Home Remedies And Diet For Gastritis To Protect Your Stomach


Diet for gastritis: how to protect your stomach

In this post, we come to tried and proven home remedies and diet for gastritis. You will see that most of this advice focuses on an eating clean diet.

We generally recommend this form of nutrition here on lovebodyfatsolutions- regardless of whether you want to live healthier, have an autoimmune disease or want to address a problem such as gastritis.

Eating clean or even better yet, a vegetarian diet is a good basis to provide the body with a maximum of nutrients and a minimum of irritants.

You can find out in detail what eating clan means and what a vegetarian diet looks like and what to expect from it in the linked articles.

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In a nutshell: Eating clean cuts out all irritants, chemical by-products, meats from many husbandries, etc. This has nothing to do with esotericism but is currently a healthy form of nutrition. Because only natural, nutrient-rich and unprocessed foods end up on the dinner plate:

1- Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish (from wild-caught or species-appropriate husbandry), eggs, lard, herbs, nuts, seeds, coffee or tea.

2- You avoid industrially processed foods that are known as unhealthy and to which many people have a sensitivity. These include foods such as fast food, processed foods, cereals, sugar, dairy products, industrial edible oils and margarine, alcohol.

You can find a more specific and detailed list here (Food For Healthy Guts & Strong Immune System).

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Eating clean is also the basis for gastritis nutrition and is gentle on your stomach.

The following home remedies are great supporters for your stomach and to combat gastritis. With switching to eating clean or to a vegetarian diet, you have already taken a big step to counter the stomach inflammation.

Specifically, you should pay particular attention to the following foods and increasingly integrate them into your daily diet to eliminate gastritis as quickly as possible:

Home remedies for gastritis

The following is a list of home remedies and foods that have proven effective in gastritis. Try to incorporate these into your diet.

Green tea
Gluten-free rusks
Honey (Manuka honey – 20 uses, vast benefits and a nightcap recipe)
Medicinal mushrooms
Linseed oil, cold-pressed
Extra virgin olive oil
Coconut oil, extra virgin
Cranberry Juice
Green vegetables, especially broccoli
Bulbous/root vegetables: potatoes and carrots

Linseed Oil Benefits For Your Health & Overall Well-Being

Dietary supplement for chronic gastritis

Vitamin C (2-3g of pure vitamin C daily)
Lion mane extract (Lions Mane Extract – North Spore – Nootropics*)
Broccoli sprouts
Curcumin (500mg daily)

Broccoli- Reasons To Eat More Of It & Grow Your Own Broccoli Sprouts

Herbs helpful with gastritis – edible as a salad, herb or tea

Ribwort plantain
Wild garlic
Angelica (for stress)
Melissa (for stress)
Caraway seed

You don’t need to be afraid of this long list. It is a collection of home remedies, foods, and herbs that have been tried and tested.

Since gastritis is acute and must in no case spread to a stomach ulcer or even gastric cancer, gastritis must be dealt with immediately and with all severity.

So take any help that comes up. Food, herbs and supplements are not expensive compared to medication, have no side effects and have been tried and tested for thousands of years.

Therefore, try to implement the diet accordingly and as quickly as possible.

help you fight gastritis. So you don’t have to start from scratch, these cookbooks have also proven themselves and give you a direction.

In my next contribution, you will, furthermore, encounter a gastritis protocol(link below). You can implement the tips and advice just mentioned – but to take into account the causes and risk factors for gastritis, this protocol may help even more.

You decide – the main thing is that you do something about gastritis and don’t just wait for antibiotic therapy to work and do it alone!

Let us now conclude with the causes and risk factors that favor gastritis.

Terrasoul Superfoods Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder (4:1 Extract) 11 Oz*

Causes and risk factors of gastritis

Every second American carries Helicobacter pylori, but when does acute gastritis occur?

Type A gastritis is an autoimmune disease – read what autoimmune disease is and what can trigger it in the article on autoimmune diseases.

The factors in my next post are referred to as “barrier breakers” because they are able, if permanent, to destroy the protective mucus layer and trigger gastritis. So, I recommend you continue to read about the proven risk factors and causes for type B and C gastritis.

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Dear co-creators

After you read about home remedies and diet for gastritis, we will go one step further. Tomorrow, you will learn about the unique risks of type B and C gastritis.

You will also find the gastritis protocol, which allows you to implement all tips and remedies to support you in the fight of your stomach inflammation.

Be so kind and let me know in a comment below how you are contributing to avoid gastritis. Do you use special remedies, keep a special diet and lifestyle?

Whatever it may be, please, share your personal tips with us, so others can improve their health, as well.

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In the meantime, I’m sending you lots of love, peace, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Remember that you are light beings, here to learn, expand, have fun and fulfill a special mission for the greater good of our entire collective.

I want to thank you for your courage, loyalty and existence. You are cherished, appreciated and immensely loved. ~Namaste~


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