Which Healthy Fats Are The Best For Your Body?


Healthy fats – find out which are the most recommended here!

In the past 60 years, it really has not been easy for fatty acids – certainly not for healthy fats:

Today we are finding out which healthy fats are the best for your well-being. First, it was Ancel Keys, an American scientist/lobbyist, who in his famous 7-country study insisted on the “obvious” connection between dietary fat, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases.

However, this study was not carried out scientifically at all, it was simply carried out incorrectly, which did not bother the food industry:

From then on, the food industry produced a lot of fat, and in many products (e.g. light products) they simply replaced fat in a 1:1 ratio with sugar. From this point on, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and the like literally exploded. Coincidence? Probably not.


Healthy fats are socially acceptable again (30 years later)

Finally, it was Boyd Eaton and Loren Cordain who, in a series of very readable studies (including Cordain, 2005), advocated that it is not the fat in general that can lead to various diseases, It is rather the type of fat – the origin, the manufacturing, and the biochemical effects (Hoenselaar, 2011).

Since then, high-quality, healthy fats became socially acceptable again: trends such as the paleo diet, ketogenic diet or the Atkins diet were made possible and accessible to a wide range of people. (It is now also known that healthy fats improve your skin’s own sun protection.)

But what are healthy fats – what makes them special? What effects do they have on the body? And which fats are best suited for cooking, roasting, marinating, for dressings and for bulletproof coffee?

In addition, today you get detailed and easily digestible information about fat and healthy fats, which you have definitely not read before.

Lose weight with healthy fats?

If you want to lose weight quickly, you will need fat. Healthy fats fill, fuel the metabolism, relieve inflammation in the body and are needed for a healthy hormone balance.

There is not much to be said about diets that exclude fat at all costs. Healthy fats should be part of every diet – the right fats, mind you.

What about cholesterol?

It is now known that food cholesterol has no major influence on blood cholesterol. The mechanisms that influence blood cholesterol levels are very different – the body only takes as much cholesterol from the diet as it needs. The rest gets eliminated.


Unhealthy fats and oils – list

Your body’s biochemistry determines which fat is good or bad. If fat from a certain food causes inflammation in the body, calcifies the walls of the vessels or does other damage, then it is unhealthy. Very simple!

These five types of fat carriers are not good for your body and you should strictly avoid them:

1- Industrial edible oils

These include: rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, safflower oil, corn oil, wheat germ oil, peanut oil

Why? Too many omega-6 fatty acids favor inflammatory reactions in your body and obesity (Deol, 2015 & Simopoulos, 2011). You want to avoid these if you want to live healthy in the long term.

2- Animal fats from factory farming

This includes butter and lard, which are not clearly labeled from organic/pasture/or free-range.

Why? These fats also contain too many omega-6 fatty acids and other pollutants (e.g. antibiotics, heavy metals), which accumulate in the adipose tissue due to animal stress, harmful concentrate feed or excessive use of antibiotics.

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3- Vegetable oils from non-cold pressing

These consist of all vegetable oils that are not expressly labeled with “cold-pressed” or “Extra Virgin/Native”, and rapeseed oil.

Why? These oils are either oxidized (damaged), mutated to trans fats, or they contain chemical additives that can promote cancer in your body (Precht, 1995).

Rapeseed oil gets extra attention here, because it contains many chemical residues from the pressing and toxins; this oil also goes rancid very quickly and should be replaced by healthier options (see below).

4- Margarine, “spreadable fat” and other synthetic fats

Why? We cannot find these fats in nature. What your body does not know,  overwhelms it – the consequences are chronic inflammation (O’Keefe, 1994), cardiovascular diseases and metabolic diseases (Gillman, 1997) as well as being overweight.

5-  Palm oil

Why? Palm oil is not an oil suitable for human consumption because it contains inflammatory palmitic acid in too large quantities.

I hope I didn’t shock you too much with these 5 points. Because especially rapeseed oil and sunflower oil actually have a good image. But the truth is that they sabotage your health rather than promote it.

So please, please dispose of these fats from your household and prefer to purchase those that are healthy and support you in your health goals:

Healthy fats and oil list

In the following I would like to give you a small list of healthy fats and oils and the application:

1-  Extra virgin olive oil from Crete and olives

Why? Olive oil is not only an incredibly heat-stable oil (Casal, 2010), it also contains a lot of oleic acids. This acid protects you from cardiovascular diseases and increases your energy consumption. Good olive oil is also rich in polyphenols.

These protect you from high blood pressure (Moreno-Luna, 2012), obesity, inflammation in the body (Beauchamp, 1993) and high cholesterol (Aviram, 1993). If these are not decisive arguments!

Application: Ideally suited for the production of dressings and fried foods.

Why from Crete? Here you can be sure that it is not adulterated olive oil. This is mostly the case with Italian olive oil.

Where to buy? Olives with the best price-performance ratio at health food stores, extra virgin olive oil from Crete in a Mediterranean / Middle Eastern shop or directly from Amazon: Ellora Farms, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold-pressed & Traceable, Certified PDO, Koroneiki Olives, Crete, Greece*

2-  Organic coconut oil

Why? Coconut oil is very heat-stable, which is a clear advantage over many bad fats and oils. It mostly contains short fatty acids, which our body can metabolize quickly, saturate well and thus have a positive effect on your metabolism.

