Hemp Oil For Chronic Inflammation & Hemp Oil Ingredients


The beneficial composition of hemp oil for chronic inflammation and all ingredients

Through the process of cold pressing, we obtain hemp oil from hemp seeds. With its attractive fatty acid ratio, vitamin E and anti-inflammatory ingredients, hemp oil for chronic inflammation can support in the fight of chronic and autoimmune diseases.

It could offer interesting advantages regarding these ailments. Find out everything you need to know about this topic here!

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil (also hemp seed oil) is created from hemp seeds by cold pressing. They come from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) and, because they come from a male plant, do not contain any psychoactive THC.

The hemp plant originally comes from Central-Eastern Europe and has been used for various purposes for thousands of years.

People have always smoked or inhaled the flowers and resin of female plants with their high THC content in order to achieve a pain and inflammation-relieving effect or to feel connected to nature.

From the fibers of the hemp plant, workers weave robust hemp fibers, which represent an ecological and sustainable alternative to cotton and animal wool.

The latest research has even developed a bio-plastic made from hemp fibers that is completely biodegradable.

Manufacturer press hemp oil from THC-free hemp seeds to achieve a mild, nutty oil. It is suitable for a variety of applications.

Hemp seeds from male plants are the starting product for the hemp oil.

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Ingredients of hemp oil

The ingredients of hemp oil give an insight into possible health benefits. It is one of the best vegetable oils for human consumption and offers unique ingredients:

Vitamin E
Gamma-linolenic acid
Omega-3 fatty acids

One can compare hemp seed oil to rapeseed oil with a ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids of 3: 1. It is roughly the ratio that exists in the diet of primitive people.

This ratio does not suffice, however, to balance a body in an inflamed state with omega-3 fatty acids. But it is neutral in that regard, and it convinces with its other anti-inflammatory ingredients.

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Gamma-linolenic acid

This omega-6 fatty acid is present in an amount of 4 g per 100 ml of oil. Although it is an omega-6 fatty acid, it is converted into an anti-inflammatory series 2 prostaglandins.

We also know this fatty acid from evening primrose oil, borage oil and black cumin oil. The proportion in hemp oil is lower, but not negligible. It helps alleviate inflammation in chronic inflammation.

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Vitamin E

Compared to other oils such as olive oil or linseed oil, hemp oil contains a large amount of vitamin E. With 50-100 mg per 100 ml of oil, it plays in a league with the sunflower oil, which is known for its high vitamin E content.

Vitamin E is the most important antioxidant in every single cell of the body. This means that it can neutralize harmful metabolites and free radicals. Vitamin E, thus, contributes to cell protection and shields against cell aging.

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Terpenes are essential oils. They give the hemp oil the taste and are responsible for health benefits. Terpenes are made from the same raw material as cholesterol and steroid hormones in the human body.

In plants, they serve the purpose of communication (cells with each other) and protecting the plant from predators.

Humans still benefit from the moderate consumption of hemp oil because the essential oils activate anti-inflammatory signaling pathways in the cells.


Scientists have identified over 120 different cannabinoids in hemp so far. The well-known THC is only one of them, however, it does not occur in hemp oil.

The cannabinoids all belong to a class of substances, the cannabinoids. They resemble the endocannabinoids in the human body.

There they serve the purpose of pain and inflammation relief with strong stimuli. This also explains the effects of THC and CBD.

Of the cannabinoids in hemp oil, many are likely to have a minor effect on the human endocannabinoid system and, thus, potentially have an alleviating function.

Some, such as CBD-A, are known to inhibit the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes and act not unlike the effects of aspirin.

The total of vitamin E, terpenes and cannabinoids can be assumed to have an anti-inflammatory effect of the hemp oil. There are only a few scientific studies on this. However, they are constantly increasing.

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Problematic ingredients in hemp oil

People suffering from autoimmune diseases sometimes experience sensitivity to harmful substances and irritants in food. This includes lectins and saponins made from nuts and seeds. What about hemp oil?

Basically, I want to mention that the content of lectins and saponins (“protective substances” of the hemp seed) is only very low, if at all, with good pressing.

However, since a good product should have the “unfiltered” quality criterion, one cannot rule out that their availability in the smallest quantities.

Hemp oil can become helpful due to its effects in chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Nevertheless, I recommend to test a small amount of oil (a teaspoon) first and wait for the body’s reaction. If there is no reaction, you can increase this dose to one tablespoon.

This is a safe procedure with which those affected can quickly get an idea.

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Dear co-creators

In summary, one can make the statement that the oil can have a positive effect on health – even in people with autoimmune diseases.

Read more about the actions, applications and what to look out for when purchasing hemp oil in the article linked below.

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