Ho’ Oponopono – Healing The World You Live In Begins Within You

OnHo' oponopono

Ho’ oponopono – The Change Starts Within Yourself

Hi, my dear friends.

Today, I would like to introduce you to something very special: Ho’ oponopono, which is the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and healing ritual.

So many of us still watch the news, sit back while we stare at the screen in disbelieve. Often we shake our heads, too, because we cannot understand how so many terrifying things can possibly happen in our world.

Where are all those evil people coming from who are doing such dark deeds? We believe that the entire situation has absolutely nothing to do with us. We play no part in this game – none whatsoever. Or do we? We tend to think that if we are far away from the epicenter of an occurrence, we simply cannot be involved.

Our thoughts become reality

What we tend to forget, however, is that we do not need to be physically present in order to create a certain event. Our thoughts and imagination are all it takes. Remember, you are the creator of your own experience, your own world, your own life!

And that includes everything and everyone around you. Everything that has ever been brought to your attention, no matter how far away in the distance it is,  really each thing that you ever heard of, saw (even if only on TV), or someone told you about, is a part of your reality.

Thus, you are responsible for it. Note: This counts for things, people, animals, plants, mother Earth, nature and your entire environment alike.

Whenever something goes wrong in this world, that you perceive, then it means that something is out of balance within you. You truly are capable of healing our planet, and all that belongs to it, but you need to keep in mind that this healing process starts within yourself.


Now, this is exactly where the Ho’ oponopono ritual and prayer comes into action. So, if you have serious intentions to better yourself and the world, then continue reading below.

The Hawaiian word “pono” means: righteous, moral, successful, correct, just, decent, virtuous, tidy, useful. The prefix “Ho’o” translates into setting something, or someone, in action/motion. The doubling of “pono” equals precisely: to restore, put back in order.

Ho’opono means to implement the state of the pono and the doubling suggests to bring something that has fallen out of balance, so is not “pono,” back into harmony, the state of the “pono pono.”

Free yourself from any regrets about the past. Feelings of guilt are pointless. They are of no use to anyone.

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– Ancient Hawaiian Teachings of Ho’ oponopono –

The Traditional Ho’ oponopono

After a special prayer, they formulate the problems. The expectancy lies therein that all parties involved will work seriously on the issues and will not maintain any allegations. Honesty in trying to really eliminate the conflicts is a prerequisite for a successful ho’ oponopono. 

Traditionally, a certain person directs the ho’ oponopono and asks for reflection, for example, when the temper heats up. At such moments, but also when it comes to processing the reports and narratives, recognizing one’s own share of the situation and making the voice heard from within, one observes minutes of silence.

One should take the feelings of all those involved into account. All the concerned parties have the opportunity to become aware of their own shares and to sum up the course of events from the perspective of the other.

Healing begins with forgiveness

This gives rise to real understanding for one another, and the confessions of guilt give way to remorse and mutual, honest forgiveness.

Often the just forgiven injury is based on another, then it is inevitable that the Ho oponopono ceremony will be repeated until all resentment is removed. “Everyone lets everyone go.” All those present free themselves from their connections (”cut off”), which refers to the abscission of the Aka cords.

The event ends with a prayer, e.g. the Pule Kala, followed by a ceremonial feast called Pani (“closing”, “door”, “lid”). This often included the food of Kala seaweed (limu Kala), symbolic of the cleaning (Kala) of old, even karmic, patterns.

There are seminars, where they use a protocol of action obtained from Hawaiians so that the participants can get an authentic picture of the course of a traditional Ho oponopono round.

A traditional ho’ oponopono could sometimes even last days and weeks, during which the ceremony was repeated so many times, until all participants recognized, took responsibility for and broke away from the bonds.

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A Modern Variant Of The Ho’oponopno

Since in this day and age, many people, although of goodwill, can hardly spend as much time, nor is always a group, family (ohana) available for the joint conduct of the Ho’ oponopono ceremony, the traditional Ho’ oponopono has become a modern version.