Plus point: The fine coconut taste.

Application: Ideally suited for baking, roasting and braising. And for the bulletproof coffee.

Where to buy? Organic and unrefined coconut oil * on Amazon or in a well-stocked supermarket.

3-  MCT oil

Why? MCT oil * contains the two shortest fatty acids from coconut, namely caprylic acid and capric acid. The body absorbs both very quickly and metabolizes it differently than other healthy fats.

It, furthermore, provides the ultimate metabolism boost that you would like to have in order to obtain a lot of energy in the long term (Liu, 2011 & Papamandjaris, 1998 & Rial, 2016).

Plus point: MCT oil * has a very strong ketogenic effect and is an ideal source of energy for your brain in stressful times.

Application: In smoothies, dressings and bulletproof coffee. Not suitable for cooking.

Where to buy? The best quality manufacturer is this one on Amazon: Buried Treasure MCT Coconut Oil*.

4 C8 caprylic acid

Why? If you are satisfied with the effects of MCT oil and want to intensify the effect again, then caprylic acid is worth a try. Pure caprylic acid * (C8) has an even stronger effect than MCT oil in terms of ketosis (see Atkins diet) and brain boosters (see: increase in concentration with Creatine below). More on that in a moment.

Application: In smoothies, dressings and bulletproof coffee. Not suitable for cooking.

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5-  Pasture-fed butter and ghee

Why? Fats from grazing animals have a significantly higher content of vitamins, nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids and a significantly lower content of pollutants. In addition, these products taste better than those from conventional factory farming.

Plus point: You support regional organic farmers who stand up for their good cause and enable the cows to live in a species-appropriate way, where they belong: in the pasture!

Application: In bulletproof coffee and for baking (butter) and for roasting (organic ghee *).

Where to buy? Watch out for organic butter in the supermarket. Or directly purchase Organic Grass-Fed Ghee By 4th And Heart* on Amazon.

7-  Avocado’s and cold-pressed avocado oil

Why? Avocado oil contains as much oleic acid as olive oil and large amounts of vitamin E, which is an important antioxidant in your body.

Application: suitable in dressings and for quick roasting.

Where to buy? Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil, 1 Liter 2 Packs* on Amazon.

8-  Linseeds and cold-pressed linseed oil

Why? Flaxseed oil is largely made up of omega-3 fatty acids. The fat that fights illness-causing inflammation in the body (Dugan et al., Goyal et al.).

Vegetable omega-3 fats should be distinguished from animal fats – the effect is not as strong, but flax seeds are much easier to consume on a daily basis and can also reduce inflammation.

You can find information about omega-3 fatty acids in the article below in the fish oil section.

Application: Linseed oil makes for a healthy and tasty enhancement in dressings and smoothies!

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9-  Nuts without additives

Why? Nuts contain lots of fiber. Each nut is unique and contains other more or less healthy fats in a different ratio. Some contain a relatively large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, but this is not a problem together with the fiber and vitamins. Raw nuts, without additives, salt or sugar, not roasted – just pure. This is how nuts are healthy!

Application: As healthy snacks, as a side dish and additive in dishes, muesli, superfood smoothies, etc.

10-  Fish and fish oil

Why? The best fats for the body are the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA – both of which you can find abundantly in fatty sea fish.

Fish contains numerous nutrients that are difficult to get through the normal diet. So I recommend eating fish and seafood several times a week for a healthy diet. Good fish oil like this is a great addition on days when you can’t eat fish.

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11-  Organic eggs

Why? Eggs are pure nutrient bombs full of healthy fats! An egg contains everything a chick needs to grow – and chickens are genetically more like us than you think.

So for us, it is also the good nutrients – yes, cholesterol too! In addition, organic eggs contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.

Where to buy? You can only get really reliable organic eggs at weekly markets, at farmers or in organic markets. A little more expensive, but worth the extra price.

12-  Hemp oil

Why? In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, organic hemp oil contains numerous terpenes and cannabinoids, which reduce inflammation and stress, calm the immune system and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

Good hemp oil should be cold-pressed, unfiltered and come from organic farming. Thanks to its mild, nutty taste, it is very suitable for salad dressings, dips and for refining sauces.

To learn more about different hemp oil, the therapeutical hemp oil (CBD oil),  check out my thorough article below.

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Dear co-creators

Healthy fats must be part of your healthy diet, and today you learned which fats you should avoid – and which ones are wholesome for you.

These fats will still be healthy in 50 years – that is not a trend, but biochemistry. It won’t change.

Eggs were already healthy 50 years ago – media manipulation gave them a bad image.  If these healthy fats are part of your diet, you only have the best to expect.

Please, share your opinion and experiences with us in a comment below. I’m always looking forward to reading from you.

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Thank you, dear soul, and remember that you are cherished, highly appreciated and endlessly loved. ~Namaste~

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