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Healthy feet tips and answers & more fun in the sun

Keeping healthy feet in good shape, and trying to heal damaged feet, is very important. Our feet carry us everywhere, and they are therefore one of our biggest assets in daily activities. Walking through the meadow with bare feet is a wonderful feeling and, on top of that, very healthy for the entire musculoskeletal system. According to orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists, we should walk barefoot a lot more.

Summer, vacation, freedom, joie de vivre – walking barefoot in the green meadow is a very special experience for many people. It triggers a lot of positive associations and, thus, a good attitude towards life.

But walking barefoot, as orthopedists and physiotherapists have long preached, is not only healthy for the soul, but also for the entire musculoskeletal system. Back in my country, Austria, I once met a director of the foot school movement house in Puchberg Castle near Wels, and he explained why this is so.

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Why is walking barefoot so healthy?

Walking barefoot on the beach or on a freshly mown meadow activates the feet over the sole, an active rolling process is set automatically. Therefore, the feet should either be kneaded by hand or worked with training balls every day. Healthy feet need attention, contact and movement impulses on the soles, forefoot areas and toes. There is no overdosing of such movements.

What do many people do wrong about their feet in daily life?

We have far too little movement on our feet, especially on the soles of the feet. The important flexor muscles of the foot are constantly under-challenged and recede. The lack of muscle strength on these flexors is, for example, one of the main physical causes of overuse in the forefoot area.

We do not use our feet to actively roll from the heel to the toes, but rather as a plate, where we unconsciously simply put the foot down. Over time this muscular imbalance or a lack of elasticity of the foot fascia and the Achilles tendon develop.

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What foot complaints are the most common?

Pain in the forefoot area due to splayfoot formation, hallux valgus, thickened Achilles tendons, heel spurs. But there are also patients who are difficult to treat in conventional medicine because the causes of foot complaints often lie in other areas.

This could mean, for example, toe changes or incorrect loads. Foot analysis offers good opportunities to find effective therapeutic approaches. A foot analysis can identify imbalances or irregularities in the body systems and, thus, treat complaints holistically.

Do women often suffer from problems with their feet because they wear high-heeled shoes?

This question is a bit overrated, think. If you feel comfortable wearing them, you wear such shoes in a measured manner anyway and not all day long. One basic rule he pointed out: if you decide to wear heels, then make sure they’re wide and stable, and the front part of the shoe should have plenty of room for your toes next to each other. In this manner, you will keep healthy feet and don’t feel discomfort. In his experience, he added, most of the splayfoot or hallux patients generally wear comfortable shoes anyway.

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Is sneaker fashion good for your feet?

He couldn’t answer that with a clear yes or no, because every shoe last is different and actually always the foot to the shoe has to be assessed. So, my take away is that with sneakers I would pay attention to good quality with leather inside and outside as well as pollutant-free materials with footbeds. It is important to have a well-cut heel and materials to hold the heel inside and out. If you wear sneakers for longer, the heel areas in particular should hold their shape.

Should you do without house slippers?

Basically yes, because healthy feet need freedom! The more naked, the more comfortable feet feel – especially children’s feet. There are only restrictions in the case of previously damaged feet, for example where the front transverse arch has sunk or there is a strong callus formation in the ball of the foot.

What should you watch out for in daily life to keep your feet healthy?

You should raise awareness of your feet, incorporate them into your daily personal hygiene program and, above all, move, move, move – for example with a ball under your desk. Normal walking is not automatically foot training, because it is about the movement impulses from below and the grasping movement of the feet.

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What can you do if you already have hallux and want to avoid an operation?

Holistic foot therapy is based on two pillars: On the one hand, creating body awareness for the feet, mobilizing the foot and strengthening it in the right places, and restoring the transverse arch. But the emotional level is also important. That means, one should explain why the hallux is active? Where is my excessive demand? The right foot is more mind-influenced and the left foot is influenced by emotions.

The big toe going astray also means: I am leaving my own line. It is good to know: Anyone who has to operate should take preventive measures so that the hallux does not return. Here he recommended a detailed foot analysis.

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Calluses on the feet more beneficial than expected

The calluses on the feet are more beneficial to the body than expected. A team of researchers found that the thickened layer of skin protects the feet without reducing the sensitivity of the soles of the feet. Walking is, therefore, not affected by the thickness of the cornea, explained researchers.

Calluses are better than any shoe sole in some aspects. If you go barefoot in summer, you will quickly notice that calluses protect your feet. It is, thus, generally assumed that the feet are less sensitive to stimuli due to the thickened layer of skin. A team of researchers from Harvard University in Cambridge (USA) has now refuted this.

In further tests, the researchers examined the effects of calluses and shoe soles on walking. It was found that only the soles of the shoes, but not the calluses, changed walking. The more the shoe was padded, the more the ratio of forces acting on the foot changed…🙏🏼💜🌹.

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