This merit is mainly due to Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (*19.05.1913 in Honolulu, Hawaii – 11.02.1992 in Kirchheim near Munich, Germany). Morrnah Simeona was a recognized Kahuna Lapa Au (herbal healer) in Hawaii.


In 1976 she began to adapt the traditional Ho’ oponopono to the social realities of today. She taught a modernized version of the traditional Ho’ oponopono in the US, Asia and Europe.

Joe Vitale, bestselling author of “The Attractor Factor” and known for his contribution to “The Secret”, has published his book “Zero Limits”. In it, he shared the story about Dr. Len, a psychologist who has healed an entire ward at the Hawaii State Hospital (Kaneohe) with terminally ill criminals.

It was through Dr. Len that Ho’ oponopono prayer has attracted worldwide attention, which, by the way, truly deserves recognition.


I should note that Dr. Len’s suggestions mantras do not reflect the Ho’ oponopono taught by his teacher Morrnah Simeona.

Also, the patients of the psychiatric hospital were not healed with these now omnipresent sentences on the topic Ho oponopono: “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.” They found the cure with the 14-step procedure modernized by Morrnah Simeona, instead.

Ho’ Oponopono & Self healing

Ho’ oponopono is an impressive method and anyone who is seriously involved in it discovers a special possibility of self-healing.

This is probably due to the fact that conflicts occurring or existing in the Ho oponopono, with other people, certain circumstances, or even life itself, are not eliminated by changes in the outside, but in the loosening or cleaning within one’s own.

Throughout our lives, we have saved all the experiences we have collected. In the case of unpleasant, stressful, unprocessed situations, we are connected with the persons and things found in them by an energetic bridge on the etheric and the astral plane.


You can imagine this like a razor-thin rope of life energy that is not visible to the eye, and it’s called the Aka cord.

Clairvoyant people, Kahunas with particularly advanced skills, can see these connections and also that they dissolved after the dissipation of conflicts among all those involved during the conflict resolution.

One could even call “Ho’ oponopono” a scientific method

Those who have developed the necessary gifts can follow how, with the solution, forgiveness and purification of the errors of thought and belief responsible for the conflict, the energetically connected Aka cords among the participants dissolve.

According to Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, oneself stores any misconduct in the memory of the astral self (Hawaiian: unihipili) and (differently “adhesive”) in all beings and objects that were present during this misconduct – and only in these.

The aim of their trial was to free themselves from whatever reincarnation they began. Their procedure would permanently break those ties since all the parties would be taken with them in an altruistic manner.

We should not understand altruism here as selflessness but as harmony between self-interest and the common good. Mantras, however, she never used.

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Quotes from Ho’ oponopono

Dr. Maka’Ala Yates

“It’s about creating true freedom and eliminating old fears, feelings, ideas and reactions that lead to emotional suffering and physical illness.”

Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona (Kahuna Lapa’au)

“The goal is to create the individual identity of every human being by liberating unwanted bonds and vibrations. It is not the memories as such that are eliminated, but ONLY their undesirable or emotionally negative part.

In this way, his three selves come back into harmony with each other, so that “self-identity” can mature. One cannot call life as a schoolhouse of consciousness, or as a sequence of trial and error, into question.”

Auntie Margaret Machado

“And, the secret part of it is that you make Ho’ oponopono, that you test your heart. Ho’ oponopono means that we all empty ourselves and ask for forgiveness before the sun goes down.

You cannot go to sleep with a sorrowful mind or a sorrowful heart. You feel good because you are open. In our family we did it every day – it was beautiful and every grief dissipated. This is how your blood vessels relax, your muscles loosen, you become calmer. Don’t grieve. I never grieve.”

Please, listen to this beautiful version of the Ho’ Oponopono Song…I sometimes say my daily Ho’ oponopono while listening to it. It’s deeply touching and liberating…

A True Story by Joe Vitale

Someone told me about a therapist in Hawaii who had cured a complete hospital ward of criminal and mentally ill patients – without even personally seeing any of them.

