone, strengthen the immune system and bring activity to your organ systems.

If you need a short-term energy boost, you can artificially increase the muscle tone by reducing the support area. The fewer points of contact the body has with the environment, the higher your concentration. For example, the muscle tone is significantly higher when standing than when sitting or lying down.

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It is normal for the activity and resting breaks to alternate. Imagine your activity level is a pendulum. The point on the right outside is the sleep mode, the point on the left outside is your highest activity point.

Below is your normal working mode. If you are permanently in the lower area, you cannot gain momentum to achieve the highest wakefulness state.

Consciously take breaks in everyday life. A short walk, power nap, a few minutes of meditation, or simply a planned, controlled break will help you to briefly gather the strength. Mindfully refrain from any current problem and allow yourself to release your thoughts.

In addition, you should always pay attention to psycho-hygiene. If possible, minimize the stress and occasionally treat yourself to longer breaks.

Pause at work, eat consciously and in peace and try not to take on homework, whether mentally or in a physical form.

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Positive perception

At first glance, there is nothing positive about permanent fatigue, but it is a signal of the body. Only when the body communicates with you can you interact.

Take the time to consciously perceive the fatigue and react to it. Think the right thoughts to the end it, and make yourself aware of it. If you are tired, take a little break and enjoy it without a bad conscience.

Conclusion – Chronic fatigue as a constant companion

Chronic fatigue can be a significant limitation in everyday life: there is a lack of energy, concentration and stamina for physical and cognitive tasks. Affected people often suffer from this condition for years.

Doctors rarely take this ailment really seriously, although they realize that patients suffer from it. If you are affected, that means that it is your responsibility to address this problem.

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In today’s article, you’ve learned about various side effects and home remedies for chronic fatigue, as well as how to recognize and fight it.

What are your experiences with lasting tiredness? What helped you most, what did less? We happily look forward to your comment and story!

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