They said that many doctors, nurses and other staff members abandoned the asylum along with their jobs, because they couldn’t deal with the situation and responsibilities.

I also heard that the specific psychologist would study an inmate’s file and then look deep into himself to see how he created that person’s illness.

While he ameliorated himself, the patient’s condition improved, as well.

They, furthermore, told me that the therapist used a special Hawaiian healing process called Ho’ opnopono.

They hooked me with all that “rumor,” and I now desired to learn more about it, assuming the story was true.

I had always understood “taking full responsibility” to be in charge of what I think and do. Anything beyond that is not in my hands, so I thought.

I suspect that most people understand total liability as this:

We are responsible for what we do, not for what anyone else does. That is not true, however!

The Hawaiian therapist who healed all these mentally ill people taught me a new, more advanced view of full responsibility.

His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.

Dr. Len told me that he never saw patients. He just looked at their files in his office.

While looking at the files, he was working on himself.

While he was working on himself, the healing began for the patients.

“After a few months, previously restrained patients could move freely,” he told me.

“Others who were under strong medication sat down.

And those who had no chance of ever being released were released. Today the station is closed.”

Now I came to the most important question for me:

“What did you do to yourself that caused these people to change?”

Dr. Len replied: “I just healed the part of myself that created them.”

I didn’t understand.

Then, Dr. Len explained to me that full responsibility means that everything that is in your life – just BECAUSE it is in your life – is your responsibility. In the literal sense, the whole world is your creation.

This means that everything (terrorist attacks, politicians, the economic situation, etc.) that you perceive and don’t like – want to be healed by you.

These things didn’t really exist, so to speak, except as projections from within. The problem is not with them, but with you.

I asked Dr. Len how he healed himself.

What exactly did he do while looking at the patients’ files?

“I just kept saying: “I’m sorry, and I love you,” he said. “And, that’s all?” I asked. “Yes, that’s all, he responded.“

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Personal note

Now, my dear co-creators, if you have any thoughts, questions, stories or experiences that you’d like to share with us regarding Ho’ oponopono, then please leave a comment below. You know that you and your well being is important to us, and we always love hearing from you.

Also, please follow, like and share us with your friends and family on social media, and don’t forget to sign up here with us in order to claim your free ebook.

Meanwhile, I am sending you much love, harmony, happiness and an abundance of all good things. Keep in mind that you are beautiful, precious, unique and endlessly loved. Thus, keep on shining.

Before Thy Spirit, I Bow


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  1. Dear Alexandra, Dear All,

    Regarding this Article about Ho’oponopono, i would like to add a information.

    Morrnah worked for more than 19 years to complete her 14-step ho’oponopono-process in 1991.
    Dr. Hew Len successfully used and tested this process at Hawaii State Hospital between 1983 – 1987.
    Here is the prove:
    The results were tremendous and bordered on a miracle.

    Pacifica Seminars offers a home course in English now.

    You can learn this original Ho’oponopono-process (the actual version of October 1991), which was developed by Morrnah Simeona.

    the title of the home course is:

    The Coronation of Consciousness – A Divine helping hand through the Ho’oponopono of Morrnah Simeona – by Michael Micklei.

    You can get it here:

    I know this home course and this original ho’oponopono-process of Morrnah since more than 8 years.
    I use it every day.
    I highly recommend it.

    Please remember:
    Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono is a gift to the world.
    According to Morrnah, it is a gift from our Divine Creator to His creation.

    I wish that all people can make use of this process.

    I wish you a lot of inspiration and God’s help and strength by your actions.


    PS: The Website of Pacifica Seminars has very important information about Ho’oponopono and Hawaii.
    Pacifica Seminars in Germany was founded by Morrnah N. Simeona in 1990.
    There are many people who use Morrnah’s Ho’oponopono as well today.

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